GIVEAWAY: Moonfruit


It’s almost 2 years since the launch of Florence Finds now and 2 things I have definitely found to be true: 1. Design is everything and 2. Great images are key to growing your readership. As a result, when Moonfruit contacted me to share their services and offered to give away a Max package membership (worth £25/month) and fancy camera to a lucky reader, I pretty much jumped, knowing there were many of you who would love to win a prize like that!

So who are Moonfruit? Having done most of the work on FF myself, I didn’t know there were any great services like this around and if I was starting out afresh or a little less handy with web design, I would be jumping at their packages. Sometimes the only thing keeping you from getting started or upgrading your design is a lack of time and knowledge! Moonfruit are the UK’s leading DIY website building platform and their standard package is totally free, but with their premium packages you can make some pretty spectacular site designs, all of which are tablet and mobile-friendly. Plus you can find some genius tips for your website and business on their blog here.

As I said before, great images are key to growing your readership, with Moonfruit’s Lightbox image gallery, you can showcase your photos and creative work via their pre-designed templates, and it’s really easy to share your content on social platforms straight from your website. I do so much online now that feeds into Florence Finds; just look at the way I could create moodboards for the room sets I planned last month, get all of you to offer your advice and then buy the whole lot online!

But let’s get to the nitty gritty here. The lucky winner will receive:

  • Moonfruit membership to create a shiny new website on their Max premium package worth £25 a month
  • A Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30E-K Bridge Camera – Black

All you have to do is:
Leave a comment below telling me why you would love a shiny new site from Moonfruit and what you would like to take photographs of with the fabulous camera on offer.
*Bonus entry methods*

  • Follow @moonfruit on Twitter leave your user name in a comment below
  • Tweet the following phrase on Twitter and leave me a comment saying you have done so: “Win a camera and new website from @Moonfruit on @FlorenceFinds”
  • Like Moonfruit on Facebook and leave me a separate comment below saying you have done so.

I’m really excited to hear what you would do with the camera and how you would improve your existing site, or maybe this is the push you need to create a new site?
Either way, get those entries in!!


*The giveaway will close in two weeks on Wednesday 21st August at 12 midnight. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

*This post and giveaway is sponsored by Moonfruit.

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637 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Moonfruit

  1. Hell yes I want to win this. I’d probably use the camera to take pictures of my AMAZEBALLS holiday and maybe (say it quietly) start a travel blog. The image centre would come in very handy!

  2. I’d love to win this!! Baby is due TODAY and could really do with a fab camera to capture all his first milestones when he arrives! Have also been thinking of starting a blog to share baby life with my family and friends doted about the earth!! 🙂 xxx

  3. I’ve spent the last seven years of my life trying to get a PhD. Peppered by hard times, I’m nearly at the end of what feels like a mammoth committment and starting to turn my eye to something more creative to fill my time (and fulfil) once it’s done. I want to get more into landscape photography and start a little blog to track my progress. This would the ideal incentive to get me started… I’d love that camera!

  4. I have wanted a DSLR for ages, but I’ve been kind of afraid of the expenditure in case I found it too hard to use. This camera seems like a perfect choice! I’ve been thinking about starting a food blog for ages but would want to post good quality images and if I had this I would have no excuse not to…

  5. Wow. What a brilliant prize and also thanks for the intro to moonfruit, I love blogging but know my pics let me down and we had to sell our dslr just before baby 2 arrived and my photo skills were just improving!
    Tweeted and liked on fb 😀

  6. Interesting post Rebecca – I didn’t even realise moonfruit existed! I would love to win a shiny new camera (and site) to help take my blog to the next level 🙂

  7. Oooh love this Rebecca!

    I have big plans lined up for The Mrs Makes and is all ready to launch (Etsy shop included) but I feel like my blog design could let all my hard work down big time. and that would just be rubbish.

    I’d love to be able to take some decent pictures of my products for my Etsy shop to go with a shiny new blog 🙂

    L x

  8. I’d love to win this! I’ve been working hard on my own blog for a while, but I’d love to create a stylish portfolio for my professional work – and this would be perfect! A fancy camera would mean I could start adding images to my blog that I’ve created, rather than using stock images all the time.

