New House Tour: Part 2

Hello readers!
It’s time to continue my house tour. There are three floors and we’ve done the ground so lets go upstairs…

The stairs are lovely and wide and have a half turn in them on the way up, with a half landing. The first bedroom you come to is the back bedroom, or as I call it, the blue room. This is above the kitchen and has room enough for a decent double as a guest room, or will hopefully one day be the nursery! It’s already decorated in a dusty blue so we fortunately have bedding and curtains (the ones from Francesca’s old room,) all ready for it in the meantime. It the time these pictures were taken it was just a junk room, and had all the study stuff in there which we have now relocated upstairs. My Scandinavian armoire is also in there currently – something else I’m not sure where we’ll put!

Once we had cleared the boxes we used it as a guest room last weekend when Pete’s family came to stay and it looked half decent!

Next is the bathroom, and a separate toilet, that we’ll probably knock together in time. Having a separate loo is great if there’s not another one, as it relieves pressure on the bathroom, but as we do have another, the space would be better utilised for a separate bath and shower. The tiles really aren’t my choice, but it has a claw foot bath and rain shower which are nice. As a result it’s going to be a long way down the priority list and I can’t see us changing it within 3 years.

Carrying on around, our bedroom is next, above the lounge. This is probably the most tired room decor wise and fairly high on our priority list. I can’t wait to decorate it but as with most other rooms there are large jobs within the renovation which make it costly, like restoring the windows.

We also plan to knock through into the space above the hall, which (accessed from the landing,) was used as an office. We don’t need it for that and I happen to think it’ll make a great walk in wardrobe. 😉

The other room at the front is Francesca’s room. Painted a rather strong red that wouldn’t be so bad if not for the addition of the highlighted red cornice (the thought of the hours it will take to paint over that makes me feel ill!) we’re not going to redecorate while Francesca’s in it, so as not to disrupt her again, and I haven’t really got any fixed ideas for this space either. It’s a lot lighter than this picture looks now without the boxes blocking the window!

On the top floor there are another three rooms. When the previous owners bought the property many years ago, it had been in three flats and the back room, (above the blue room,) was the kitchen and bathroom for that flat.

As a result there is a newly updated and practically brand new ensuite in a rather awkward position, leaving a room that is only good for an office really. We talked about making the whole room a bathroom, but it would mean losing a bedroom and would make for a rather large bathroom, basically for guests.

Instead, I think we’ll end up relocating the ensuite to one of the other rooms, where even if we stole some extra space they would still be double bedrooms. I’d also like to make it accessible from the hall rather than as an ensuite, then it’s available for all the people on that floor to use.

2 more rooms are at the front of the house – one I call the ‘L-shaped room’ which will become a guest suite with a sleeping area, small sofa and table, tv and storage. It currently has old fitted wardrobes in that need ripping out and it’s likely we’ll have to retrofit insulation by taking down the ceiling. Currently as there are rooms in the attic space, there is no insulation and you can hear the rain on the roof so loudly it makes me worry about how thin the ceiling is!

The last room is above ours and probably the one destined to have some space stolen from it for that relocated bathroom. With the built in cupboards taken out again, there will still be space for another guest bed, or we will probably make this our office with a pull out sofa bed.

So that’s it! As you can see, we were very lucky in that everything has been maintained very soundly, but we’ve got three floors of renovation ahead of us, before we even get started on the garden! Right now, we’re trying to decide where to start – we’d love to get on with the bedroom, but we’re currently waiting on ballpark figures for the kitchen renovation which will dictate what we can and can’t do financially before then.

It’s also good to live in the house. I really feel we shouldn’t do anything until after Christmas, but we have a week of leave in November that Pete’s itching to get going on the house in. I’m going to use the weeks before Christmas to get quotes on everything and see what we’re in for, and more importantly, pull together some mood boards to share our plans with you guys!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If anyone knows anything about retrofitting insulation, I’d love to hear! I’ve heard you can possibly get government grants for this as it’s energy saving?


