Musical Discoveries: February

Penny’s back today and I for one am excited… you’ll have to read on to find out why, but Penny has given a nod to one of my favourite bands (and albums) of all time.. sound track to my youth and all that, that I still regularly have on repeat in my house. Love it Penny, as always.

Good day to you Findettes! I am pleased to report that, somehow, we have made it through to February. I looked out of the window the other day and actually saw the sun in the sky. We’re nearly there! I hope your resolutions are going well. Mine was to resume public blogging, which I have been doing over on my new blog All We Need is Radio Gaga. The good news is that 2013 is already looking corking good for tunes, and I had to trim down a huge list of really fabulous albums this month to bring you the following top picks…

Tegan & Sara – Heartthrob

Latest sounds by Tegan and Sara

Some people like it when bands get all introspective and serious about their art. I like it more when formerly “proper” bands throw everything out of the window for the sake of a truly amazing chorus. Writing brilliant pop music is so, so much harder to do then writing something obscure in a funny time signature that lonely smelly men will buy on £50 German import and never open the shrink wrap on for fear of lessening the resale value. It really is. Because music is about joy, not scoring points. This record is Canadian sisters Tegan & Sara moving away from their quirky indie roots and stepping up to the plate to write an album so full of twinkling electronic pop joy that you can imagine Kylie listening to it in her car on a sunny day. Is it disposable? Maybe. But what’s bad about that when it sounds so good?

Local Natives – Hummingbird

Hummingbird by Local Natives

There are some areas of modern music that I feel a bit socially awkward around. The corner of the music party where the Fleet Foxes/Arcade Fire fans are hanging out is just not somewhere I’ve been. It’s not that I don’t want to go over there, with all their flutes and the photo shoots in the desert with the animal masks, it’s just that I always assume I don‘t have anything to say about these bands. I put Local Natives in the same group, as a band that might require me to have some sort of permanent Instagram filter over my life before I could listen to. It is simply by chance that I’ve stumbled across their new record and even though it sounds so unbelievably indie (or psych-folk or whatever) it is actually really good and swooping and lush and lovely. I wouldn’t listen to it to get pumped to go out for a night dancing or anything, but a cup of coffee and the Sunday papers on a February morning – yes. Maybe I’ll go and stand in the corner at the party next time. I hope they don’t mind that I don’t have a beard or a vintage tea-set.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours [35th Anniversary 3CD Deluxe Edition]

There is nothing I can say about this, other than the fact that they are touring this year and here is this reissue of an incredible album that has sold over 40 million copies, and, and, and, there is no more excuse I need to bang on about Fleetwood Mac. The Fleetwood Mac Rumours reissue (three disc edition) includes the album and some other gubbins like live stuff and B-sides, and blah blah look at the video of them playing Don’t Stop live in 2007! There’s a marching band! And look at Stevie Nicks, she looks like she’s been frozen in time and I’m not sure how she can open her mouth to sing! You could be there and you could see all this too!

So how are you doing, Findettes? Heard anything good lately? Wanna tell me how good Arcade Fire really are? Hands poised over the keyboard to book Fleetwood tickets the second they go on sale? Hit me up in the comments…


PS! Find Penny at her new blog: All We Need is Radio Gaga or on Twitter @TokaiPenny

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24 thoughts on “Musical Discoveries: February

  1. My husband surprised me with Fleetwood Mac tickets as a valentines present. (He couldn’t wait until Valentines day to tell me because he was so excited!) He is the best husband in the world ever. Hearing Landslide live will make my entire life!

  2. Erm, I was one of the lucky peeps that got Fleetwood Mac tickets and OH MY FREAKING HOLY GOD I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    Will now be humming Don’t Stop for the rest of my day and annoying my work friends!


  3. I love Tegan and Sara! And your taste in music is always great. Penny, I can not access your new blog, the link goes to a wordpress page that says the blog does not exist?

  4. I’ve been listening to Heartthrob and liking the shimmery shiny tunes that are making me smile a lot. I’d ignored Local Natives as I did not think they would be very me* and because I am obsessed with female vocalists at the moment (Solange, Laura Mvula – though some stuff is bit drippy-, Angel Haze, Tegan and Sara) but they seem good from the snippet I’ve heard here so maybe I should give them a chance. I also think M would love them so I’ll see if he’s paid them any attention yet!

    *Despite us having all of the Arcade Fire albums. I see Arcade Fire as more of an M band than a me band mostly but some songs I love – The Suburbs album was great in my opinion. I’ve never got Fleet Foxes though.

    Also Fleetwood Mac!

    • I didn’t think they would be me either, the only thing separating them from a lot of similar sounding artists is (I think ) the songcraft. It’s just a great record, substance over style.

      LOVE Solange btw. That single last year was insane. Has she got more stuff out yet?


  5. Not sure it’s the point of this post but it just prompted me to youtube some Arcade Fire! I think their ‘big’ songs are great (like Keep the Car Running) but as whole albums go I’m not sure, it all goes a bit weird at times.

    Weirdly not commuting means I have more time for music listening. Hubby would play exclusively 80s big hair rock in the car if he had his way but I couldn’t really handle it at 6.30am so we listened to a lot of talky radio and Johnny Cash. I’ve been listening to the Strokes again recently, great for singing and dancing along to when you’re doing the dishes 🙂
    Also discovered a new band called Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher (catchy!), probably a bit folky for your tastes Penny but they do lots of instrument swapping and are great live.

    Love the new blog too!

    • I always forget how good the Strokes are, that first album was immaculate. I am resolved to listen to Arcade Fire now, and I will definitely be checking out AMWW&F….not entirely averse to folky modern things and have recently been impressed by Fossil Collective who you should definitely track down if you haven’t already .


  6. Tegan and Sara are brilliant! We saw them live last year and they were fantastic. I’m quite scared to say I don’t know if I could name a Fleetwood Mac song. Maybe I’d know one if I heard it?? *hangs head in uncool shame*

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