Sneak Peek: Bedroom in progress

Right now, things are BUSY. I hope you will excuse the lighter than normal schedule and bear with me while I get straight again. Meanwhile, I thought I would tell you what the hold up is…

Last Tuesday we caved and chose to get the bedroom walls lined with lining paper to give a perfect finish for painting. We had previously paid for them to be skimmed (lesson learned!) but cracks started to appear, which is inevitable in old houses and likely to only get worse as we shake it all again with the kitchen building work. We are so desperate to get back in there that we have since been flat out painting it. Everything needed doing and there was considerable prep work prior to actually getting on with the painting – ceiling, coving, woodwork, windows, doors and the walls, plus it’s not a small room so it has been an all consuming task each night after work and poor Pete has taken the brunt of it while I was at a hen party this weekend. (To be fair he is on the corresponding stag soon too!)

We are so close now but had to knuckle down and get it all done as the skirtings were last and had to be done before the carpet was delivered tomorrow. Now the end is in sight but the rest of the house is a mess, work has kicked up a gear, I have written work due for a course I am currently on, and the kitchen needs emptying before work starts in there. And at 24 weeks, I haven’t made time to do a single bit of exercise, which I feel pretty rubbish about.

So I need a few days to recharge and get sorted. Thanks for understanding.


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8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Bedroom in progress

  1. Sounds like you’re definitely in need of a recharge and a spot of loafing! What a fantastic record of how far you’ve come and your bedroom looks lovely. Keep going guys! We can’t wait to see the finished thing. Love, Loaf x

  2. Hi Rebecca

    I stumbled across your blog and I love it – congratulations! I’m doing up my large victorian place at the moment and you are an inspiration. At least I am not the only one confounded by grey paint! Could you please tell me who makes the stripey wallpaper in your bedroom please it is fab? Sounds also like you have found a good builder for your lovely built in wardrobes etc – I notice you are in my neck of the woods and was wondering if you could pass on his details? I have some big jobs to do and keep getting let down.
    Many thanks


    • The striped wallpaper is in our last house in the master bedroom and from Laura Ashley – I think it was called Lille and was in white.

      The builder I can pass on but is going to be tied up with our kitchen then my sisters house for some months yet, but he hasn’t done any wardrobes for us – are you looking at a different post as my friend has had some fitted wardrobes done and posted about them on the blog? Or did you just mean the double doors through to our dressing room? (I wish that had wardobes in already!)

  3. Thanks Rebecca I thought it was Laura Ashley. The wardrobes were the built in ones with cupboards at the top and drawers inside? There was a chandelier in there and floorboards?

  4. Oh my goodness! You will both be in need of a “holiday” when all this is done, and not to mention that pitter patter of tiny feet;-)
    I have the upmost respect for you Rebecca, you are one Busy little bee and soon to be busier! Who says us ladies can”t multi- task (hehehe)
    Great post as always, try and rest in between some the “havoc” 😉
    Best wishes to you and baby bump!

  5. More than understanding! But I love the updates. I have ended up doing the unthinkable and buy a new build but I am still desperate to get in it and get stuck in to furnishing as we have to wait 6months to a year to decorate as the building ‘settles’. Happy to get updates when ever we get them?

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