Pastel Pretty

Pink room // Mixed pink patterns bedroom

I would say that when it comes to colour I have a fairly clear style. Give me bright, and lots of it. Although that would clearly be overwhelming in decor form, for the everyday backdrop to my life, I’m often drawn to more soothing palettes, more recently adding pops of colour to my neutral grey home.

Pastel room with copper accents // Blush velvet cushions

What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to were subtle pastel shades. For me, they hark back to the eighties, when every well decorated house had each room in a different shade of Dulux ‘A hint of’, in cornflower blue, and similar insipid shades.

Pink ottoman

Just before Christmas however, I noticed a trend in the interiors images I was pinning. Soft shades of blush, rose and shell pink, with muted tones and textural elements drew me in with their elegant yet modern feel.

Sugar pastels // Pink and green kitchen

Alongside a predominance of pinks, restful greens appeared and my favourites combined greys and rich metallic shades of brass and copper too.

Sage green kitchen

As it is such a departure from my usual style, I thought I would share some of my favourite examples of this new trend and see what you thought. Can you see pastel shades in your home?

Minty dining room

Let me know if you’re inspired by these images or if in fact you have already decorated in pastel shades?


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6 thoughts on “Pastel Pretty

  1. Hmm, well our room’s walls are painted in mint-aqua green and we have a light pink used-to-be chimney thing (on which the TV sits now).
    But other than that we tend to go for bold and bright (apple green, yellow, turquoise blue accents (doors, a bookshelf). You can get an idea here. I quite like your inspiration, shades of light green and coral/pinks combine in a way that I tend to really like (ahem, wedding inspiration).

  2. I love these combos, so calming yet romantic too. Most of my house is neutrals with colour pops except the bedroom which is a very pale sage wall and shades of mink, beige, white as I wanted to keep it soft and relaxing! Might have to add a bit of dusky pink after seeing these mood boards though! X

  3. We painted the bedroom a pale shade of mint to go with white and turquoise accents but I have to say it was a mistake and I’m heartily sick of it.

    • Ha! (not that I’m laughing at your decor predicament!)

      It’s nice to hear a blunt opinion. I love these looks but worry if I actually persevered with them I’d be stuck with the déjà vu of the eighties that I mentioned above and go off them pronto!

  4. My house is a bit of a mixed bag, although the majority of it is bright, bold colours – green, red and turquoise in the kitchen, plum and grey in the master bedroom, lime green in the bathroom. The only room that’s a bit muted is my daughter’s room (she’s 22 months) and I painted the walls a ‘rose beige’ colour which I love.

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