  9. Oh I would so so love this! Wine and Olives needs a bit of a makeover, and lack of time and funds makes that difficult. Having the camera and Moonfruit membership would mean I could definitely give Wine and Olives the upgrading it deserves. Thanks!

  10. Ooh, a moonfruit membership would be the push I need to get my little blog off the ground! So far it’s a name and lots of posts but my desire to make it beautiful and not knowing how to is holding me back!
    I would LOVE a proper camera for photos of my 15 week old which have so far been iPhone only….and I really want to learn something new while on maternity leave.
    Followed on Twitter: @SarahvKilcoyne and liked on Facebook

  11. Man I could use this! Even after falling down a black hole of html and css when I tried to revamp my blog, it still doesn’t look quite like I’d ideally want it to.

    Plus, after an unfortunate ‘dropping expensive camera while getting out of taxi a tiny bit tipsy’ incident, I’m kind of in the market for a new camera…

  12. Hi Rebecca, this is an amazing giveaway!

    I would love to win the Moonfruit membership to help me take the blog I write with my friend to the next level. So far we’ve pretty done everything ourselves from scratch in a trial and error (lots of errors) way. Neither of us have any design experience, so this would be beyond helpful and exactly what we need! Even if we don’t win thanks for the introduction to them will definitely be checking them out further!!

    As for the camera that would be amazing too, I’m currently rocking a hand me down from my sister which is a little ropey! This camera would be a dream!

    Love your blog!


  13. I’ve just in the process of moving my fledgling etsy business onto the next stage and would love a subscription to do so. The camera would be great so I could retake all my product shots, my iphone just doesn’t cut it anymore!

  14. I had to enter this!! I’ve been dying to revamp the blog and turn it from a template into something that’s more original and removes plenty of template features that niggle me on a daily basis but I don’t have time to sort out. Moonfruit sounds like a clever concept so I’ll have to check what packages are available if I’m not the chosen one.

    As for the camera, I’d love to practice more creative angles and I reckon a new camera might just give me the motivitation I need to actually get out there and do it. I take pictures so often with my current camera that it’s already looking a bit tired so I don’t know if it would cope!

    I’m about to do the extra entries 🙂 – Twitter @ThisCityLifeLdn


  15. Hi Rebecca,

    I am new to your blog and think it’s really beautiful. I have been desperate to start my own blog for over a year and have been doing a huge amount of research (basically looking at loads lovely blogs for inspiration – it’s been hard work!) but in all seriousness I have also been using every excuse under the sun about why I haven’t started one!

    I think a huge barrier to starting a blog is the fear of the unknown…at first I just thought a blog would be fun and coming from St. Lucia in the Caribbean it would be a great way to share life in the UK with friends and family…it has now become a mental block and this AMAZING prize would be the perfect kick up the bum to get going!!

    I just had to enter this giveaway – so pleased I’ve discovered your lovely blog!

    Jade xx

    I’ve liked on Facebook, followed on twitter @McShane82

  16. I’d love to win this! I’m leaving my current job to embark on 4 years back at school so I can re-train as a midwife. I’ve had a pretty fraught few months making big decisions and turning my life upside down (but for the better…eventually) so would love to win as a little treat for myself. x

    • Also – (should have included this in my above comment – silly me) I’m planning on setting up a website for fellow student midwifes to share thoughts, worries, experiences and ideas, so a Moonfruit package would be a DREAM for a website novice like myself! Alice x

  17. This prize would be a dream come true! I’ve been trying to get my little blog and knitted goods shop off the ground for a couple years while working a soul-crushing office job. I’ve learned what design skills I can from online tutorials but don’t always have the time to really dig in and take it where I dream of going! As for the Lumix, what wouldn’t I love to shoot with it!? Definitely lots of knitted goods and other creative projects and processes!

    Thank you :0)

  18. I have always dismissed myself as being “non-arty” but I’m enjoying doing #augustbreak so much, I think I’d like to explore photography a bit more.

