Spotted: Whistles AW12 Look Book

I know, I know, it’s June, (supposedly) summer and you’re not ready for the shops to start filling up with new season wintery clothes yet.

Or perhaps like me, you’ve started dragging out your winter clothes again because the weather is being so unkind. Back in your boots yet?

As a result of the unseasonably wet and cold weather (and really, I know people keep saying stop complaining, it’s England after all, but it’s not usually THIS bad!) My other excuse for letting my mind wander ahead is that it’s good to have an idea of what will be fashionable next season before the sales start then you can make your purchases wisely.

So, imagine my excitement, die-hard Whistles fan and all, when the AW’12 look book popped into my inbox. The looks you see below won’t be filtering through to stores until the end of July, but oh my, I cannot wait.

You can see I’ve picked out some of the key trends from the Whistles AW12 look book above here in case you’re looking for some pre-season tips. I’ve also picked out my favourite pieces that I’ll be investing in this autumn, do drop a comment with your favourites in the box below 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Spotted: Whistles AW12 Look Book

  1. I have to say that i am loving the Brocade, the dress is especially lush. Loving the nipped in waist and pleats. A potential must for the works xmas do…

  2. That gold brocade dress *screams* Christmas party! Am loving the jackets and coats too. I do love the AW collections, so much more fitting for British weather 😉

  3. I love the coat in no.08, and also the dress at the end (no.33) – that shape is perfect for me. Although, I’m no where near ready to abandon my summer colours yet, they really haven’t had the outing they deserve, so thinking about going back to greys/blacks etc is a little depressing.

  4. A/W is always my fave time of year! (although i also like holiday shopping!) I just love all the tactile fabrics and it always looks super stylish! xx

  5. That cocoon coat is amazing! The one with ‘cocoon’ written on it which looks like a, err, cocoon! Actual OMG.

  6. Ooooh. I *love* the autumn/winter collections and this lot from Whistles looks lovely – prefer this to their summer collection. Can’t wait for it to be seasonally cold!

  7. Also love the Gold Brocade dress but what I wouldn’t give for an AW collection to NOT be almost entirely in black or grey…

  8. I like the cocoon coat but also the number 24 dress, which is bizarre as it has long sleeves but I really want it!! xx

  9. I’ve resisted doing this so far as I’m basically compiling a shopping list and putting my addiction out there for all to see, but as I’m asking you guys to participate… 😉

    The top/cardigan in 04 although I know it won’t suit me. And the skirt.
    Oh that leather skirt in 11
    Love the drop waist frill dress in 14
    Love the outfit in 20. Skirt, jumper, belt, boots, done.
    The dresses… 21, 24, 25. All of them.
    and That brocade skirt and dress at the end? TDF.

    Oh dear.

  10. I LOVE the jacket at no4, the dress at no24 and the top at no32, but I’m also loving a couple of bits I’ve seen on the website for pre-fall too (for a bit of seasonal combining!)… The black leather peplum tee (available now and almost sold out on line) and the Chloe lace top (available July).

    I get so excited about the new season stuff! Must remember to pick up my copy of Vogue and Elle with the collections in…


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