Spotted: Teacups Table Lamps

I love a bit of quirk appeal and it seems the high street has finally caught on! Both Laura Ashley (left) and BHS (right) have come up with the goods today with a humorous take on the standard table lamp base. Both in white, if you wanted to make them even more ‘stand out’ I think they would contrast brilliantly with a bright (maybe neon?) graphic shade and make a brilliant conversation piece. You won’t be able to bear to hide them away in a corner!

Get them before they’re gone – the Laura Ashley one is down from £110 to £55 in the sale!


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10 thoughts on “Spotted: Teacups Table Lamps

  1. My thought process after seeing these: 1) They look fun 2) They’ll be a nightmare for catching dust. 3) Maybe they could do a cake stand one as a space saver…..

    • Great taste Louise! I’m thinking of investing for my lounge but spend far more time in my study… You might be onto something there! 😉

  2. Love these. Husband and I have been doing up our new house since Easter this year and are starting to put the finishing touches to the living room. I may have to get one of the Laura Ashley lamps while there on offer. He is going to think I am crazy though… ah well, its all in the compromises isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Hello ladies!

    Well, I knew the ladies reading this would be of excellent taste and style, but wowser this has been a popular post!

    I know what to be delivering more of then 😉


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