    I’ll do both Twitter things but I don’t do Facebook, sorry.

  19. Wow. What an amazing prize. I’d love a dslr of my own. My husband has one but I never get to play with it.

    I didn’t know companies like Moonfruit existed. Maybe they could turn me from a blog reader to a blogger!

    I’ve twitter followed (@ninja_doc)

  20. I would love to win this! My laptop broke a while ago so all my Creative Suite programmes are gone and after three years of the same design, my blog is due for an upgrade (experimenting with the sidebar at the moment). As for the camera, I’d use it to support my fledgling photography hobby/freelancing 🙂

  21. Wow, amazing giveaway! I’d love to win these since I’m working on my first blog (Not Quite a Strudel) – have got as far as registering the name and I’ve been spending time swotting up in web design before kicking it off but it’s been slow and painful and it would be AWESOME to have help.

    Ditto the camera as I’ve taken a food photography course and realised how basic my current one is!

    I’ve also done both twitter actions (@melanietgilmore) and liked on fb (Melanie Tara Gilmore).

    Fingers crossed!

  22. Wow – what a prize! I have never heard of Moonfruit!

    I would also love to enter! The membership to Moonfruit would be great for me as I further develop my current online business. It would be great to get their tips etc

    With the camera – well where do I start…I would use it both for personal use and business. I also have a little bubba on the way and would love to document this with beautiful photography!

    Off to like on twitter now!

    Thanks FF!


  23. id love to win im having a baby soon would be good for her first christmas with the family! very excited/nervous!! 😀

  24. This would be brilliant.. I am looking for a new company to use to build a website for a friend ( Moonfruit would be perfect and the camera to take pics of all my products… and this would save me loads .. oh please can I win !! 🙂 My current tool I use for building does not give me the shopping experience I wanted…

  25. I want a lovely new site to make it easier to navigate around

  26. I would love this DSLR camera, I’ve been wanting to get into photography for a while now, but only been able to afford cheap digital cameras. I have a baby due in september and I want to be able to capture all of her special moments!

  27. This camera would mean the world to me. I would love to win this camera because I really want to start making short films

  28. I’ve always wanted a quality camera, I always have to use my phone for photos but i want something PROPER…
    Also going to America next year, and I can’t go to America without a camera, right ?

    I’ve tweeted also @jamiec1112

  29. I’d like to make an illustrated blog showing how I am selling my various possessions, acquired over the years, in order to a) pare down my cluttered lifestyle and b) raise some money to pay for the basics. A late life bid for miniamlism.

  30. My next door neighbour runs a doggy daycare so I would gift her the website and together we’d play around helping her business along. I have a beautiful working cocker dog who I can never quite capture so maybe a better camera would help and of course loads of pictures of my son and family.

  31. Would love to win it for my city break to Budapest this Semptember. Hope to take some stunning photos of the city.

  32. I would love to use this to take beautiful photos of the area that I live in and the sea at daybreak. My camera is dying at the moment and the sea is beckoning for more photos. Oh and my 4 cats love posing for photos too!!!!

    Great competition btw

  33. I might use the site to start a blog, and the camera to take pictures for it.

  34. Dropped my camera whilst cycling and smashed it, could do with a new one!

    Followed/Tweeted – MatMitchell30

  35. Would love so much to win this for my daughter. She is an amazing artist and we have convinced her she should start her own site online selling her art work. This would be the perfect package to really get her business started and the camera she would use for her art work and photography Thank you for the chance.

  36. I would like a shiny new site to record my travel, I have a list of must sees and would like to record my journey’s and planned adventures. First stop this year is Kenya safari, so a good camera is a must to capture my adventures.

  37. Going on holiday soon and this would be perfect to capture those magic moments with the family!

  38. I’d love this to take pictures of our family travels and record our happy memories. Am just getting into photography more and this would really give my progress a boost, and hopefully the other half of the prize would incentivise me to start a travel blog.

  39. I am a mahoosive fan of yours and followed you since RMW and even before that via Y&YW forum when you were Contra!! I have always wanted to do DFD (is there going to be another one??) and I have recently signed up to do the blog academy. Thank you and Moonfruit for such an awesome opportunity with this competition.

