Real Renovations: Is White Alright?

Good afternoon readers! Jess has got a brilliant post for us all this afternoon with another update to her house renovation – this time she needs your help. Do leave a comment and share your thoughts on her selections and tell us what your bedroom is like…

The renovation of our bedroom was not at the top of our priority list when we first moved house. But, after over a year now of living with lumpy walls, old carpet, and perhaps most frustratingly no wardrobes, we have now taken it on as our latest project. The room has two alcoves either side of a chimney breast, although unfortunately the original fireplace has been removed by a past owner. There is also a big bay window, and the obligatory picture rail to add to the rooms features. It is a big room, yet it has been the room that I have struggled to find a vision for more than any other we have done. I don’t know if its because of the size of the room, or because its the bedroom and I want to get the mood and feel of it just right. I have found it hard to picture the end result in my mind, which makes making any decisions, from wardrobes to paint colour to soft furnishings, a very long and drawn out process!

One interior trend I really like at the moment is the military or ‘campaign’ furniture. I like the mix of wood, leather and metal (sounds a bit kinky but thats not what I mean!), with an antique kind of look, that reminds me of a romantic bye-gone era where people travelled on steam trains or ships, with huge trunks of luggage (before you had to pay excess baggage charges no doubt!). I’m just not sure if I can translate that style into my own bedroom.

LV luggage side table // Pale blue campaign desk/dressing table

Another look I like in bedrooms is the ‘Americana’ or typical Ralph Lauren style bedroom with lots of rich blues and navy, multiple stripes, tartans and mismatched layers of fabrics. Its quite a masculine look, but there is something about those big wooden sleigh beds covered in duvets and throws that make me want one myself! 

Blue paisley bedding // Navy and stripe bedding // Sleigh bed

The bedroom style that I have deliberated over most is the all white look, with lots of different textures; wools and chunky knits alongside cottons and silks but with a very limited colour palette. My only worry with this look is will it look too sterile? Can I soften it enough to make it relaxing and luxurious, rather than reming me of the operating theatre in which I work every day. Or maybe that’s why I like white? Dr Freud would probably have something to say about that…

White with grey headboard // White and neutrals // White cosy room

We have just had the walls re-plastered, and so more out of indecision than any great vision we have repainted them… white. I mean white white. Not a fancy named slightly grey or slightly beige or cream-white. White. Brilliant white. Matt white. White. I’m nervous about it, can you tell?!?! Its a big room, and very white. But, I have ordered some bedside tables in a muted turquoise/blue color that I hope will be the statement of colour that the room will need. I’ll share the final result with you all when the room is finished. Because at the moment, with no furniture and only freshly painted walls to look at, it is just a very daunting shade of… white.

Jess x

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12 thoughts on “Real Renovations: Is White Alright?

  1. Sounds lovely Jess.
    I have had the same deliberations as you with regards to a colour scheme for our bedroom.
    We have now nearly finished and I am pleased with the result.. think white painted floorboards, 3 white walls and 1 soft grey wall, a grey sheepskin rug on the floor and soft grey bed linen and accessories.
    Can’t wait to see your finished result!

  2. When I moved 9 months ago the bedroom was painted white and I initially wasn’t convinced about it at all but now I really like it. Mine is brightened up with splashes of burgundy and caramel -think white walls, light beech furniture, caramel carpet, off-white curtains with (small) burgundy and caramel flowers, predominantly white bedlinen but a burgundy satin throw… The white walls also make a GREAT backdrop for pictures/photos which I have a lot of. Also, if you are a bit messy like me and often scuff your walls when moving suitcases/furniture/just walking past (!) then white is the easiest colour to touch up, I permanently have a pot of Dulux white satin finish in my utility room and one quick swipe with a paintbrush and it looks immaculate again. I don’t think I’ll ever pick another colour for a bedroom actually!!

  3. I am a big fan of a white on white colour scheme for a bedroom, mainly because for me relaxation is about clearing my head and a clean white room just does that for me. I love mixing up the textures though and your description of mixing textures in a white room is my idea of heaven. We’re currently renting so our bedroom is Magnolia (bleugh) but our furniture is white save for a statement dark blue sideboard and for me that breaks it up enough. Going to work on improving bedding and textures until we have somewhere of our own to decorate, in fact it’s probably going to be on my Christmas list!

  4. I’ve just painted our master bedroom white, white and more white. I’ve broken it up with some hints of soft grey here and there and a deep grey, super-squishy debate carpet (that was the subject of many rows – i wanted to white wash the floor boards). I was a bit nervous at first about it feeling cold and not at all inviting or cosy, but it works for me… It feels tidy, calm and neutral… everything I need from my bedroom. 🙂

    best thing about white? If you don’t like it, it’s not a nightmare to brighten it up. What would be worse is whacked citrus orange all over the walls and then trying to cover it up at a later date (yup – i speak from experience!!)

  5. I am such a fan of white walls, by adding lots of lovely texture and colour in some of the soft furnishings you will make a gorgeous looking room I am sure. Some of the nordic blogs have bags of inspiration for this kind of look, and they deal with the same northern european light. Bx

  6. I’ll be speaking for the minority it appears when I say, go dark 🙂 I know it sounds mad but I painted my bedroom black (yes really) and absolutely love, love, love it. The room is large and I have two big windows so it gets lots of light during the day but at night, it’s the coziest cave that you just want to snuggle up in (and never get out of which can pose a problem on early mornings) 😉 I went with bright bold hues as accents (yellow velvet headboard, bright artwork) and it all works rather nicely as everything pops beautifully against the black. I think the Ralph Lauren style images are beautiful and a deep navy wall with white campaign furniture and deep wood accents would just look amazing. xxx

  7. I’m with Redlilocks on the dark choice- it’s so cosy in winter, and I’ve got lots of colourful mix-and-match bedding to brighten up the room. My bedroom is a mixture of military, Americana, and Moroccan. Lots of old trunks for storage and bedside tables, a sleigh bed, a huge French cherry vintage wardrobe, dark purple and deep red walls and curtains I made from saris. It’s very eclectic, but I love that it’s so mish-mashed together.

  8. Thanks for the reassuring comments everyone. Sounds like you are all braver than me when it comes to choosing paint colours! We’re expecting some furniture deliveries in the next few weeks so I will let you all know how it turns out x (and as Victoria has already pointed out, white is easy to paint over if I have a sudden impulse for colour!)

    • I can’t help but feel guilty for adding to your doubts on white Jess, after my, ‘White-white? Are you sure?’ comments. I returned home after that and lay in bed looking up at my white-white bedroom walls (albeit striped, they are white, not cream,) high gloss white wardrobes and white bedsides and thought what a cheek I had! – ours has never felt cold, thanks to tons of cushions and our White Company throw.

      I’m dying to see it finished!

  9. It sounds gorgeous – I love white rooms, with lots of different textures to mix it up a bit. It looks so calm and relaxing….for some reason, it makes me think of the sea! Dying to see the finished pics x

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