PS Once again please excuse the photo’s – they are a mix of hurried iPhone shots the day after we moved in and some Instagram updates since of slightly more organised rooms. I hope you get the gist! Still no camera cable 🙁

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25 thoughts on “New House Tour: Part 2

  1. Loving the house tour, I’m reading on my phone at the moment but will check out the photos properly on the laptop later. Our house was also 3 flats in the past, it means we have some crazy wiring going on and we still have a kitchen on the top floor. It looks like a wonderful family home and just the right amount of renovation to keep you busy whilst still being great to live in. We haven’t really begun any major works but have so much decorating to do so I will be checking back for ideas. I’m so unoriginal and mainly copy the Farrow and Ball catalogue!

  2. OMG. It’s just amazing – the space has so much potential… and there’s just so much of it! I’m very jealous!

    I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you’ll do to it! 🙂

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve done some work in energy efficiency measures. Generally grants have all been phased out unless you are living in fuel poverty or a very difficult to insulate home. The main method for funding the installation of energy efficient measures nowadays is the ‘Green Deal’, a government scheme that lends you the cost of installing the recommended measures. They then take repayments out of your electricity bill. This is done using a calculation saying your repayments will be less than the money saved on your energy bill from installing the measures anyway.

    Hope that’s helpful! Love the house 🙂 xx

  4. Right that’s it, I’m selling up in London and moving up North!! I (obviously!) dont know what you paid for your house but I’m pretty sure that the equivalent property down here, in a trendy area like Chorlton would be WELL in excess of a million.

    I can’t wait to see how your plans develop. You have such good taste, it’s guarenteed to look homely and stylish all in one.

    Good luck – exciting!! x

    • I’ve had a few comments like that through the blog – lots of you are obviously in London and just did a quick Rightmove search in Charlton – first place that came to mind where I know someone who lives there! Similar 6 bed Victorian semi was 200k more than we paid… of course there are much more expensive properties too but that is like for like.

      Interestingly, I wasn’t sure we got a good deal when we bought this as our first offer was accepted, although we pitched it higher then we would have done to negotiate as we wanted to secure the house. There is another house on our road the same as ours (the only other the same on the street) which was sold for 30k less last year, but was a wreck and has been taken back to brick inside. Plus there are other houses on the market locally for 100k+ more. In Didsbury it certainly would have been on a par with the price of the house in London.

      That said, I do pity people trying to move up the housing ladder in London or just get on it. It’s awful. If you don’t have a job that means you have to be there, why stay? We’re very friendly up north! 😉

      • I have a 5 year plan to get the hubby to leave London and move “up north”. The pics of your new palace are definitely helping me to make my case 🙂

  5. Rebecca your house is lovely! And I love that you are going to be blogging about house renovation and decor choices at a time when I really need it 🙂

    We are currently preparing our attic rooms for insulation but we have not taken the ceilings down, for us it’s what they call the oxter and cheek walls around the dormer windows we have removed and oh my goodness was it hard work! Is your house lath and plaster? I imagine there’s a high chance it will be. We filled about 40 blue ikea bags (way cheaper at 40p each and larger and stronger than rubble sacks!) with the remains of the walls we removed. We’ve looked into grants and there don’t seem to be any for insulation unless you are a low income household.

    Can’t wait for your next house post,
    Roz x

    ps I love that you have an L-shaped room too 🙂

    • Roz I have the greatest admiration for how much you’re doing yourself – I really don’t know if we could tackle the ceilings ourselves, but maybe we just need an idea of where to start. The attic rooms will all need skimming anyway, so it’s kind of just an extra step – maybe we can just overlay the existing plaster with insulated plasterboard. Who knows?!

      The other problem is that Pete sees it as low priority, but it’s going to be our main guest room, so I feel it’s quite important for when we have people staying… hopefully soon!