    Since starting my little wedding blog, I have worked darn hard and watched hours worth of youtube tutorials when it comes to design, plugins – you name it I have probably watched it. I am rebranding soon and really passionate about taking the look and design of the blog to the next level as the readership seems to grow month on month and think that there aren’t too many tutorials left to watch and moonfruit could really help me taking things to the next level.

    At the moment I haven’t long taking my first big steps into the blogging world and I have turned into a full time blogger and I would also to love for wedding publications.

    As our community has started to get established I have started hosting a few tweetups and would like to take images of fab suppliers and brides and grooms to be and share them on our blog pages so the camera would just be so amazing! I also have an office cat called Charlie who I am sure would get in on the act too!

    Finally I would use the camera to take images of “revamped blog development story” happened so I could send them to you and share them with all of your lovely readers.

    Fingers and toes crossed Helen xx

  40. Fab Camera! It would be a wonderful present for my son’s birthday as he is just getting really keen on photography and has been wanting a better camera for a long time now. He often goes fishing and takes lots of scenic photos at dusk and dawn.

  41. I’d love a new website to keep all my friends & family up to date with what I’m up too & a new camera to take photos of my wife’s new ‘bump’ & soon to be new-born baby – memory keepsakes 🙂

  42. I’d love a new site because I’ve got the ideas but I don’t have the money or means to exploit them.

  43. Our holiday cottage rentals could sure use a new site and I would love a new camera in time to take all the Winter and Christmas photos.

  44. I would love a shiny new site to showcase my lifestyle and recommendations network. I would take photographs of my gorgeous and highly talented Border Collie ‘Doughnut’.

  45. i run a beauty blog so the camera would be a amazing prize to have for that, and the site would be another avenue for it!”

  46. I’d like to win because I am going on safari in a few months and this would be perfect to take photos of all the animals I’m going to see!

  47. We saved and planned for two years for a dream trip to the Moroccan Sahara – then, when we got there, sand got in our Lumix TZ65 and broke it completely! I’d love to have this camera even if the next dunes we photograph are only the ones at St Annes! Hopefully in another two years we’ll be back in Morocco

  48. Free camera and website design- just what I need to make my idea a reality

  49. I’d love to win this camera as am going to London for the first time ever this year and it would be just brilliant to have this amazing camera to take with me!

  50. I have never had a web site, but thinking of starting a blog. I would love the camera to be able to take millions of baby pics of our 1st Grand Child that is due next month

  51. I would love to win a camera to take professional photographs for my new business. A new business requires professional finishes!

  52. I’d use the camera to take photos of wildlife and landscapes – much better photos than I take at the minute! The website would either encourage me and my daughter to finally get her jewellery online or I would use it to post allergen free recipes I’ve had to develop for my son.

  53. I love this camera to take some great pictures of my family when we go on holiday later this year. My old compact is so out-dated now!

  54. I would love to win this as I’m thinking about starting my own blog. I’d love to win the camera so I can take better pictures of my garden and my dogs.

  55. my partner is unemployed and wants to set up an effective website but cost is a factor. This prize will allow him to get it noticed and take great pictures for it

  56. This high quality camera has all the features to enhance creativity, which I would love to use for landscapes as well as portraits to hopefully be used in a travel blog.

  57. I like to get out on bike or foot and explore the countryside, a website would give me the ability to share my passion and photos with others

  58. i would love to capture photos of my daughter as she is growing up so fast. cant believe she starts school in sept

  59. I’d love a fab new camera, my partner and I have started a new business this year and we re getting married in October, a new camera would give me a great excuse to practice, so I can stop taking wobbly photos that include my fingers, or camera straps. X

  60. I’m visiting family later in the year and meeting some baby nieces and nephews for the first time. It’s been a long while since our last family gathering so a perfect reason to take lots of pictures

  61. Would love to take up photography again my only camera at the moments is in my phone, and its very difficult to be creative with it, I just love taking landscape photographs.

    I’d love a new web site as I currently don’t have one and it would be good to get a professional on line presence.

