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This morning I’m not going to share my closet obcession with Freddie Mercury, nor the fact that I love Queen, or in fact that I first was moved by Queen and became a fan when watching Freddie command the entirety of Wembley Stadium at Live Aid, whilst singing Radio Gaga (where this picture was taken). No, I’m lamenting my lack of Radio love right now, since the exit of Chris Moyles from Radio One.

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For my whole career, as long as I’ve been driving to work (and probably earlier when I was driving to hospital placements,) I listened to Radio One. I hate local radio and the inane or overly serious banter that is often their style and although Chris Moyles is like radio Marmite and there were times I felt so irritated by him that I wanted to switch off, I persevered. I liked the music, I slowly grew to like him, and frankly, there wasn’t anything better on. As he got older, I felt he mellowed and matured. It’s amazing how attached you get to people when they are part of your daily routine, then it’s suddenly broken.

It’s a source of great mickey-taking in our household that Pete switched over to Radio 2 at least 2 or 3 years ago. Consequently he’s way behind the times on current music and the subject of many jibes from me about his age getting the better of him, (he’s only 4 months older than me.) So when Chris left, I feared the worst – I might become a Radio 2 listener…

I decided to stick it out and give Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One breakfast show a try, but I’m holding my hands up now – I can’t do it. As a Northerner who lives in Manchester his accent is still so grating and despite the fact that I know Radio One are on a quest to gain younger listeners, their parade of Justin Bieber and One Direction last week has lost them an older one now and I joined Pete on the dark side last week.

The problem is, I haven’t yet tried Chris Evans, he’s on holiday so I’ve been flitting between Zoe Ball, Nick back on R1 and a new guy this morning who I don’t even know. My mornings are out of kilter and I’m not going to feel myself until I have a new home on the radio.

So readers, I wondered if you could recommend a new radio show for me – do you listen to Radio One still or was Chris too much for you long ago? Have you been a Radio 2 listener like Pete for ages now or like me are you now bereft and awaiting fresh inspiration? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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48 thoughts on “Radio Gaga…

  1. Definitely switch to 6 music. I gave up on radio one about a year ago as I just couldn’t bear the monotony of the music they played. Not wanting to sound old (31) but it all sounded the same. 6 at least gives a good mix of old and new albeit mOre along the alternative lines.

  2. Radio 2 girl here, all the way, and have been for years. I pretty much love every show they have on every day of the week, apart from Jeremy Vine on weekdays at midday. I have to listen to Chris in the morning while I have breakfast and Simon Mayo at drivetime and I like all the cover presenters they have (Ryan Tubridy is who’s on this week for Chris). I like how much variety there is and there’s far less inane chatter than on any of the Radio 1 shows (in my opinion) and much more music.

  3. There has been a period of mourning in our house since chris left. I’ve switched to 6 music and am now wondering why I haven’t done it before as the music is much more my sort of thing. I don’t drive to work though, if I did I’d be stuck as no dab in the car.

  4. I’ve been an avid Radio 2 listener for the past few months having since long grown tired of Christ Moyles et al, albeit with a brief interlude at Magic ( the adverts every ten minutes got on my nerves!) For as long as I can remember my parents have been Radio 2 listeners and I always swore blind I’d never tune in. Until now. And I can honestly say its the best choice I have ever made radio-wise. Fab mix of music and great features throughout the day. And you’ve definitely got to tune in at around half five for the ‘confessions’ slot on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show – its certainly made a few dull traffic jams pass by a lot quicker!xxx

  5. Love this post! I completely empathise with your love hate relationship over the years of Chris Moyles but agree he mellowed in the last few years.

    I’m listening to Capital at the moment for my sins but they are already annoying me! So I’m also looking for a new station – and like you I am reluctant to move to Radio 2!


