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I don’t often talk about ‘social interest’ topics on Florence Finds as I’m never sure how you will all engage with a a given topic. Last week however it seemed everyone had something to say about the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby, Prince George, but an even hotter topic was Kate’s post baby body. Her simple appearance with baby George infront of the Lindo wing sparked a flurry of comments, ranging from bravo to admiration to weight loss advice – particularly the now ubiquitous comments from OK magazine on her post-natal shape up routine.

Image via The Metro

If I’m honest, I’m not surprised at OK. They are a trashy magazine and their weekly choice of content and celebrity stories pretty clearly states their position on championing ethical female role models. That would be not at all then. Am I surprised at them trying to make a quick buck out of capturing the public interest in The DoC, her always immaculate presentation and enviable figure? No. It’s sad that they are also targeting every woman who has recently given birth and will sadly be comparing themselves to Kate and how she looked leaving hospital; women who are often questioning their every decision already and desperately trying to rescue a self of self and self-esteem after such a life changing event and physical transformation. But am I surprised at that even? Not at all.

My reaction was two-fold. My first thought, prior to seeing the media storm that followed was how daunting it must have been to go out there, only 26 hours after becoming a mother, and face that bank of photographers. What can have been going through Kate’s mind? I am not a mother but have seen and can only imagine the ferocious change that women undergo, the fierce protectors they become of this little life they are responsible for, the immediate worry that arrives with the baby. How terrifying to be tired and emotional and so very vulnerable in so public a situation. I wonder if she saw their lives flash before her with the ever present papperazzi encroaching on every moment of his life?

Which leads me to my second thought. How mortifying after showing everyone your first born son to have some people find the main event to be the size of your post-partum bump? Did Kate make a conscious decision to display it rather than try to hide? Who knows. I suspect whether she ‘displayed’ her bump was the last thing on her mind. No doubt she hadn’t given it a passing thought amongst her emotions of joy and fatigue.

Aside from my feelings for Kate however, it has been fascinating to see the public reaction. I’ll admit, before I had close friends and family who had babies, I didn’t really realise that bumps don’t just shrink away after the birth, and that’s after seeing many babies born – when mums are nursing their newborn or lying flat post delivery it’s not as obvious at all, but once stood up it’s clear that the uterus and abdominal muscles are going to take some time to shrink back to their pre-baby shape. So it’s not surprising I suppose that some women are taken aback by a new mum’s tummy. After all if you’re not party to those first few days and weeks when a woman is post delivery then all the experience you have is of celebrities ‘snapping back’ into shape, described by the media like a piece of elastic stationary with no thought to responsible journalism. It was amazing to see the outpouring (both publicly and amongst my friends) of pride amongst the virtual sisterhood that identified with her ‘mum tum’, women applauding her who spoke about it like a badge of honour and the palpable sense of affirmation that even someone as ‘perfect’ as Kate had looked like they did post-baby.

I don’t have a conclusion to my musings, other than that it seemed to me to represent the most intrusive and distasteful part of being in the public eye, and that Kate as always handled it all with aplomb. I would love however to hear what you guys thought about it all. Are you one of the mums who cheered her on? Had you never seen a woman so close to a delivery before and were you surprised? Were you delighted to see some normalcy when it comes to a post-baby body?

Do share your thoughts readers…


PS Apologies if this is very mother and baby centric when there is obviously a very present father involved!

Love thy best bits…

I’m quite a positive person in general and that includes my self image. Let’s not get this confused with arrogance, I’m under no illusions that I am any kind of amazing in the looks or body department, but you know what? I actually quite like myself, so I’m not going to start beating myself up about a few stray extra pounds, the odd episode of less than perfect skin or chipped nails.

I think part of that attitude stems from being busy, and sometimes quite literally not giving a passing thought to looking in the mirror from leaving the house (and sometimes not even then!) to going to bed at night. But part of it is also not dwelling on impossibilities. If you happen to be an English pear with a magnificent posterior, pour it into a pencil skirt and wiggle as you walk… then watch the heads turn! Have you been blessed with height or wish you’d been closer to the front of the queue when boobs were being allocated? Work to your strengths in outfits that would drown your smaller friends or plunging necklines that would make your bigger busted friends look like a bar maid 😉 There’s always a silver lining!

I could go on forever about media influences, unhealthy role models, busy life styles, but at the end of the day, we’re all in control of our own thoughts and I wanted to get all of you thinking about yourselves in a fabulous Florence frame of mind.

However, frankly, I am only human, and like many of you I’m sure, negativity does sometimes get the best of me. For one reason or another I’ve been feeling less than enamoured with my appearance recently in various departments and it made me think that aside from writing this post, I should be focusing on the best bits, the bits of me that I love, instead of mentally listing my physical failings. That is most certainly not what Florence Finds is about. Here is where you find out how to be the absolute best you can be, whether that’s in the kitchen, home, garden, at work or out having fun looking fabulous.

So I thought it would be a good moral boosting exercise this morning to write a list… Not just me but all of you too. Here goes…

  • I like my eyes, almond shaped and greeny-blue, I like to think they’re my best feature.
  • My lips also do a good line in fuschia pink or racy red pouts.
  • Whether I’m thin or feeling a bit wobbly, from mid thigh down, my legs never give the game away.  – You’ve got to love a sequinned t-shirt dress!

Geez, that felt uncomfortable!

Don’t leave me hanging here ladies… Take a second to think about the bits of you that you love, and leave a comment in the box below sharing your three best bits. I think I should start calling you all Florence’s angels 🙂


*Image Credits: Bird and body both from

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