Real Homes: Thrifted Colour

This afternoon you’re in for a real treat with a real home tour by Zoe from Conversation Pieces. I knew as soon as I found her blog that I had to ask her to share her home with those of you who don’t already know her via her blog. As Zoe says below, it’s right up my street because of all the colour and the seriously quirky style she has curated through a mixture of ‘finds’, up-cycling and fantastic taste. I am more than a little bit jealous of her colour mixing skills.

When Rebecca first emailed to ask to feature my home, I was delighted… not the least because I’ve always loved how bright and colourful the Florence Finds logo is!

If you’ve come across my home before, you’ll understand why I think we’re a great match. If not, well, this little tour will probably show you why.

So… a little about me. Well, I’m an Edinburgh-based copywriter and freelance writer, who’s secretly a ‘frustrated artist’. Yes, my fondness of interior design comes from the fact that I can’t paint but I can paint furniture. (I think it’s why I also like styling and photography so much too!)

I’m also a bit of a thriftoholic (ok, maybe a big bit). My ideal day sees me hitting a car boot sale early and coming home with lots of lovely finds.

Our home gave me the perfect excuse to hone this ‘talent’… after buying it, we had next to no money (and no furniture) so decorating and furnishing our home had to be done on a very strict budget. Always one for a challenge, I became an expert at recovering old chairs from Freecycle, spotting bargains on ebay and tarting up charity shop finds.

Except that wasn’t the only challenge… the flat we fell in love with and moved into straight away was missing windows, had no heating, no kitchen, no modern plugs and no hot water. We must have been bonkers – but we were head over heels with the place! (The only low point was when my now husband tried to recreate a shower using a plastic bucket and some tepid kettle water over a freezing to touch cast iron bath… I may have uttered a few expletives that day!!)

Fast-forward three years and we still have some bits and pieces to do (no more than most people)… and we have a home filled with colourful things that make us smile. From our wedding sign that hangs in our kitchen to the felt ball rug I made in the living room, everything has a happy memory attached to it.

It’s not the first flat I’ve owned, but it’s the very first that anywhere has ever really felt like ‘home’. Though that’s probably more to do with who I live with… and that the fact that he loves as much colour as I do.

Are you not in awe of Zoe’s talent for combining her finds? This is the sort of home that always makes me green with envy. I never know how you make it look so cohesive, like all those things were meant to be together!

If you’re the car boot type (and I wish I could make myself forsake that Sunday morning lie-in!) then Zoe has some great tips here. Head over and have a look and do tell me your favourite part of her home, I’m way too in awe to choose! Thank you so much for sharing Zoe!


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33 thoughts on “Real Homes: Thrifted Colour

  1. Double WOW!! I love all of it, mostly the picture of you mending the rug and your cat helping you out made me giggle 😀 xx

  2. I love this house! I especially love the rug – can’t believe Zoe made it herself – and the splashback on the kitchen sink. But most of all I love the Ticket to Ride poster. I want one!!!

    • Thanks Sarah L 🙂 I have a bit of a print obsession it has to be said! They come from a variety of places – Etsy, local shops in Edinburgh, from design talks I went to, and some are by people I know from twitter (the drink more milk one is by Mr Cheapskate). There’s usually some links to where I got them on my blog if that helps? x

      • Thanks Zoe! I have a slight print obsession too! I spent most of yesterday afternoon swooning over your blog! Really lovely!

        I live in Glasgow so not far from you…will need to do a shopping trip in Edinburgh very soon!

        PS: Have you heard of Hillhead Bookclub in Glasgow? – if not check it out! I think you will LOVE it!


    • Thanks Sarah. Yes and no! One of the chairs I actually redid with iron-on hem – way easier! Doing it properly is much harder. My husband did an evening course when we were doing the cowboy print chair – though most of the class is about striping back the chair! The piping bit is the hardest part I think. Zx

  3. Please please please please please can we have a DIY post about that rug? I LOVE it! Our home is also really bright and colourful but it is missing that rug.

    I also really want the ‘drink more gin’ and ‘fucking fantastic’ posters.

    • Hey Amy, I think Zoe has written about each part of her home step by step on the blog, I’m sure she’ll be along later and will correct me if I’m wrong! I’m guessing the rug story must be on there 🙂

      • Thanks amyf (and Rebecca!) Yes, it’s on there somewhere – look under ‘oh my diy’ or search rug and it should come up. It’s not really a ‘how to’ so much though – as I always forgot to take step-by-step photos back when I made it! 😉 Zx

  4. I’m currently weighing up whether to rearrange our books by colour when we move but I think I’m a bit too OCD (they’re currently arranged by theme) – would it drive me mad trying to find things or is it OK? It’s sooo pretty.

    • When we were renting inbetween homes I organised part of the bookshelves by colour. It looked lovely & is easy to find if you’re visual & remember books by their covers.

      • As Rachel said, they’re easy to find if you know the covers! I’m ‘cheating’ here in that I have another bookcase in the spare room with a-z books – the colour coded ones are all my absolute favourites so I know them well enough to know the covers! 😉 x

  5. What an incredible home! I especially adore your rug, the pops of colour, and please do tell where you find all of your fantastic prints. Jx

  6. Oh. my. holy. bejesus. What a beautiful house! And I laughed out loud at the bathing with a bucket and the ‘frustrated artist’ – two things I can massively identify with!! Seems I have another great blog to add to my reading list…

  7. DREAM HOME. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    I love Zoe’s house and I love her blog too. However, as somebody who also loves picking up quirky bits from charity shops I NEED to know how you manage to keep the place so clutter free? Seriously, our house looks like a shop.


  8. This home is sooo sooo fab! I love it! My fave things are all the typography prints (love the kissing booth one) the orla kiely wallpaper (i have wanted it for ages!) and the fab rug (cant believe you made it!)
    Thanks so much for posting – so much inspiration!
    Rachie xo

  9. Wow! I didn’t think that homes like this existed in, you know, real life! Thought they were merely a figment of a hip stylist’s imagination

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  12. Hello, your house is so lovely! Do you mind telling what colour you used for the grey floorboards in your front room? Thanks! 🙂

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