  6. I love this and, more importantly, I can’t believe how much you’ve done already and you’ve only been in a week or so!

    We’re definately moving up North, its just a matter of “when”. You’re wrong about how much your house would be in London. I think your area in Manchester is on a par with our family friendly, small village, bohoey yet yuppy Crouch End and your house here would be about £1.4 million – maybe more. Even your old house would have been around £700-£800,000k but that is because three bedroom houses are in short supply as most were converted to two bed flats in the 1970s and 1980s.

    God….I can’t wait to move up North.

  7. Hi Rebecca – I’m loving this house tour. Do we get to see the garden and cellars too?! If you’re looking to insulate, I’d start with your cellar ceiling – strip out the plaster and lath, and install Celotex PIR boards. We’ve just started work on ours – I shared a detailed plan of action on my blog yesterday, co-oncidentally. It’s very dusty work but we’re hoping for a significant reduction in our eye-watering gas bill this winter. Next job will be insulating external walls (again, with Celotex), followed by new double glazing (leaving it until last as it’s too expensive right now, we need to save up!).

  8. It looks fabulous Rebecca, you have so much scope! I absolutely agree with you about holding off re decorating for a few months at least, you really do need to live in a house before painting, get used to the light, the changing seasons, how you live in the space. We made the mistake of painting out through lounge/ dining a very dark grey as with it having two huge windows I presumed it would be bright but it isn’t apart from in summer. Now my whole house is pretty much chalky coloured to enhance the sense of space and continuity!

    You may also find you’ll use the rooms differently to what you’d expect, we have a back room which was a junk room really, I didn’t know what to do with it as it is a mezzanine to the kitchen so a bit odd. It took me about 8 years to realise that it makes the perfect utility, not a room you’d normally have upstairs but it works well! I’ve even considered plumbing the washing machine in up there, I’d prefer that to my dirty washing being done in the kitchen!

    Any way, you’re going to have a lot of fun with this house, enjoy the process! Xx

  9. What a lovely house, it’s totally my perfect house (in my dreams)! So much space and although you have work to do it is all liveable with.
    I second what Becca said about house prices. My friends bought a very similar (5 bed so slightly smaller) house in surrey 2 years ago and paid around the £1mill mark and they had a good couple of hundred k of serious renovations to do!
    Look forward to seeing all the work you do on it 🙂

  10. I am usually a lurker but today I am in a chatty mood (well actually I am procrastinating instead of writing this mind numbing thesis chapter).

    Congratulations! It is so exciting moving to a new home. I loved the decor in your previous home so I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    I moved at the end of June and I am now having so much fun adding new pieces to this home. It is new build (which means it is WARM, a must as I spent 24 years of my life living in the Caribbean; the hubby and I have thermostat wars from Sep to April haha) so I shall have to add a few statement pieces to make the rooms stand out. I shall definitely be reading your blog for inspiration.

    Oh and can I just say how much I love Florence Finds. It is just the perfect mix of everything I am interested in (career- I am a public health registrar completing a phd and the good old biological clock has started ticking for me too, fashion- your outfit posts are a treat and your gorgeous pink mulberry bayswater- OMG, family and friends- they are ALWAYS important and interiors- we girls like pretty things don’t we? and your home should always be your sanctuary). So THANK YOU for this blog and for finding the time to do it.

    • Hi CB,

      Thanks so much for leaving such a lovely comment. With the move, working full time and trying to squeeze in a life somewhere, the blog sometimes seems too much, so having someone say thank you and knowing it is appreciated means a lot. Thank YOU! x

  11. Wow! Upstairs looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate it all. Am SO jealous of the walk in wardrobe!

  12. I actually think the red cornicing doesn’t look too bad… (Sorry…) but what I really like is the idea of the walk in wardrobe -well jel!!!!

  13. The house is nice and spacious and the rooms are quite big. We are in the process of buying our fisrt home and can’t wait for the whole process to end.

    It’s definitely great to have bath and toilet separate big time. For me the most important places are the bathroom and the kitchen as these is where I tend to spent most if my time 😀

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

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