Baby Brain…

Until a few weeks ago, I always thought baby brain was a bit of a myth, perpetuated by women to their advantage. Well, mother nature is having a good laugh at my expense right now.

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Aside from the appointment I missed because I went out and totally forgot the wardrobe fitter was coming to measure, (that was the first episode, around 26 weeks,) not being able to retain information I was told just hours before and the 2 wing mirrors I may or may not have clipped in the last two weeks, I have been completely unable to make decisions, and the more important they get or time pressured, the worse I am at it!

Yesterday was a peak of stupidity however when I spotted Elton John tickets online for sale. When Pete and I were in Las Vegas we chose between Elton and Cirque du Soleil and I have regretted ever since that we didn’t see Elton John. So when I saw these tickets, in desperate need of some time with Pete pre-baby, I snapped them up. I even checked with Pete that I wasn’t doing anything that weekend, (should have known better.) It wasn’t until I was driving him later that I realised I had a pre-planned girls weekend booked for that very night. Cue sinking feeling, a red face and a feeling of idiocy that I had just wasted such a lot of money.

Today, feeling a bit fed up of all the building work, totally out of cash and now doubly disappointed to be missing Elton John AND the cash I paid for the tickets, I thought I’d see if you guys had any entertaining stories as a result of baby brain. And please don’t tell me ‘it only gets worse!’


PS, drop me an email if you are interested in the tickets!

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