Musical Discoveries – September

Good afternoon, Findettes! I’m very excited this month as I have just had my pop concert cherry well and truly popped by Lady Gaga in London this weekend. At the time of writing I can only imagine what this will involve. Glitter cannons and hotpants abound!

I love this time of year, still a bit of summer giving us a cheeky wink, boots and jackets in the shops, crunchy leaves just around the bend. Slightly less fun (in my opinion anyway) are the students flooding back to party, but that does mean most towns and cities will have a revved up roster of great bands and DJs for the Autumn term (even if there is a bigger queue for the bar). Check your listings! And then wrap your ears around this month’s best new music….


Jessie Ware – Devotion

There’s been a lot of hype around this young lady recently, flying in off the back of some excellent dubby, clubby remixes. All that sort of thing makes me feel horrendously old and out of touch, so it’s great to find her debut album is actually a smooth, soulful collection of pop songs not a million miles away from sultry eighties cocktail-hour legend Sade. Luscious stuff, perfectly suited to days in the lazy, hazy September sun.

Nife – Chemicals

It’s been so long since I’ve been obsessed with a pure guitar rock album but argh, I just can’t stop listening to this. Singer Nicky has an impassioned howl to die for and an armoury of snakey, smokey riffs that are nothing short of intoxicating. This will get compared to PJ Harvey or even Muse, but in terms of sheer range and power it reminds me most of Jeff Buckley at his most rocking. Accessible with edge. Love it.


Finally, I was going to keep this track on my own blog as a dirty little pop secret, but three weeks after I first heard it and it’s still running round my head like a beautiful disease. I had to share it with the Findettes. Grasp the last threads of summer people – sing along!


PS Find Penny on her blog Bad Penny Says, or @TokaiPenny.

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7 thoughts on “Musical Discoveries – September

  1. I’ve been listening to On With My Bad Self since Penny posted it on her blog. It is so very earwormy and cool. I just think everyone should get the line “one with my bad self” stuck in thier head once in a while.

    I’d not heard Jessie Ware and now have no idea why, as this is right up my street. I am loving the resurgance in electronic music/ dance/ this-kind-of-thing-that-reminds-me-of-a-lot-of-the-cool-stuff-that-came-out-when-I-was-about-twenty at the moment (see my current slight OBSESSION with Grimes who is worth going to see live. Seriously)

    Penny has such good taste in music. I love these music posts.

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