Spotted: Nail Polish storage…

I’m currently having a bit of a conundrum with a gorgeous Scandanavian antique unit that Pete bought me for my last birthday. I think it must have been a linen cupboard or perhaps a china cabinet, and either way it’s beautiful.

It’s painted cream, with the top three quarters glazed on the front and both sides. The bottom part (behind the solid door panel) has 2 shelves and there are 2 more shelves dividing the visible part of it. Each of those shelves has a kind of mini shelf at the back which is narrow but almost scallop edged. So all in all, while beautiful, it’s not the most practical bit of storage that I own.

Added to the issue of how the interior layout is arranged is the fact that, being antique, it is a little delicate and has a somewhat rickety door. In fact it’s a tad difficult to open. Everything you want in a storage object, right?

So I’m thinking of things to store in it. So far I have my handbags which although it seemed like a good idea, (I wanted to be able to see them all, because if I can’t see things I forget I have them and therefore don’t use them) actually looks pretty untidy. I also have some boxes, my scarf collection, and our clean towels. It’s not quite the look I was hoping for.

But then I saw this and had an idea of something else I can put in there that not only looks pretty, but isn’t accessed often – beauty storage! If I had things in there that I needed daily, I think I would get pretty annoyed with the above issues.

I love the idea. Storing nail colours in a see through jar is practical – there will be no searching for that colour again, and pretty.

Perfect. Be sure to have a little snoop around the rest of the feature I found this image from – The Coveteur. The decor is fabulous and there are lots of similar storage units to inspire me 🙂

Any other ideas for me readers?


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2 thoughts on “Spotted: Nail Polish storage…

  1. Can we see the actual unit, please? and if you have tips on how to train your husband to buy antique furniture as a gift that would be nice too x

  2. Am with you Gemma – what a thoughtful present! This is such a good idea! I have tons of nail polishes and no idea how to store them so this is brilliant! xo

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