Snapshot: Arisaig and the West Highlands

From Top: The Glencoe area // The Marquee sited on the hotel lawn overlooking the loch when we arrived the night before the wedding.

Over the weekend, I headed up to the West Highlands for the wedding of Tom and Corrina. Tom is Pete’s cousin and Corrina was the latest lady to join the Norris family in a fun and music filled day. In a break with tradition (which I loved,) the wedding was held on a beach near Arisaig and the wedding back in Glenfinnan -They were so lucky with the weather. I had always been told the West Coast of Scotland was stunning but nothing prepared me for the white sand, crystal clear blue sea and spectacular coastline, all bathed in warm sunshine.

From Top: One of the beaches on-route to the wedding // Bare foot on the beach for the ceremony // The wedding party awaiting the Bride.

It was so beautiful I had to break with tradition of not posting on bank holidays and share some of the photos with you to show how gorgeous it was and encourage you all to visit the area. I’ll definitely be going back and whilst I’m sure I would have been giving a different account of the area had the weather been as poor as I know it was further South this weekend, I think if you’re prepared with your waterproofs and wind breakers there is spectacular scenery, isolation and a warm scottish welcome to be enjoyed any time of year.

From Top: The entrance to Glennnan House // Glenfinnan House from the loch, and another loch view on our cruise.

Just a couple of ideas if you do head on up there…

The wedding was at the Glenfinnan House hotel in Glenfinnan which is a typical grand Highlands hotel – think tartan, stags heads on the wall and roaring fires. However if you’re the camping kind there are campsites, (that Pete used to stay at as a child and we revisited whilst walking on the beach,) at and around Arisaig itself, have a look at this map for locations. All of them were right on the beach with stunning views. They were quite busy this weekend but I should think out of peak holidays you should be able to drive around and find one.

From Top: Looking out towards Eigg, Muck, Rum and Skye from Mallaig // The rock pools // Glenfinnan viaduct

We drove as far North as Mallaig for fish and chips on the harbour, where we saw a seal swimming and poked around some rock pools, and Glenfinnan is right on the edge of Loch Sheil, which we cruised up and down the next day with the wedding party. Right next to the tip of Loch Shiel is the viaduct the Hogwarts express crosses in Harry Potter and we visited numerous beaches around the area, both for and after the wedding.

From Top: Sunset over the beach and islands near Arisaig on Sunday night (near the above mentioned campsites).

I won’t forget it in a hurry and it reminded me the importance of that old saying I’ve been to trot out a few times before. Doing your wedding, your way, really is the only way.

So what have you all been doing while I’ve been away and have you any recommendations to visit in this beautiful part of the world?


PS A bonus What-to-Wear coming Tuesday afternoon, or what I wore. 😉

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