Spotted: Ikea [Brakig]

Todays find is almost so good that I didn’t want to share it. With my serious double lust over geometrics and pastels, I was in near heaven when I saw the new (limited edition) Brakig collection by IKEA. The result of a collaboration between IKEA and ArtRebels, it’s bang on trend.

The range is only available in-store (Boo!) which is good news in some ways as my immediate thought was that it would instantly become ubiquitous and I’d be so disappointed. The range is wide with everything from storage boxes and trays to textiles, furniture and wallpaper.

Image via DoorSixteen

Did I mention the wallpaper? I’m currently considering a geometric design for one of our bedrooms and its not a million miles away from the Brakig white background multi-triangle design. I won’t say how much the design I was coveting is per roll, but I will tell you that IKEA’s version is yours for five whole english pounds. And whilst it doesn’t look handprinted, it isn’t thin or flimsy or shiny either.

Image via AnyaAdores. Triangle print wallpaper available in white or black, and geometric print pale coral or grey.

I’m now wondering if I should have snapped some up – I certainly didn’t realise it was limited edition or in-store only at the time. But then, there’s always a reason to go to IKEA right?


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17 thoughts on “Spotted: Ikea [Brakig]

  1. Wow, this is glorious! I’d never considers pastels for home decor. Are they available now? I can sense a trip to ikea….

  2. Just beware ladies planning a trip to ikea… the collection is only in certain stores so make sure you do your research! (I visited the Ashton (manchester) Store this weekend, by chance my inlaws went to the Leeds one and didn’t see it but it was a small area so it is possible they could have missed it.)

  3. Also Rebecca, I know this sounds mad but did you notice by any chance when you saw the collection if the big bowls are ceramic/plastic/whatever?? It’s not clear from the website and my plastic mixing bowl is finally starting to give up after many years loyal service, if they are plastic I will DEFINITELY make the effort to hunt them down!!

  4. Ah I LOVE this stuff, I have been spying this range across the internet for the last few weeks. Having got the keys to my new house on Friday (and therefore saying ta-ra to any spare cash I had), I’m not sure which item I can convince my other half is a “necessary” purchase!?

    Those tea cups…*sigh*

    K x

  5. I want those chairs. That is all….and also why do the shops not have clothes in these colours instead of the silly dark ones they seem to be hoarding?

  6. Such was the power of this post (and the thought of some Ikea meatballs, mmm…) that I went to Ikea after work yesterday. Sadly didn’t end up with as much stuff as I thought I would, I guess the proportions are hard to judge on the website because what I thought were ‘large’ bowls (serving/mixing bowl size) are only slightly larger than what I’d consider a cereal bowl size. Similarly the oblong trays are tiny -certainly not big enough to put your dinner plate and drink on so you can carry it to the TV (as I do most weeknights, don’t judge me…) What I did like was the bed linen, but sadly Ikea bedlinen sizes are weird and I wasn’t sure they’d fit my non-Ikea sized bed so have left it for now (but haven’t ruled out measuring up and going back…) Did get a couple of the funky gorgeous storage boxes, bring on Organised Me…

  7. Hi, I have used the grey Brakig wallpaper in a bedroom and it looks great – only problem is, I’m one roll short and didn’t realise it was a limited edition. Anyone got a spare roll I could buy from them?? I would be so delighted if you did! Thanks.

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