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I’ve been a-noticing recently, nails just aren’t what they used to be. They’re even better!

I’m fairly confident that I can award myself the title of nail queen. From leaving school right through to my early uni years my nails were painted 24/7 in every colour possible, then medicine and hospital hand washing rules got in the way. (Despite the fact that nail varnish has absolutely nothing to do with how much you wash your hands or how clean they are.)

Freed from the wards now, I’ve been getting back into nails in a big way over the last year or so, and quite topically after this morning’s discussion, I thought I’d do a round up of nail trends I’ve been spotting.

You see, it’s no longer enough (and I say that of course with a pinch of salt,) to simply have painted nails. They must be the latest shades like blues, greens and neon, have contrasting tips, stripes or ring finger accents. And then there’s, *gasp* glitter!

Once upon a time I thought these trends were so lacking in cool (remember nail art and hideous acrylics with piercing and a diamantΓ©? And when blue nail polish was so your-ten-year-old-self?) but now I’m all for experimenting. It’s funny how things change πŸ™‚

Turquoise with china glitter
Space Nails (DIY)
Red and coral mani (how do you like the zip transfer?)
Sparkled Apricot nails – Cupcakes and Cashmere (DIY)
Galaxy nails – A Cup of Jo (DIY)
Grey and gold sparkle fade tips via Pinterest
I love these Deborah Lippman glitter top coats and this baby blue one is perfect for spring – Kellie Gonzo
Gold leaf manicure – The Beauty Department (DIY)
Faded neon Tips – High Fashion Magazine
Yellow neon ‘V’ nails –

So today I was wondering… What do you think about all the new nail trends we’re seeing, are you game? Or too many memories of the 90’s?!


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34 thoughts on “Nails #trending…

  1. I like it! However, having only just mastered the standard painting of my nails at the grand old of age of 29, this might be a bit high-level for me. I have got the Leighton Danny drops though, so you never know….!

  2. I do love a glitter tip and a contrasting ring finger! Been doing the latter ever since I spotted it on Kelly Rowland during the last series of X Factor. I have to confess though that some types of nail art are a little bit much for me – I prefer the quirky-but-simple designs to the overly elaborate ones.

    I did try the neon and nude french manicure the other week, but disappointingly it just made my fingers look odd – maybe my nails were too short?

  3. I want neon v’s on my nails. Right now. So yeap, definitely loving the new trends. But maybe not the glitter ones!


  4. I love it, im disgusted to admit I was a biter till I reached my 20’s. Since I stopped my nails are perfectly groomed, I would never be seen with chiped polish !!

  5. erm. Possibly my fave FF post EVER!

    I don’t do fake nails, long nails or pointy nails, I don’t love classic French and I’m scared of that flamboyant intricate nail art you see in those scary techy, nail salons, but I LOVE all colours, a modern take on French, short squoval nails, graduated colours, assorted colours, glitter (makes a mani last WEEKS!), and understated nail art (teeny tiny polka dots or stripes or weeny little bows).

    Models Own has a wicked little nail art pen and I use it to do little polka dots and stripes on a pastel background. Rimmel nail polishes last the longest with Essie coming a close second.

    I love that pastels are back – I have fond memories of collecting Hard Candy polishes with my paper round money way back in 1993-ish. In fact i even posted about them last summer:

    I literally feel naked without my nails done. I’m sure my nails are in a hideous condition (in fact i know they are) but I can’t bear to have naked nails!

    Also, pretty nails brighten up my boring keyboard in between doses of FF each day and keep me happy… so really they’re good for my health. Right?

  6. Another one who was in love with polishes as a teenager (I had a shoebox stuffed with every colour under the sun!) but then went off them as I got a bit older and have only just started getting back into them again (mainly helped by the fact that I have a subscription to Glamour magazine and the free gift with it is often a Nails Inc polish -have loads of them now!) I’m not a great one for bizarre colours/glitters etc on my hands (I do so much typing and handwashing I find it hard to keep my fingernails immaculate so prefer to stick to very pale/nude so it’s not too obvious when it chips!) but I LOVE wild and crazy colours on my toes!! Current craze is Boots 17 ‘Wave’ which is a gorgeous turquoise, topped with silver crackle effect. LOVE. IT.

    And I love that Deborah Lipman glitter one!! Where is that stocked?

  7. Hello from the “other Marlene” !!!
    Victoria – they say “naked nails” are bad nails, its not good for you nails to be gloss, hardner, polish etc free!

