Real Rooms: A Yellow Cow Parsley Attic Bedroom

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So… about that guest room I mentioned last week… here we are!

Let’s just take a moment to go back to how it was when we moved in… (I hate ruining good ‘after’ post’s with ‘before’ pictures, but it has to be done…)

We actually lived up here in this room, in this state, for 4 months from December to April this year, while our bedroom was being knocked through into the dressing room. Aside from the awful retro wardrobes and stale carpet, it’s a lovely room with high vaulted ceilings as it’s in the attic. The plan was to create a room for my mum to stay. It’s really a regular guest room right now, but when I go back to work, mum will be looking after Bea 2 days a week and I wanted her to have a proper retreat as she’s doing us such a big favour. The plan is to make a bit of a ‘suite’ with a sitting and TV area (as yet not complete,) along with the bed. The L-shaped room lends itself to being segregated like this but as when we started the project I was about 36 weeks pregnant, we focused on the bedroom side of things.

We stripped out all the fitted wardrobes and shelves, stripped the wallpaper (lovely wood chip and anaglypta,) moved a radiator and some plugs, fitted a new double glazed window and had it replastered. Then we decorated and recarpeted. We chose a white we have used in the past (Sail White by Crown) which is a very slightly warmer shade of white that just avoids looking stark. We use fit in our previous hallway where it was also paired with this Cole and Son Cow Parsley wallpaper. (Click the links in this paragraph for Instagram’s of our progress.)

We papered our old hallway down one side in this wallpaper and happened to have a roll left over. As it’s such a sunny light and bright room, it seemed obvious to use it up here, but unfortunately due to the height of the wall we chose to do we had to buy an extra roll. Still, I’m glad we did.

Furniture wise we were on a serious, totally-out-of-money-doing-up-the-kitchen budget and went to IKEA for the bed. The besides are our old ones (also IKEA but no longer available in this style, from the Hemnes range.) We also added an antique wardrobe that we bought from our house’s previous owners, which my sister and Pete lugged upstairs when I was heavily pregnant and no longer allowed to lift stuff – I’m so happy with it in this room. I think every room should have something old in it, in a house of this age it just makes things look more natural. I stacked my vintage globetrotters on top to finish it off.

The curtains are in Sanderson Home fabric, called Angel Ferns and were a bit of a steal from John Lewis – one of their display curtains I bought and took apart for the old house spare room, they have been re-made again for this room although they still need taking up a little more, as you can see here.

 Lets get back to the bed. You guys know how I like to style a bed and I think that’s really important in a guest room – to make it cosy and inviting. I try to do that by choosing complementary linens, piling the pillows high, making sure the linen is ironed and then adding cushions and throws. The Secret Linen Store came to my rescue here and dressed the bed in their Dotty coffee cream bedding set.

Paired with the tiny stripe coffee cream fitted sheet, it adds to the layered patterns and textures look I was going for. The bedding has a subtle soft sheen and a lovely weight to it and I particularly liked the contrast of the coffee dots on cream in the pillow and reversed pattern of cream on coffee for the duvet. With the 260 thread count, the whole set looks invitingly rich.

For finishing touches, I layered up a cushion made with scraps from the curtains and a textured yellow and linen John Lewis cushion. The lights are from our old room with Graham and Green shades; The drawer handles are Anthropologie, as are the two candles on the left hand bedside. I wanted to layer lots of textures and patterns in this room. It’s a tricky thing to do but I’m pretty pleased with how it has turned out.

Now onto that special offer! The Secret Linen Store are offering 12% off to Florence Finds readers until December 31st 2014. Simply use the offer code WELCOMEFF12 at check out!

I hope you like it readers. I’m really happy with how it has turned out, particularly as many of the items in the room were pulled together from other rooms and previous projects; The bedding just adds that finishing touch. I can certainly promise you won’t be disappointed if you treat yourself to some of their bed linen to finish off one of your projects.


Disclaimer: The Secret Linen Store provided the Dotty coffee cream bedding set and tiny stripe coffee cream fitted sheet for review. If we didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be hearing about it here!

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19 thoughts on “Real Rooms: A Yellow Cow Parsley Attic Bedroom

  1. That is one gorgeous room! I think it is made even more fabulous to find you have reused and repurposed so many of the items in the room. I especially love the matching cushion from the curtain. The wall paper is also gorgeous!! So bright and cheery 🙂

    P.s I also totally agree that you need something old in each room. We just moved in to a brand new build flat and I still agree. Our dining table is second hand, sanded down and painted. I have 3 pairs of dining chairs I have painted and reupholstered. And my latest edition is this amazing big desk I have got for the spare room, which is now my sewing and craft room! Now I just need projects to get on with! 🙂

  2. I love this room. It’s gorgeous. I wanna use that Cole & Son wallpaper in our master bedroom but we’re planning to move house in 2015 so my decorating cravings are currently unsatisfied 🙁 thanks for showing me what can be done! x

  3. Love your room Rebecca – super stylish with a hint of fun. Lovely! And thanks for the Secret Linen code – I’ve just ordered the white version of your bedding, along with a couple of cushions for good measure! x

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    How easy is the bedding to iron? A massive fan of crisp while bedding but finding it hard to track down something that’s easy to iron! Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Bedroom looks fab – we have that paper in our hallway and absolutely adore it!

    • Would be interested to find out about how it irons too! My white company set is beautiful but it gets so crumpled.

      Room is gorgeous! I also love the carpet too – can you share where it’s from? Thanks xx

      • Hi Katy and Rachie
        this dotty bedding is a 260 thread count jacquard, with a sateen finish, so its really easy to care for. Its not crisp, more sateen soft.
        We can send you some samples if you would like to see and feel?
        We would love to make your bed !

  5. Looks like such an inviting guest room! Really love the bedding just wish that style came in other colours and I’d be ordering some! The coffee just isn’t what I’m looking for in either the guest room or our master x

    Ps the wallpaper is fabulous!

  6. The refurb looks lovely – thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how much of a difference doing something little like replacing the knobs on the bedside table can make.

    While we’re talking about house projects, have I missed the write up and full reveal on your kitchen? I’ve been looking forward to seeing the final product!

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