Nursery: And the Animals came in Two by Two…

The first nursery scheme I posted was a complete contrast to this one, Bright and Bold with neutral accents. Then I spotted and fell in love with this Animals wallpaper from Beware the Moon and had to use it as a base for a nursery mooodboard to see if I could live with the neutrals. I think with enough bright accents, I can make it work… it’s just about finding the right pieces.

I still plan to incorporate lots of brights as accents so the room doesn’t look stark, but the wallpaper was so beautiful I couldn’t let it go unused and I worried the Triangle print would be too busy and full on. This is a great way of adding pattern and texture, without making my eyes turn into triangles too!

We’re finishing the decorating this weekend so hopefully I’ll have something to show you very soon!


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8 thoughts on “Nursery: And the Animals came in Two by Two…

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see more of the nursery, how exciting. It was one of my favorite parts of the waiting.
    I absolutely love that flamingo print, maybe I will have to get just another one.
    The baby deer and fish in a water balloon are also super cute.
    I hope you are feeling well!

  2. Absolutely lovely!! I’m finding this blog very dangerous – Just looked up Beware of the Moon and have fallen for their Ostrich print…. now how to persuade the husband…?

  3. It’s fabulous. Ava loves pointing and looking at all the animals on her bedroom walls, and making all the sounds. I always talk to her about all the different animals.

    Your baby will love it.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this. So cool and sophisticated, but still totally child-friendly and fun. Can’t wait to see the finished article.

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