My Month

It’s only the 29th but it’s time to share a bit of behind the scenes action with you from my month, captured on I’ve been working so much this month that I haven’t had as much to share with you, but I hope you enjoy them all the same.

(Don’t forget, you’ve already seen lots of my Instagram pics in my Nottinghill, Shoreditch and Hoxton Hotel reviews…)

  • How I spend my Saturday mornings… Yes, I’m still going to Brit Mil Fit. Yes, it’s still great 🙂 No, I haven’t lost any weight. Hmph.
  • My lap cat (not the one who pees on the carpet.)
  • Planning our trip to London on the back of a kitchen mag on the train down.
  • Nail trends a la Florence: Paint your ring finger a contrasting (or toning) colour and last weekend’s lilac tips.
  • Summer sunshine brings salad in our house. This one was BBQ-ed chinese marinated chicken, with orange pieces and lemon creme fraiche. I think it needed some pine or walnuts…
  • My new sex-pert status as Laura Lawson said on Twitter
  • Have you had a creme egg yet?
  • Cupcakes for Mother’s day on Beech Road, Chorlton. Possibly the prettiest I’ve ever seen and easy to DIY I reckon!
  • Tulips, with pink popping against my grey walls.
  • The Red trousers are out again…

How has your month been?


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16 thoughts on “My Month

  1. I do look forward to your ‘my month’ posts. I think it’s such a great idea. You’ve inspired me to do the same for a friend who’s living in the USA. Your summer salad looks scrummy.

  2. Right that’s it – im having an M&S salad for my lunch today. Possibly with cake afterwards!
    Have had a uber busy month with work and what not, though I am tres excited for my weekend which sees the first wedding for me of 2012 and the famed FF Afternoon Tea. Weeeee!


    Ps. Am going to test out painting the ring finger a different colour for this weekend!

  3. I’m obsessed with your “contrasting ring finger” manicure. I copied it the other day (pale green nails with a hot pink accent, topped with glitter) and after a looooooong, intense(ly boring) meeting two middle aged, male partners came bustling in to my office. The conversation went like this:

    Partner 1: V why is that one finger different?

    Me: dunno – Fashion I suppose. I copied it off a blog. Anyway, this action point from the meeting….

    Partner 2: ( to P1) SEE!!!! I told you it was a fashion thing. (to me) He just wouldn’t believe me. He thought there was a meaning.

    Partner 1: Yes, but why THAT finger?

    Partner 2: It’s a special finger, right V?

    Me: uh, yeah – well I assume so… if you have to pick a special finger, I suppose that’s it? Anyway… this action…

    Partner 1: no time, no time, must dash, can we catch up another time?

    Partner 2: (bustling out the door and whispering to P1) see, I told you it was the latest fashion thing…

    So there you have it! FF – educating middle aged men in the latest nail trends, when they don’t have time for actual proper work!

    • This is fascinating isn’t it – I mean, why do men get interested in this stuff?

      The same manicure, although in reverse, pink with a mint green ring finger has caused quite a disturbance at my BMF class amongst the middle aged men too.


      But loving the ‘reach’ of FF!


      • I love it too – I should have sent them a link to the blog, but they get scared of online stuff (“don’t you get p£rvs harrassing you?”, one once asked me to “upload something to Google”…. bless. I asked him to send it to me and I’d take care of it.)

        I love that we walked away from an intense business meeting and all they cared about was my nail art. And they cared enough about it to have discussed at length, to the point of disagreement and then had to come and ask me for clarification.

        On another level, it’s less great that all they see me as is a set of nails, but hey ho…. 🙂

  4. I must admit, thanks to your London trip being blogged on here, when I was there earlier this week I ‘manovered’ a trip to Portabello Market and hunted down the Hummingbird Bakery. And the cupcakes were totally worth it!

    My month will be a bit crazy workwise, but then I have a week off before starting a new job 😀 And of course the FF Afternoon Tea this Sunday 🙂

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