    Anita – I too love Nails Inc – their top coat, quick dry is amazing!

    Yesterday I ordered Chanel April and June nail polish… will give you the verdict soon!

    • well – there you go. Now I feel fully justified. Hopefully someone will unveil research someday soon suggesting that cake is actually a necessary health food. Although, we already know that calories consumed off other people’s plates/whilst standing up/directly from the fridge aren’t in any way fattening or bad for you, so cake in those situations is practically a health food, right?

    • I saw a few of these when I was browsing and left them out, I’m not sure about when they’re stuck to the edges of the nail and make it look like they’re untidy! (Perfectionist over here!)

      BUT I reckon they would be awesome for a special accent or tips or something… πŸ™‚

      • Yes not sure how wearable they are in real life but I really want to try them! I spend ages fussing over making my nails perfect but you know no-one else ever gets close enough to notice!

        • OMG – I need to try that! I’d prefer it if they called them “sprinkles” nails though, like hundreds and thousands rather than fish eggs. Caviar is yum, but sprinkles are pretty! πŸ™‚

  8. Ok. Quick nail decoration question. What’s everyone’s take on fingers and toes? Matchy matchy or different?

    • different, preferably clashing. But for some reason I don’t like “cold” colours on toes – blues and greens on toes make me think of dead bodies for some reason… strangely on hands they don’t!

    • I agree with Vic, no cold colours on toes – I tend to vary the colours, if I’m going on holiday and want to keep it simple, or if I’m going to a wedding for example, I’ll match. But my toes last up to 3-4 weeks usually, and my fingers are re-done weekly so week to week there’s always a difference.

  9. Never has a blog post made me want to change my career so badly. I envy every single one of you who gets to wear polish daily and keep it chip free. I have tried gel, which is amazing at work but it destroys my nails so I have given up. When you only get one day off at a time it’s just not worth the effort.

    I adore that Deborah Lipman one, and the multi coloured caviar – and I’m a perfectionist too Rebecca!

    I have a few questions for you trendy lot…..
    1. How do you do the fine stripes? Steady hand & fine brush?
    2. I always think some colours look dreadful on my hands – is this to do with my skin tone & poor circulation? Blue sadly makes me look dead. I’d love some advice on colours that suit your skin, or should I just say stuff it and wear whatever I want?
    3. Will you Manchester ladies still talk to me on Sunday if my nails aren’t painted? IUnless there is a small miracle, there will be no time for polish.

    Finally, thank you Victoria for reminding me of Hard Candy…..I LOVED it and also had my own little pastel collection.

    Yours, Envious of Chorlton xx

    • Aww Becky!

      You can do stripes with nail art pens, or mask off bits of your nails (which is how the pro’s do it) or in the case of my tipped nails, just a steady hand and a cotton bud to hand with some remover on it to tidy up surrounding skin!
      I think you should wear what you like.
      Of course we’ll talk to you!

      Can’t wait to see you πŸ™‚

      big love xo

  10. The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that I used the same picture twice here! Doh!

    That means I missed out a favourite pic that I wanted to share – the gold leaf mani DIY by TBD – I’ve posted the link and image on the FF Facebook page if you want to go and look πŸ™‚


  11. Oh my… I really really want the Space Nails! I’m rubbish at painting my nails (fingers, my toe nails are always painted), but this article really makes me want to try πŸ˜€

  12. I have to admit, I am lazy with my nails. Firstly because I work in a lab and long nails are not advised, as they rip the sexy latex gloves and expose your fingers to chemicals and all the jazz. So my nails are necessarily short.

    Also I work part-time as a swimming teacher, and I don’t know what chemicals are in that pool, but I can go in with a full manicure and 4 hours later, my nails are utterly naked. Luckily tomorrow is my last day teaching, so I might soon be able to maintain a manicure for more than a few days!

    Where do these nail art pens come from? I am intrigued.

    K x

  13. I’m 41 so have to avoid anything that might make me look as if I think I’m 15. So most nail effects. I go for low maintenance nude during the week and then at weekends I have dark red/navy/greeny-bronze/navy in the winter and coral/bronze/greeny-bronze in the summer. I do like the nails that look like the universe though and the ones with gold scattered at the top.

    I’m vehemently anti matchy-matchy nails and fingers but I do like kind of toning – so citrus orange toes and coral fingers for instance. Or glittery teal toes (which I emphatically can NOT get away with on my fingers) and navy fingers.

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