Outfit inspo: J.Crew

As a follow on to last weeks post on outfit inspiration, I wanted to share another source that inspires my sartorial choices, J.Crew. Every month without fail, I wait for the ‘Looks we Love‘ edit to come out – styled looks with J.Crew pieces, mixed and matched to create unique signature looks that never fail to feel fresh.

J.Crew is a favourite for me for several reasons. 1. It’s all about the layering, so I get American style that works for British climes. 2. Even in the depths of winter, J.Crew is full of colour which keeps me cheerful, and 3. I love the quirky preppy looks. So here are the looks I’ll be taking inspiration from in the coming weeks…

J.Crew do ship to the UK, but that’s not why I have posted these today. I take inspiration from all around me and that applies to fashion too. I love that these looks feel up to date and modern, yet I’m sure you will all have pieces like this that you can use to create similar looks. This is pure fashion fun. Recreate them, rework them, enjoy them.

So, what do you think of these looks? (Draughty ankles aside!) Will you be recreating them?


3 thoughts on “Outfit inspo: J.Crew

  1. I too love JCrew (was seriously considering it for my wedding dress!) and adore the sweaters-layered-over-shirts look. Love the grey sweater with sequinny detail over the raglan sleeves and have made a mental note (or Pinterested it!) to come back to this idea when I’m not quite so preggers!

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