  6. I have NEVER been able to stomach Moyles in the morning- he’s just so noisy and boorish. Yuck. Even with the teeny bopper music, Grimmie is better for me as he’s just a bit less painful. That said, I’m a Radio 2 girl- The Chris Evans show is really warm and fun, without the edge of spite that Moyles used to have. If I feel brave then its Radio 4… risking John Humphries spraying spit all over his microphone as he rages at whoever this morning’s victim is. It makes me feel grown up though…. !!

  7. I’m a bit of a closet R4 listener…at the risk of sounding very old its really interesting, and hearing Jon Humphries pulverising his ‘victims’ can be quite funny! I’ve even, dare I admit it, become a bit of an Archers and gardeners question time fan 🙂 Chris Evans is always great if I fancy a few tunes though!

  8. Great ‘off piste’ post Rebecca….I must admit I am not a loyal follower of any station. I used to listen to Kiss 100 years ago at work which I loved and then I moved on to a bit of Radio 1 and Capital FM with a bit of Magic and Heart thrown in! I’m the type of person that constantly switches between stations until a song comes on that I like 🙂 Love a bit of Absolute radio too!

  9. What a timely post, Rebecca! We’ve finally got around to moving the radio into our postage-stamp-sized kitchen and I wonder why we didn’t do it before. I’m afraid I just can’t deal with radio 1, and I would agree that 6 music is fabulous, radio 2 evening shows (the genre-specific ones) are amazing, but I generally stick on radio 4 in the morning until I’ve fully woken up!

  10. I’ve always hated Chris Moyles I’m afraid and consequently never been a Radio 1 fan!! Used to listen to local radio when driving to work but these days, if anything it tends to be Radio 4, like Megan above I find it really interesting and as I rarely watch the news on TV or pick up a newspaper I’d never know what was going on in the world otherwise! And if I need something to chill out and relax to you can’t beat Classic FM…Although having seen all those comments above I’m thinking of giving 6 Music a try…

  11. I’m in a similar place Rebecca – have spent the last couple of weeks flicking back and forth between Radio 1 and 2 in the mornings! I’d love to listen to 6 Music (as I do at home sometimes) but don’t have the DAB option in the car, so I’m stuck for now… hoping when Chris Evans is back I can give Radio 2 a proper shot in the mornings.

    • Ditto Zan – looking forward to trying him out 🙂

      I’m all over the place at the moment, Radio 2 whenever Grimmy starts talking(!) or if the tunes on R1 get too young, then sometimes over to Smooth(!) for a third choice of music – I didn’t realise R2 was soooo old fashioned with the music – some great classics sometimes but also some awful ones! I have heard it most in the past at the weekend when they have the likes of Jo Whiley (legend) and Dermot O’Leary on – wish they were on in the week, but understand why they do the weekends.

  12. I too loved Chris Moyles and I secretly listen to the final show on my podcast when Im working at home!
    Ive taken to “Grimmy” but I only listened to Radio 1 in the morning, then switch to Radio 2 for Jeremy Vine at lunch for the debate then Steve for drive time although Jo Whiley stood in for Steve yesterday and I think she’s fab!
    When Ive got a day of accounts I switch to Smooth Radio and get tuned in!

    Each to there own I think, Ive got a station for every mood Im in! x

  13. I’m so glad that I’m not only one listening to Radio 4! I love the Today show, I like the fact its like someone reading a newspaper to me – its not just headlines but more in depth consideration of topics, so by the time I get to work I feel like I have learnt something for the day!

  14. I dont really listen to the radio that much as we only use the car at weekends and then we tend to listen to Capital. However we have just got a lovely new radio for our kitchen so its great to get some reccomendations on radio stations – going to give 6 music a try!

    On another note – I once sat next to Chris Moyles at a wedding ! 🙂

  15. you have to try 6 music, i moved over from radio 1 a few years ago and it is so so soooo much better! a fab way of discovering new bands and musicians and it’s much more varied than radio 1!

