Musical Discoveries: March

Good day to you Findinos (I can call you this as I have just got back from holidaying in Italy and am quite the expert), today we have a first in that all our picks for this month are singles! It’s rare that we have a month of artists releasing album teasers of quite this calibre, so I’m cashing in and filling up Rebecca’s beautiful website with hideous Youtube embeds and lots and lots of excitement. Are you giddy yet? You should be…

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (from forthcoming album The 20/20 Experience)

Pop star/actor, actor/pop star, what is it about those celebs that flip between the two that makes us think they’re crap at both? Regardless of what you think about JT’s gifts (and let’s admit it, that face is a gift, regardless of what’s coming out of his cakehole) his new single is here. JT has stated in the press that he’s now heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and other prog rock – yes really – but the only evidence of this here is that the song is over eight minutes long. However, this means that it is Very Serious Music and we should sit up and pay attention. I’m slightly upset by Mirrors, irrespective of Justin’s impressive length, because Timbercheeks used to release terrifically sexy, clever, groove-laden songs and this all sounds a bit R ‘n B lite. Like something Bieber would do. The last four minutes are fair enough, but really they’re just all noodles stuck on the end. This is the second song released off the new album, and I’m still holding my breath for the Big Bootyshaking Single. I have faith though, come on Justin.

Phoenix Entertainment

For those of you sitting there thinking you’ve never listened to a song by Phoenix, if you’ve ever heard any incidental music on E4 then you’re almost certainly mistaken. These French pop pixies make super-smart indie music with throbbing great catchy bits that spin you round like a relentlessly cheerful carousel until you have to get off and throw up. But in, like, a really, super-good way. The new one is all classic Phoenix bouncing verses, paired with a crashing great chopsticks-style hook that’ll get the festival crowds jumping from May through to September. New album promises to be great fun, even if some of their earlier subtlety is slowly being bled out in favour of this type of instant sugar rush.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

I like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because they somehow manage to be interesting and hugely accessible all at the same time. Plus, I always want to look at what Karen O is wearing and what her hair’s doing, and it’s nearly always something amazing. They had promised that their new album would take us back to their more simple, lo-fi roots, but as there appears to be a gospel choir on the end of this, I’d say that’s likely to be a load of tosh. Great song though. (and if you’re interested we’re talking blonde bob and 1970s rodeo cowgirl for this record – outstanding effort as ever, Ms O).

David Bowie The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Ah, it’s another pop star/actor, actor/pop star dichotomy! But we always let Bozzer get away with it don’t we? Because he’s a living legend that’s why. This is off the new (new!) Bowie record which should be out by the time you read this, and already has critics dribbling into their iMacs and making the keys all sticky with how good it is. I won’t profess to be an expert of his oeuvre (I didn’t object to Black Tie White Noise era Dave – apparently this means I‘m a philistine) but I will say that this has everything you could wish for from a Bowie song – it’s cool as ice with a nice edge of menace and please watch the video because Tilda Swinton is in it being absolutely batshit bonkers and it’s insanely fab.

That’s it for this month my lovelies, please let us know what you think of this little hit parade in the comments – whether you think Justin’s a joke, Bowie’s past it, or just really really want to be a 1970s rhinestone cowgirl (I know I do). And, naturalmente, let us know what you’ve been listening to!

PS! Find Penny at her new blog: All We Need is Radio Gaga or on Twitter @TokaiPenny

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8 thoughts on “Musical Discoveries: March

  1. I am deeply disappointed with both Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child’s returns as they are DULL. DULL, DULL, DULL.

    I’m listining to Solange instead and waiting (still) for the album that is meant to come this year, please.

    Phoenix claim they are going back to thier roots and being less pop but I see no evidence of that (and to be honest I really don’t mind) I love them being back. They make me bounce.

    The return of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is also cause for excitement and they have lived up to the hype I made for them in my own head which is excellent. David Bowie is David Bowie and I love him and I love Tilda Swinton and though I’m happy as I am a bit of me always wishes I could be her when I grow up – have you seen Thumbsucker? She is amazing in it and it has an Elliot Smith/Polyphonic Spree soundtrack and Keanu Reeves.

    I am liking Tom Odell when he is less overwrought at the moment. M sent me a link to this and it was kind of cool (this is a better version than the recorded one as well).

    • You must be the third or fourth person who has mentioned Thumbsucker – I need to see this!

      I’m really excited by Solange, and feel a bit sad that I won’t be in the market for any of her summer festival appearances – bet she’s a blast live. I would like her hair too. So much cooler than Boncy.


  2. I’ve just listened to all of these as I write up notes from a huge meeting, boring admin!
    Loving Phoenix, hadn’t heard of them and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of my all times favourites. When I’m home alone I like to play them loud and strut about like I’m Karen O (in my head!). Not impressed with this JT song, pretty bland. Liking the Bowie one though.

  3. Linsey if you like the sound of Phoenix you should definitely check out their other records – the most recent two (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Napoleon Says) are particularly ace. Actually, United is great too – I only don’t like Alphabetical so much because it’s not as upbeat…. argh, you should just listen to the singles. And everything. And then go and see them live – they’re so good.


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