#JanuaryJoy – Home Spa

I perhaps should have run this earlier in the month as it is definitely in the ‘budget friendly’ category of January’s activities but I also think it nicely rounds out the outside of your body in a month where so much emphasis is placed on improving the inside.

Home Spa January Joy
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I was a late-comer to the concept of spa-days and still hesitate to splash out due to the cost, but I have since being a teenager set aside evenings at home to completely switch off, buff, polish and smooth myself into a state of complete relaxation and then slip into bed early to re-charge.

Here are my 5 easy steps to the perfect DIY home spa experience.

  1. Set the atmosphere. First and foremost, make sure the temperature is right, it’s simply not relaxing getting down to your birthday suit in a draughty house. Light a couple of scented candles, make sure you have towels warming on the radiator, a cover up or dressing gown and a magazine to hand if you wish. You might even want to play some music then start running your bath.
  2. Start at the top. Remove your make up (and nail polish if you’ll have time to paint your nails too) and then cleanse again for super clean skin. Pat your face dry then exfoliate (I use No.7 micro-dermabrasion exfoliator) and dry again. Lastly, apply a face mask to give it time to work while you are in the bath.
  3. Let your skin soften in the bath first then exfoliate. If you need to shave, do it after exfoliating. I prefer body scrubs with an oil base (like this one,) as they add extra softness to the skin. Exfoliate your entire body from the collarbone down, focusing on dry patches like elbows and heels and problem areas like the back of arms or waxed areas. Then do nothing else, just wallow. Read a magazine if you must.
  4. Extract yourself from the bath before the water gets cold and dry off, then slather yourself in moisturizer from top to toe. Gently wipe or peel off your face mask and moisturise your face.
  5. Wrap yourself up in a big fluffy dressing gown or your favourite pyjamas and either head straight to bed with a good book or to the sofa with a chick flick.

(You can incorporate a hair mask into this routine, washing your hair as soon as you get into the bath and applying it while you soak, but I find the hassle of blow drying afterwards negates the relaxation!)

I like to do this once a month at least (although as I write I can’t remember the last time I actually did!) and if you remember throughout winter you won’t have to make any effort at all to be summer skin ready when the warmer weather arrives!

Do you ever create a home spa and have you got any favourite products to recommend?


Get your glow on: Part 1 [Skincare]

A little while back, Gemma asked me if I had any tips for getting her skin glowing for spring and it reminded me that whilst we’re thinking about spring cleaning our homes and gardens, our skin usually needs some TLC too. Whether you need to increase moisture after the harsh winter weather, or have problem skin that needs a kick up the backside before you look radiant in the new longer daylight, I thought I’d share my favourite skin brighteners.

Obviously, (given my background) I don’t believe in quick fixes or that a pot of cream or a face mask is going to light your skin up from within and completely solve a problem, but these are the items I turn to when my skin is in crisis and I’d love to hear yours…

Chanel Precision Hydramax Active Moisture Mask.
In the past, despite skin that is prone to breakouts, I’ve always been told that my skin is of the dry type so I bought this after seeing it recommended in a magazine. Now I use Eve Lom, I don’t need it as much but when my skin is a bit lack-lustre, or overly dry, I slather it on and it does make an instant difference to the level of hydration. You can rinse it off, (although I’d always recommend avoid water when trying to hydrate your skin as it’s a drying agent after all,) or wipe it, or leave it on over night when you’re really desperate and just massage it in.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask.
Unquestionably my favourite and the only mask I have ever used that makes a difference to a breakout. If my skin is playing up and I have an event looming I plaster this on and let it dry then rub it off and finally wipe the remains away. It has a medicinal smell with skin clearing herbs and calming ingredients and I find that 24-48 hours later my skin that was previously on a roll with breakout after breakout is mysteriously calm. This mask beats the fight out of it and I love it.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.
First off, I really don’t rate the Dermalogica range. I know many of you will disagree but it just doesn’t suit my skin and I find it overly stripping and drying. That said, this exfoliator is great. It really smooths and brightens my skin and I use it once or twice a week in the shower as a little boost.

Origins Modern Friction.
Another exfoliator that I really rate is this thick gritty paste from Origins. Massaged into dry skin and then removed with a wet cloth it really does the job of refreshing the skin and brightening it up. I know my sister is a fan and if you’re ok with wash off cleansers then this is a great choice. It also comes in a body version.

So, those are my favourite pick-me-ups, perfect for revealing spring fresh skin. They won’t change your life (perhaps with the exception of the Eve Lom rescue mask!) but they might help you choose your next skin care treat. Next week I’m going to share my favourite make-up picks to give the illusion of instant radiance and healthy looking clear skin.

If you’ve used any of the items I’m recommending then please let me know, or if you have a product to share that gives skin a boost at this lack-lustre time of year.

Lots of Glowing Love,

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