  16. I had to give up on Chris Moyles years ago.

    I love Chris Evans in the morning but was a fan of Mr Grimshaw’s evening show so may find myself back on Radio 1 when Chris is on holiday as apart from Zoe Ball I don’t like his stand-ins (particularly when it’s Richard Madeley!!!) I also love Jo Whiley & Dermot on R2 and am always pleasantly surprised by Jamie Cullum when I’m cooking dinner despite having no interest in jazz whatsoever.

    It’s not useful for the commute but 6 Music is by far the best station to have on constantly in the background. It’s particularly good on a Sunday morning when Cerys Matthews is on. Oh and you should also try and catch Craig Charles’ funk & soul show (don’t love him but his music is ace) as well as Hughie (Fun Loving Criminals), Jarvis Cocker and Guy Garvey (whose voice is to die for).

  17. Absolute!!! Honestly try it. Music isn’t too young, little bit indie which I like and it is really funny. If you liked chris you’ll like this, has the same friendly/chatty feel with a team who you get to know and love. Really recommend it x

  18. Love a bit of LBC! (If you’re not in London you can get it on ) James O’Brien at 10-1 is pretty good. But for music… a bit of Magic or Heart. Husband and the kids at work try to keep me up to date with the ‘cool’ current music but I’d much rather be listening to a good bit of Mowtown or Take That!

    Going to test out Radio 2 and 6 after seeing the above comments though x

  19. I like radio 1, but I must admit – I really disliked Chris Moyles. We had an agreement in my lab that the radio only got tuned to radio 1 after his show had finished! x

  20. I miss Chris Moyles and team more than life. I gave Grimmie two mornings of my ears but had to switch off. Nothing wrong with a bit of Bieber or 1D but I can’t stand his voice and I miss the banter and the ‘team’ that Moyles had. And I miss Carpark Catchphrase. And the Golden Hour.

    I’ve been switching between Kiss, Heart and cds ever since… but want something I can properly connect with! What frequency is 6 Music then?? I might give it a go tomorrow…

  21. 6 music vote from me too. The baby & I listen to it all day in the background.

    In the car, I used to download podcasts from Radio 4 (Women’s Hour, mainly) and listen to them via my iPod. Much better than morning radio!

    Sometimes though, I just used to listen to The Pixies or something similar to just blast away any cobwebs.

  22. I love this post and the comments! I was genuinely sad when Chris Moyles left the breakfast show but I’m giving Grimmy a go at the moment, the music seems good but to me, the mornings are about the chat and banter! Coincidently Mr C and I were discussing this very same thing yesterday and he is now a radio 2 and five live convert, he keeps coming home with random facts about discussions he’s been listening to in his commute!

    I’ve been told to give 6 music and radio 2 a try by my much cooler and hipper London friends so I may just do this now whilst I clean the shutters in the kitchen… Middle aged? Moi? 😉


  23. I absolutely hated Chris Moyles – too full of his own ego for my liking!

    I’ve long been a 6 Music and XFM fan (are there any more of you?!) and like to think I’m fairly ‘up’ on music and have a wide range of tastes!

    As massive music fans, one of our stipulations with our car was that it came with DAB radio so that we didn’t have to just ‘put up’ with a station!

    I can see where R1 are going with Grimmy, as he fits with where they want to go with the station – he’s not to everyone’s taste (nor to mine, personally), but he’s got a tonne of celeb connections and appeals to younger people… plus I think he was always going to have a tough time with the audience after taking over from Moyles’ reigns.

    Plus, I met him at a wedding about six years ago when he wasn’t even a little bit famous, and everyone was saying that he would go on to be massively successful – I know he comes across as being a bit too laid back and clueless (!) but he must be doing something right…!


  24. I’m missing Chris Moyles an the team so much, feel like I’m in mourning. Hubby just laughs at me. Being on maternity leave I’m not really listening to the radio in the morning but once I’m back at work I will be switching to Radio 2.

  25. Wow what a huge response for the Marmite that is Chris Moyles! Personally couldn’t stand him and definitely can’t bear most of the ‘music’ they play on Radio 1 BUT Rebecca if you fall in love with 6 Music at home then you can buy separate DAB radios for the car from Halfords. Husband has just bought one as he can’t face going over to Grimmie!