  62. I would love to win this just so I can take some decent pictures of the kids while they grow up. Memories are very important and they grow up so fast 🙂

  63. I’d use it to make a big upgrade from camera phone snapshots on family holidays.

  64. I would love to win this prize as I sell my own hand made jewellery on a market stall and it would be FABULOUS to go all e-commerce with a website. And of courdse the camera would be perfect for taking pics of my creations to list on my site!

  65. I’ve been “planning” to write a food blog for a LONG time, I need the push and of course could use the camera to take pictures of food and the website expertise.

  66. I’d like a rather decent camera to take pictures of my art to sell online. This package looks as if its just what I need!

  67. Moonfruit is just fab it fulfills all my needs,
    From design control to setting up shop,
    The best thing is it’s free!

    Easy to navigate and user friendly too,
    Step by step guides,
    Makes it so simple and easy for you.

    Lots of styles to show your flare,
    No matter what your profession,
    Removals, Fashion or hair.

    Website design to please,
    Moonfruit is such a breeze,
    You can set up your own website with ease.

    If I won the camera,
    I would catcher photos of our lifes together,
    Treasured memories and moments,
    To keep with us forever.

    I would use it to take photos,
    Of my craft and my baking too,
    So I can build my own website,
    The great kind that Moonfuit do!

  68. I’m hoping to start a website with a travel blog that includes a language skills section – the camera would allow me to take inspirational photos of amazing places to encourage others to widen their travel horizons

  69. i would like a site to sell my photos taken with the new camera

  70. Would love to win this prize as we are expecting grandsons in November & January, so lots of expanding bumps and gorgeous grandsons pictures to take.

  71. Would love the Moonfruit site to use as a photo blog for my wood sculpting journey. I still don’t have a decent camera, either, so that would of course be put to very good use. It would be a neat little project for myself, and a nice way to look back at my progress and maybe inspire others to get into wood sculpting, too.

  72. I would love to use the camera to take high quality wildlife photography and sell photographs through a moonfruit designed website.

    I follow moonfruit on twitter @penguindavey

  73. I have spent the past few years researching my family history and I’ve found some really fab skeletons in the closet. I work on bringing ancestors everyday lives to life by pictures and documents. This would be a fabulous prize as I have Aunts and cousins in quite a few countries around the world that would love to see a website created and the camera would be fantastic to help document the places I visit.

  74. I would love to win this amazing prize so I could finally start a blog properly. So many half started attempts which have been abandoned as I don’t know how to do it! I would love to write a blog about our time here in Germany to stop me going insane while I am unemployed here due to hubby’s military posting. The camera would be awesome too as it would finally mean we could stop squabbling over who gets to use our one existing camera 😉

  75. Liked on Facebook (sorry if this comment comes up twice, I lost it when I first posted :S )

  76. Would love a new website from moonfruit as I think that the templates are really upto date and it looks simple to use. I would put a travel website up and Hopefully use the camera I won to upload the light, colours and shapes of this amazing world that we live in!

  77. I would love a shiny new site from Moonfruit to create a website for my OH’s well established building business, to bring him into the 21st Century (as he has no website at all) and I would like to take photographs of all the projects he has ever done over the past 30 years to promote it plus I would borrow the camera for family photo’s.

  78. I tweeted: @staceycarnell

    I would love this to take lasting memories of my wedding – not long now! 🙂

  79. well i would love to win the lumix camera and the moonfruit subscription as next year i am taking a gap year and would love to photograph the world for others to see 🙂 and be able to create memories which i could later share with my future children.

    i followed @kayleighmplatt

  80. i would love to win this so as i could take lots of fab pics of my first grandchild, ruby born last week

  81. A wonderful prize. I would use this fine camera to take landscapes primarily on holiday in the American National Parks but also on trips to the west Coast of Scotland and the Islands.

  82. i would love this camera as ive never had a good one! and iv got a baby on the way so it would be nice to take photos of her!

  83. I fancy starting a blog about baking with different ingredients so would take photos of the hopefully dekicious results. The prize would be really useful!

