Recommended: The Mondrian, Miami

So, in case you have been living under a rock lately, or possibly decided to crawl under one to escape my incessant holiday Instagram posts (cruel, I know, I’m sorry!) …I just got back from Miami.

You might remember this post where I asked for advice on Miami things to do and talked about possible hotel options. In the end we booked The Mondrian in South Beach and I was so pleased with it that I had to share.

On the west side of South Beach (South Beach is an area as well as the glorious stretch of beach nearby,) overlooking Biscayne Bay, the hotel was perfectly positioned for our mid-afternoon arrival. It was our unabashed intention to crash onto a pool lounger and enjoy happy hour so we were super pleased to arrive in the lobby only 20 minutes after exiting the airport in a cab – $30 one way.

The Hotel is white, Daz white, all the way through, only punctuated by splashes of orange, gilt and black. Designed by Marcel Wanders (which I was suspicious about after seeing his disaster of a collaboration with M&S this year,) it reminded me of a Philip Stark Hotel. There are digital images of alien looking beauties throughout (including the rooms which is a little weird,) and a play on proportion with massive pillars that appear like turned table legs and oversized bells hanging from the ceiling that house sparkling crystal chandeliers.

On entering our room we were first taken aback by the size and secondly by the view. Overlooking downtown Miami, we did pay extra for a bay view but stopped short of a balcony, opting to save the pennies for Happy Hour. And Happy it was. Cocktails usually priced at $16-18 were $6 between 6-7pm, $7 at 7-8pm and $8 at 8-9pm, plus there was a selection of (huge) bar snacks too. We took advantage on all three nights (in the all white bar) and the only shame was that the clocks had gone back and the sun set about 5.30pm so we missed watching the sunset cocktail in hand.

Most unusually, the room had a tiny kitchen in it with hob, table and glassware for 2, coffee maker, kettle, fridge and cupboards. If we had been going for a week I would definitely have stocked up on cereal, milk, pre-dinner snacks and cocktail paraphernalia ;) . It also crossed my mind how handy it would be with a baby in tow for heating bottles or baby food…

The Pool was glorious. We lusted after passing boats, spotted manatees and topped up on Vitamin D before the long winter ahead. We also tried the restaurant, Asia de Cuba and were blown away by the Ceviche and Seared Ahi Tuna (for Pete) and Blacked Alaskan Cod (for me.)

Best of all, I feel we have finally found a destination, and hotel, that we could come back to for shoulder season fun. I had no idea it was so warm in November in Florida (it was between 22 and 28 degrees for the whole 2 weeks,) and we fell in love with Miami as a destination too. I’ll be sharing more on that next week :)

Have you got a favourite hotel or destination for shoulder season sun?


5 thoughts on “Recommended: The Mondrian, Miami

  1. Looks amazing! Definitely has a Philippe Starck feel to it. I had no idea it was that warm in November either! The pool looks like bliss.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Miami as we are possibly thinking of going with the family in March. I went there for nine hours on a stopover in 2007 and loved it even for that short time so would really like to go back!

    PS: Love the food at Asia de Cuba in London too

  2. Palm Springs! I was there over Thanksgiving weekend last year (so the end of November) and the weather was perfect. I stayed with a friend at the Ace Hotel (stargazing deck, incredible cocktails, room with a private terrace and fire-pit) and we didn’t want to leave. Plus earlier this year my parents went there after hearing me rave about it, and stayed at the Movie Colony Hotel, which they said had the best service they’d ever seen, and a free pre-dinner cocktail hour. Who doesn’t want that?!

  3. I went to Miami about ten years ago and totally loved it. I even found the shopping to be better than New York. I have very funny memories with my best friend I won’t go into details but lets just say one of the people we met was a guy who owned the bar in our hotel was called snuffy he said he had toured with elvis and was 3ft tall.
    Anything can happen in Miami!

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