    Hope you enjoy 6 – I especially love Craig Charles’ funk & soul show on a Saturday evening when I’m getting ready to go out!

  26. I too love 6 music, it’s definitely worth a listen. It’s so refreshing to hear such a wide variety of genres of music, both old and new and it has often led to the discovery of new bands that Mr K and I now love! As for the morning drive to work, I really enjoy Chris Evans on Radio 2 and his show really helps chase away the early morning blues. X

  27. 6 Music for too 🙂

    We haven’t got DAB in the car though, so I tend to listen to 5 Live. Looks like I’m on my own with that though – I love their Drive programme with Peter Allen and Assmah Mir. Peter Allen is a legend!

    I used to listen to a lot of XFM but the constant adverts ended up driving me round the bend.

  28. I could never stand Chris Moyles – but haven’t bothered trying his replacement, I think I’m probably too old!!!

    I listen to radio 4 when I’m driving to work. Often not great for the blood pressure and John Humphrys can be intensively irritating, but its rare I watch the TV news or read a newspaper so as others have said I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on in the world otherwise.

    In the evenings, cooking dinner its 6 music all the way, only recently discovered after a new DAB radio purchase but I love it and is far the best station for random listening I think.

  29. I’m also a massive Moyles fan (although I admit he’s been better in the last 5 years or so (since I’ve been at home having children) – he’s grown up with the rest of us!) miss them so much in the morning now – carpark catchphrase, golden hour, Dom’s awful weather reports! Even Tina sounds bored reading the news with Grimmy now…..I still listen to R1 (goes on when I wake up in the kitchen, and off when I go to bed) but I block out the breakfast show so maybe I should swap altogether. But I love Sara Cox (same age as me so makes me feel safe!) and Zane Lowe for new music (and he’s also “old”!). Mr F listens to R2 on his commute to station and 5live for sport but I just can’t do it. So maybe I should give 6music a go seeing as so many of you out there rate it!

  30. Chris Evans is as important to me as my morning coffee. Nothing cheers me like him and his chirpiness. Try him next week!

  31. Another vote for 6 music, especially in the morning Keavney is great. When I’m in the car I switch between radio 4 and BBC Scotland, might need to invest in a DAB for the car!

  32. Oh my god Rebecca yes. We’re the same. We tried Grimmy last week and as much as I quite like him I don’t like him at 6.30am so this week we’ve retuned to Radio 2. Been woken up by Cliff Richard and Petula Clarke so far. I’m not digging it. Might give it another go when Chris Evans is back but I really miss Moyles and the team!

  33. Wish they would start Radio 1.5 for us now deemed too old for Radio 1 but too cool for Dad music and mumblings of Radio 2. Modern music interspersed with a bit of old stuff (cos we loved Chris’s golden hour) and a place for our old friends from radio 1 to retire.
    Must confess I’ve been loving a bit of Absolute Radio 90s recently.

  34. I’ve always really liked Chris Moyles, but think I started to outgrow him in the last couple of years. My boyfriend switched our alarm clock over to 5 Live a year or so ago, and it’s one station we can agree on first thing in the morning. I really like their morning programme. Nicky Campbell can be annoying but his co-host Rachel Burden is excellent. Also like the Simon Mayo/Mark Kermode reviews on a Friday afternoon and Fighting Talk at weekends. If I’m driving in to work prefer more music but switch between about 6 different staions, can’t stand most of the morning chat and the number of ads on commercial radio is ridiculous so I’m always moving between stations. Definitely need to listen to 6 Music more often, although we only have DAB at home. Resisting the move to Radio 2 at the moment, even though i keep hearing good things!

  35. I was forced to listen to Grimmy this morning. It was actually a nightmare – stuck in a tiny hole during MRI scan and feeling semi-claustrophobic and forced to listen to Grimmy.

    I feel like I’ve cheated on Chris Moyles!

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