Moving Day…


Hello readers!

I fully intended to have a Friday frock for you all today then as I looked around last night amongst the boxes Pete had already packed up the wifi kit and I couldn’t do it so apologies for that.

Today is moving day. I can’t quite believe we got here. Last night I counted 98 boxes. We shared fish & chips and prosecco on the floor after a last flurry of packing and after a lot of sadness as we close this door, I’m finally feeling ready to open the next one. Wish us luck readers!


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10 thoughts on “Moving Day…

  1. Good luck Rebecca and Pete! Hope today goes as smoothly as possible and you have a productive weekend, so by Monday you start to feel a bit settled. My advice would be to get your bedroom sorted asap with the pictures and everything up, so that you have a sanctuary to retreat to when the mess gets too much to handle. It makes waking up in a new place that much nicer too!


  2. Yay! Happy moving day. It sounds like you’re pretty organised so I’m sure it’ll go smoothly. Looking forward to seeing the new place on the blog.

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