  84. I’d take some great pics on my next holiday, and post them all on the website to make friends jealous!

  85. I’d love to start my own blog. Reviewing make up products or blogging about my holidays.
    I would use the camera to either take product photos or travel photos

  86. I hadn’t heard of Moonfruit, so would be a new experience for me. I am doing a computer course just now, so would discuss with tutor. Would love to win camera, and would use it to take family photos. Also as it is summer, some local scenic pictures to send to friends.

  87. I would love this camera. I am taking my granchildren on their first holiday abroad. It would be great to have a new camera to catch all their reactions, they are going to ride camels in Morrocco 🙂

  88. I’d love a new website to keep me occupied in the evenings and as for the camera well my children do so much sport it would be great to capture some of it

  89. I would compleatly love this, Im an artist starting out, so i would love a website to get my workout there, and the camera would be amazing to take good quality photos of my work, and also ofcourse the world! to use as my muse.
    Fantastic prize thankyou for the chance!

  90. I’d love to be able to spice up my blog with some yummy photos of my kids and a new site!

  91. Oooh, such amazing timing, I needs an awesome camera for my honeymoon… and I want to start a foodie blog, first post documenting my food tour of Rome on said honeymoon! 🙂

  92. I’d take photo’s of my gorgeous new baby daughter and her proud older brother.

    Fantastic prize!!

  93. I’m heading to New Zealand in a few months and would love to use this camera to capture all the amazing scenery and experiences. Creating a spiffing travel blog to post said pictures to would be awesome to make everyone at home jealous! 😛

  94. Would love this to take some great summer pictures of my children having fun (hopefully in the sun) this camera would take the best photos

  95. would love to win this camera for my student son who will be going into his second year at university film production degree.He still hasnt got his own camera and has to borrow one from the university.very proud of him with 100 per cent attendance in his first year.

  96. Hi Rebecca,

    I am opening my business in North Devon in 2 months. The Periwinkle is going to be a creative hub in Ilfracombe, with knitting supplies, craft workshops and homemade cakes. Ilfracombe is an up and coming area for the arts with galleries and businesses popping up weekly.

    I am 29 and am feeling nervous about investing all my savings into my shop, I have made a basic website but am in need of a more creative and artistic feel, the site I have set it up with is very limited, moonfruit sounds like the perfect solution.

    A camera to replace my 8 year old digital would be amazing, the pictures on my blog should give you an idea of the quality I get from it. Hopefully my modules on photography at uni would let me get the most from the camera. I would be taking pictures of the shop, events, offers, customers, and yarns. I already have a few celebs in the knitting world organised for book signings. So looking professional be amazing.

    Many thanks for the chance to apply, I have liked you and moon fruit on FB and twitter and will put a post on each.


  97. I would love this fantastic camera as my old one has now broken and I want to take photos of my kids this summer!

  98. I’d love a shiny new camera and would use it for wildlife photos and photos of my kids!

  99. If I won I would take photos of life. I would take photos of my family and friends and my friend’s gorgeous children; so we will always remember how people were and what exactly those memories were like: beautiful. I would take pictures of the beauty all around me in Scotland whilst out walking. I would take pictures of everything and anything around me, because it is all stunning and worth capturing 🙂

  100. My wife is about to start a new business baking traditional cakes and the possibility of a website for this would be fantastic. The camera would be ideal to take the photos of all the samples for the site! The perfect prize!

  101. This would be perfect to take some amazing photos on our honeymoon next year!

  102. An excellent way for people to advertise there new business. This camera would save me carrying & changing lens every five minutes & excellent for my Christmas market visit to Munich

  103. I’d love to take lots of pictures of the isle of wight and the natrure that exists here. I haven’t had a digital camera yet so would be wonderful to win this 🙂

  104. I’d love to start taking more photos of wildlife, especially birds. The website would be a great place to host the pictures.

  105. It’s time for me to to develop more photo skills by have a better camera than my compact camera such as your prize camera. Moonfruit may give me good idea to create website about our community, etc

  106. for my sons girlfriend who is off to liverpool uni to start her degree and to capture the adventure

  107. Both of these would be for my daughter, who loves photographing wildlife and is also building a business making and selling her own design clothing.

