Spotted: Limited Collection Make Up

As much as I love a luxury cosmetic and tend to splurge on everyday items, sometimes I just want a quick fix with beauty. A season-appropriate nail shade, a new eye colour to try out, or a sought after everyday lip colour. And I can always have another lipgloss or balm… With this in mind I was a little bit over excited when I found the new Limited Collection make-up range in the beauty section at M&S recently.

You might have noticed the Owl eye palette that I chose as a Monday Must-Have recently was from Limited Collection, or perhaps your head was turned by the price – mine certainly was. I purchased a pink polish and nude lipgloss for £3.50 and £4.50 respectively and without any plastic induced guilt whatsoever. Always a bonus.

The packaging is sleek and minimal in transparent casing with white accents and the colours are suited to pretty much whatever you want them to be – there is everything from glitter pink, to understated nude when it comes to nails, plus a few fashion forward choices like emerald green and royal metallic blue, and the rest of the range embraces youthful trends with an undercurrent of M&S safe play – you won’t get pointed out and stared at for the wrong reasons in these colours. 🙂

In terms of quality, I found the polish a bit thin, requiring 3 coats, but it went on well and dried quickly. I absolutely love the gloss – it has a lovely texture, nice smell and builds from sheer and subtle to full on glossy lips.

Have you tried anything from the range? Go on, treat yourself 😉


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2 thoughts on “Spotted: Limited Collection Make Up

  1. Someone told me that the M&S cosmetic range was made by the same people as a high end brand – possibly Clarins – and that the stuff was pretty good quality considering the price. Maybe some lunchtime shopping for girlie stocking fillers is in order today (and some pour moi, of course!)

    • I heard the same but think it might be Clinique, I think M&S do a perfume that smells just like their Happy perfume. Some nice pieces in here Rebecca 😀

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