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I don’t know about you guys but one of things I have always wanted is good hair. You know, the kind that does as it’s told, falls into effortless waves, thick and shiny. My hair is currently on my shoulders in a rather shapeless long bob. Why have I let it get like this? Because I want it to look like Alexa Chung/Olivia Palermo/Alex Jones. I want that longish wavy bob that looks a bit undone, a bit relaxed and effortless but super shiny of course. And it probably takes hours to achieve. No fair.

I guess I’m guilty of falling victim here to the celebrity illusion… i.e. thinking that the images we see of celebrities are what they achieve at home, not with the help of stylists. Try as I might I cannot find a product that will hold the curls I’ve been practicing with a barrel tong, beyond about ten minutes after I set foot out of the front door. I end up with lank, barely waved hair that looks the wrong side of undone and closer to style-less.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year (parties and people to meet up with looming), the fact that I haven’t had my hair cut since August (erm, yes, that would be a little over due then) or just a bit of boredom, but I thought I would do a hair round up of shorter styles to cure my attack of indecision. Do I leave it longer to allow for styling with the curls I can’t seem to achieve or go for a cut that will suit me and be easier to look good on a daily basis?

It’s got to be something that is actually achievable day to day. This Katie Holmes bob (above) has plagued my magazine-picture-bearing existence every time I go to the hairdressers. I love it but it won’t workย because it’s actually a longer cut pinned up at the back apparently and completely unrealistic. What I need is a cute choppy bob that looks great with minimal effort; Because who am I kidding here, I have a life and rarely waste time on a mammoth styling effort, (hats off to you if you have the patience readers!) and I can occasionally jazz up my ‘do for a night out with a couple of flicky curls or waves. It’s a no brainer really.

And my new hair icon for the future? Not much of a revelation, but perhaps a little overlooked recently, Dannii Minogue. That ever changing X-Factor bob reminded me why it’s cool to have short hair, and how much you can actually do with it.

So, tomorrow, I’m off to the hairdressers, hopeful as ever, with this article as a reference tool and fingers crossed, I’ll emerge a new woman (at least I haven’t lost hope!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you got any recommendations for great styling products – something to put on after blow drying and curl with, that holds but doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy?

Or are you also contemplating getting realistic with your hair and making a change?I’d love to hear your hair dilemmas…


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14 thoughts on “She gives good Hair…

  1. You actually look a bit like Alexa!!

    I blow dry my hair, rub a little serum through my hair then tie into a rough bun with a bobble, leave it ten mins and shake loose …. = perfect waves.

    update with pics after your salon visit x

  2. Rebecca, I too LOVE this look, it looks so effortless. And, I think I have found THE perfect tool to recreate these waves too… (I know that this isn’t a styling product, but I couldn’t not mention it!)

    The Babyliss Waving Wand—_-BaByliss%20Waving%20Wand%202286U

    Seriously – this is genius. The wand isn’t circular, so you don’t get perfect curls… they come out more like beach waves. The best thing is – it take about 10 minutes to do and after a spritz of hairspray, the waves can last about two days!


  3. I think it’s more difficult to keep the waves in if your hair is thick – I’m like Clarissa and can do it with a bobble but my sister has really thick hair and to get tousled waves she has to curl it really tightly first – we’re talking shirley temple, then hairspray it, leave it for a while to drop and then straighten the edges. It’s a lot of work, but it gives that kind of mary kate and ashley olsen dishevelled look. And I know it’s quite 80’s, but I always find a bit of mousse helps the curls stay and helps with volume at the roots. Also, my mother-in-law has an ancient heated brush which I find excellent for taming my fringe once I’ve got the curls in the rest of my hair – otherwise it’s cowlick central and I look a bit mad. Finally, I think for thick hair heated rollers or velcro rollers in damp hair with a blast from the hairdryer, keeps curl in for longer and amps up the shine.

  4. Ooh Katie we were commenting at the same time – I LOVE the sound of that babyliss wand! and I also want to add that when I have curled my hair I spray hairspray onto my hands and then ‘shape’ the curls with it.

  5. I feel your pain Rebecca. I had a short bob for about 2 years and had a bit of love/hate relationship with it – when it was styled, it looked great, I really loved it and I got lots of nice comments. But when I couldn’t do anything with it and HAD to blow-dry it even though I had no time, I absolutely hated it.

    I then grew my hair for my wedding and decided I would keep it longer. I liked being able to do different things with it and just liked it more. But I’ve just had it chopped to a long bob to get the front a bit thicker and healthier and everyone’s said how nice it looks!

    I just need a personal stylist and then everything will be fine ;o)

  6. I cut my rather long hair the day after I got home from my honeymoon in to a short bob, thinking I’d love to rock the Dannii look. Far too high maintenance. I then thought it would be a good idea to have a “Frankie from the Saturdays” hair cut. Geeeez, that was even worse.

    I’ve bought every product and tool on the market and I got nowhere (plus I miss creating weird and wonderful “up ‘dos”) so I’m getting realistic and I’m now growing it again. My job and lifestyle just isn’t conducive to fashionable hair, unfortunately!

    Looking forward to seeing your new ‘do!

  7. Oh, thats interesting Kate… I’ve just ditched my wand (although it was a normal one not one for waves) as I just couldn’t get the hang of it, and opted for a barrel tong.

    I have been wondering about one of these ‘wave envy’ tools though…

    Bottom line though I think is that I need something to keep the waves there, ie a product. And I can’t tie it up Clarissa because it’s too short. ๐Ÿ™

  8. I always have the ‘long or short hair’ problem! I grew it for my wedding about 18 months ago and then had it cut into a short bob while on honeymoon!
    I really like it short but I dont like having to blow dry it to make it look nice so I end up tying the top bit back for work. I recently went to the hairdressers to get it cut short again and she cut it into a bit of a bob but slightly shorter at the back (not as dramatic as when Victoria Beckham had it) which she said would look nice for now while I decide whether to grow it out or cut it shorter again.

    I like the look of that oval waving wand! xx

  9. My hair is curly – not ‘very tight ringlets’ curly, but ‘looks like I’ve stuck my finger in a plug socket if there’s not a lot of product on it’ curly.

    I pine for straight hair sometimes….or my own personal hairdresser, either will do ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Am always on the look out for good curly hair products – any suggestions are welcome. I’m currently just using a lot of leave-in conditioner, great for soft curly hair, but means it needs washing more often.

  10. My favourite product for casual wavy hair is Charles Worthington,, gives it wavy texture without being crunchy. I find the best thing is to comb your hair in the shower whilst its got conditioner in it and then rough dry, spray with product, don’t let a brush anywhere near it once you are out of the shower! For me the spray seems to work just as well if your hair is left to dry naturally, or scruch/diffuser dried.

  11. What I’d like to be able to achieve is that relaxed wavy look without loads of frizz -my hair does relaxed wavy very easily, problem is it also does frizz ++!

  12. This post is timed perfectly as I’ve been umming and ahhing over a bob for the last few months and I’ve decided to take the plunge……Tommorrow!!! I grew my bob out about 3 years ago whilst I was doing my training but resulted in me having to blow dry my long hair everyday anyway and just tying it up, so blow drying a bob everyday won’t be any different!

    I love to curl/wave my hair and find this always works for me, I mousse my hair and dry off with a hair dryer but don’t dry it completely and let it “set” for about 20 minutes, which allows the last bit dry off naturally and then curl! Works a charm every time and you can really tell when I don’t have time to let it “set” the curls drop immediately! hope it helps for someone! ๐Ÿ™‚ xXx

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