Style Saver: Statement Sweaters

One of the core items I’ve been searching for to update my winter wardrobe is a statement sweater.

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My office is freezing so I need items that beat the chill whilst still looking relatively ‘put-together’, I have loads of cardigans but fear I step into granny-chic territory every time I put one on, no matter how gorgeous it is.

Statement to me can be anything from a bright and zingy colour, to a unique and striking pattern or as simple as a luxe fabric. These sweaters work so well with jewels and/or over a shirt or blouse, double protection from the elements whilst still looking gorgeous, it’s all about the layers ladies.

Statement Sweater, Florence Finds, Pocketful of Dreams, michelle Kelly, fashion, Fashion Blogger //

Here’s my top 6 picks, have you seen any you’d like to share with us?

Statement Sweater, Florence Finds, Pocketful of Dreams, michelle Kelly, fashion, Fashion Blogger

Michelle xx

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You’ll find even more statement sweaters I’m loving right now here:

statement sweaters

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8 thoughts on “Style Saver: Statement Sweaters

  1. Love these! Particularly the green geometric print at the very top of the page. Sadly round neck jumpers do me absolutely no favours & make my bust look massive… I’m on the hunt for some v-neck ones at the moment! x

    • There’s some really fab sweaters about at the mo, but I know what you mean about round necks. I am big busted too and used to think round necks looked awful on me, but I’ve persevered and tried loads on now, I’ve found that the thinner knit ones work well especially if I layer them up over a shirt/blouse with a collar as this somehow stops it looking ridiculous around my boobs. Or I’ll wear a really sparkly necklace to take the attention away. I also find that tucking in the jumper and wearing a big belt helps too, this is more for when I’m wearing them for work with say a pencil skirt.

      I am on the hunt for V-necks too though and have another Shopstyle collection here that you might like:

      Michelle x

    • My bust is pretty big and i find it depends on the print and material. I wear a lot of round necks for work ( don’t want patients distracted!) and find them ok in a slimmer knit. Also I LOVE a boat or slash neck style – much more flattering…

      • Agree! I have to go for a slimmer knit as i just end up looking bulky! My faves are the Annie sparkle crew neck sweater, I have it in 3 colours!! Loving that pink asos one! x

  2. Loving these! I’m all about jumpers this year after living in cardies for what seems like eternity breastfeeding! However I am on the tall side so struggle with arm length, that said I bought a maroon jumper with grey embroidery on the elbows from dotty p’s that is perfect. Love the asos and dotty p’s above.

  3. Love jumpers and this post has inspired me to look for some new statement sweaters! I especially love number 4 and the green one at the top.

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