Skin Saviour: Lush

I went through quite the phase a few years back where I was very keen on Lush products. At the time it was mainly bath products, the gorgeous bath bombs and exfoliants (Buffy Body Butter) but for some reason they slipped from my mind and it is some years since I have really used them.

This winter my skin has taken a complete battering and although I don’t understand it, as it hasn’t been all that cold, my skin is like a parched, dry, flaky dessert floor. After trying without success to slather on all my usual moisturisers, layering serums and facial oils and exfoliating I was on the verge of returning to my beloved Eve Lom, when I went in search of something to moisturise my growing bump and rediscovered Lush. I managed to find a solution to all of my dry skin trouble zones so I thought I’d share them here in case any of you find yourselves in need. Best of all, they’re all safe in pregnancy with the exception of one bath bomb

Bump and Body: King of Skin £5.50
My number one find has been this Body butter. I’ve said before that I’m lazy when it comes to skincare and putting something like Bio Oil on my bump daily simply wasn’t going to happen. This however is super fast and easy. I just glide it over my skin top to toe after washing in the shower, rinse and pat dry, with super soft and silky skin all ready for the day.

Lips: Mint Julips Lip Scrub £5.50
My lips have been so dry and with my love for lipsticks, the one thing I don’t need is flaky dry colour. This sugar scrub is brilliantly effective, fresh and minty and so full of goodness you can literally lick your lips clean afterwards.

Face: Ultrabland Cleanser £6.95
This oil packed cleanser melts in to the skin, taking off make up and dirt, then wiped away with toner, (not the way the company recommends but an excellent tip I got from the staff inshore) leaves my skin super soft and with no hint of dryness. With a lot less nasties than some cleansers and at a much better price, (a little goes a long way,) I’m very happy with this new addition to my regime.

Body: Therapy massage bar £6.50
Perfect for the end of the day if I want some additional moisture, this massage bar smooths my skin and with relaxing lavender, neroli and orange oil, it’s incredibly dream inducing.

I should say that I don’t really believe that any cream or potion will prevent stretch marks – its down to skin type, but if I can keep mine as healthy and supple as possible for a head start then I’ll try! And using something that I enjoy is likely to be 100% more effective as at least I will put it on!

So readers, if you are suffering parched skin or flaky lips, these might just solve your problems. I’d love to know if you’re a lush devotee?


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17 thoughts on “Skin Saviour: Lush

  1. Pregnancy = dry skin.
    Another thing no one told us! My hair’s gone super thick and curly too, but I’ve noticed I can suddenly got weeks without needing to shave my legs. Huh??

  2. Could you tell me which is the unsafe in pregnancy Lush bath bomb? I’m a total devotee but have avoided because I was unsure of the oils. I’m very excited to stock up and spend the rest of this pregnancy in the bath!

    • I was told (but check yourself in store) that the ‘sex bomb’ bathbomb had an oil in it that could induce early labour. I take these things with a pinch of salt (in what quantity???) but it’s worth looking into.

  3. Yesterday I went along to a Lush “Pamper Party” that a friend had won in a work charity raffle, we learnt about the company and how to use and get the most out of some of the more popular products, plus we were able to use the products that most suited our skin types and take away some free samples (got to love free samples!) I learnt loads and although I had dabbled in a few lush products before (namely, ultrabland) I am now a complete convert as my skin feels amazing!

  4. Pregnancy definitely = dry skin! My lips are so dry and cracked it’s horrid, the only thing that seems to help is eight hour cream. Aside from that, I really love Lush, even if they did annoy me by discountinuing so many of their Gorilla perfumes that I loved x

    • Roz & Becks, I never thought to attribute it to pregnancy – just thought it was the time of year, PLUS I am seeing loads of patients at the moment suffering with dry skin, which is normal when the weather is cold but a bit odd as it’s not been that cold this winter.

  5. YES! I became a total Lush covert about 2 years ago when walking down South Molton Street and needing some cleanser but pay day being a long way off decided to skip Space NK and see what Lush next door had to offer and I’ve never looked back!

    Ultrabland is amazing, for me it’s just as good if not better than lots of the high-end cleansers. I’d not heard the tip about removing with toner before but I’ll try that, I also use their tea tree toner which is lovely.

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant and have to say, I’ve rubbed a couple of shakes of bio-oil into my bump, sides and tops of thighs twice a day since I discovered I was pregnant, and whilst I’ve got no stretch marks yet (and am HUGE!), I agree that it’s not really down to such products but genes/skin type etc. However the two products you mention above sound delicious anyway so at that price, I might have to give them a go.

    Their Gorgeous moisturiser and Shangri-La are both fab but cost as much as my Dermalogica which is why I’ve stuck with that rather than purchasing the Lush moisturisers. Overall though, I’m hugely impressed with their range of products and such good prices plus you can test everything in a little pot before you buy xxx

  6. I couldn’t even count all of the various ailments that I got during pregnancy! Heartburn, dry itchy skin, phlegm in back of throat, SPD, swollen fingers…sooo glamorous! I had quite bad stretchmarks (10lb 9.5oz baby) but 18 months on you can’t see them at all. I used cocoa butter every day. Didn’t stop me getting stretchmarks but it felt nice.

  7. Ooh I had forgotten about lush! My skin is so dry too which is down to the constant washing of hands, baths etc for Annie! Honestly my hands look awful!

    Going to check it out again while shopping this week.
    Thanks for the tips x

  8. Another one who used to be a huge fan of Lush but not used them much recently -I went through a stage where I had loads of their bath bombs around despite the fact I rarely have baths!! I love the sound of that body butter bar as I do have very dry skin but I too am lazy about moisturising, this sounds ideal…

  9. Firstly big congratulations on your pregnancy amazing news! I’m 30 weeks – welcome to the club :).

    I turned to lush after a mission to improve what I put on my skin and turning to ‘clean’ & sls/paraben free products. I have to say I have been a devotee to their love lettuce face mask for years, it’s the best mask out there if you have combination, prone to breakout skin as I do!

    I totally agree about stretch marks during pregnancy being down to skin type but have still been slathering on all manner of oils religiously. My favourite and the one I’d highly recommend is weleda stretch mark oil, it’s the best of the ones I’ve tired ( clarins, neals yard, cowshed)


  10. I used Mama mio stretch mark cream from 3 months pregnant every day all through my pregnancy and I didn’t get any stretch marks so I highly recommend it! My sister used it and my best friend and they are both stretch mark free too!

  11. I have used pure, plain almond oil all over after every shower each day of my pregnancy. I didn’t get any stretch marks until 34 weeks. However at 30 weeks I was still measuring small, as was baby, so I was put on restricted activity and I made a bitg effort to eat more. Proteins etc. This worked and baby grew up and out of the 10th percentile. Which was wonderful news. However, I now have a lot of stretch marks

    My advice re stretch marks would be to make a concerted effort to keep weight gain steady, activity levels regular but no more than 20-30 minutes a day . This way I think you might avoid the need for a rapid weight gain for catch up, which may come with a side of stretchies!

    In comparison to a baby with IUGR, I’d take stretch marks any day though so perspective helps! In fact, the little lines don’t even bother me now 🙂 good luck at keeping them at bay, I wish you more luck than I had x

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