Triple Temptation: Cut out cute

*Apologies for the delay with today’s post folks! Unfortunately WordPress as a platform has been attacked by a large botnet (I know, it’s greek to me too!) recently and as a result there has been some disturbance to some sites. I’m just letting you know in case you notice problems elsewhere on the web today or in the coming days. For now, on with Friday Frock!

Wednesday saw me dashing from work straight down to London for the launch of Annabel’s book, Style Me Vintage Weddings then meeting Rachie, Rachel and Gemma yesterday for a long overdue catch up. As a result today’s frock(s) come in the form of Triple Temptation and not one, but three daring styles. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think today readers!

Cut out Sundress, £36 // Crop Top midi body con dress £29 // Limited Edition strappy dress, all TOPSHOP

When I was growing up, I remember looking down my nose at girls who were daring enough to bare their mid-riff. It was the nineties but that didn’t make it ok in my book 😉

Cut outs have been making a slow come back in recent years, first for glamour (and still reminiscent of my teenage opinions) and now for cool. Somehow the look has transitioned to edgy in a single season and of course depending on what you’re baring, it can be sexy too, (shoulders, I’m looking at you.)

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the high midriff that’s generally the subject of exposure and there’s not a belly button in sight that these seem suddenly acceptable. It’s a brave look and needs suitably brave accessorising (I’m thinking graphic or geometric block colour and brights or metallics) but come warmer weather, or holiday time, I might just take the leap.

Are you game?


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