  108. id use it to take pics of my family, the kids grow up so fast and i dont have a decent camera at the mo so this would be great to catch all their big events coming up, or just every day stuff :0)

  109. Followed and tweeted, love to win this to keep up with my kids at football, cheerleading, boxing etc

  110. The sun rising over my local beach with my two dogs running in the distance

  111. I love taking photos, so would adore this camera as my current camera is a little old and battered. I’m going on fieldwork soon and it’d be great to take some amazing shots with it!

  112. For my wife she would love a camera like this to take the kids growing up

  113. Moonfruit prize would be great to get a website up and running. I have always wanted to run a baking website showing off my recipes and bakes. The camera would be great to take pictures of my various bakes and also my travels to New York at Christmas!

  114. I would love this package, i have a website that i need to launch to showcase our new venture and am struggling on where to begin 🙁

  115. I would LOVE to win this camera for my husband. He had a DLSR camera a year ago, but due to financial hardships, he had to sell it and it broke his heart as it was his baby. We love to take pictures of wildlife in our garden and everywhere we travel to. We are planning to see my husbands daughter soon and he would love to take pictures of her as he hasn’t seen her in ages.

      • Following on Facebook under Jane Sands! Love te website! Great prize!

        • I forgot to mention, I personally would love a website as I have always wanted to start my own business beng a party organiser. It will finally give me the opportunity to fulfil my dream! I have wanted to do his for so long but never got round to it or financially been able to afford it. This would give me the help I need. I would also use the camera to take pictures of parties I have organised and put them on my website to show potential clients what work I have done.

  116. I have been following you all week on Instagram, looking at your fab picture of Cornwall and Padstow.. would love camera to take some stunning pictures like yours..

  117. I would love to win this shiny new camera with moonfruits as I’ve been lusting over an amazing camera for so long! Would come at a perfect time as I’ve just booked a trip to Disney World and imagine the pictures I could capture with this!?

  118. Thanks for hosting such a brilliant giveaway.

    I’d take pictures on my trip to the USA next year. I’m trying to be organized so to own a fantastic camera would be at least one thing to check off my (ever growing) list. 🙂

  119. would use the camera to take holiday and family pics and would use the site to share them with family and friends 🙂

  120. I’d love to win this. I’ve been working so hard on my new mummy blog for a while. I’d love to create a stylish gallery including pictures so a fancy new camera would mean I could that

  121. I would love a moonfruit website as they are so neat. I’m hoping that it wouldn’t be too hard to get a moonfruit site looking as good as you.

  122. Hello. If I won this camera, I’d take photos of my upcoming DIY projects. Firstly, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of my new house. Winning a shiny new site from Moonfruit means I can write about my DIY experience (ahem!) and include handy tips for other novices. Likewise, I’d be able to write about going on safari DIY style, as husband has said he’s going to be doing all the driving, we are not going with a group etc, and has researched where to go in South Africa. Wish us luck on both projects and you know where you can read about it!

  123. I have been thinking of starting a gardening blog and the camera would be great for accompanying images

  124. Just started getting in to photography, so I would love to start a website showing new pictures of when I go travelling and getting some great snap shots! Great competition

  125. i would love to take photos of my ever changing family…………. from my 93 year old gran to my 4 month old nephew.

  126. I would love to win a shiny new site from Moonfruit as my sons and I are just in the planning stages of setting up a new website where kids can join together to fundraise for the RSPCA! We would use the fab camera to take photos of our fundraising activities!

  127. Could really do with a website revamp. Mine is now pretty decrepit and not terribly tablet friendly. The camera would be great for adding a bit of personality to the site (and for the inevitable do pictures my hard drive is full of)

  128. I would absolutely love to win this as I’m an artist and it would come in very handy for my work. I am also expecting my first child in 2 months and it would be amazing to capture her first few months and years with a great camera.

  129. I’m about to start a marketing career, and one of my goals is to really hone my craft of photography… I’d probably do that through my pet project (, taking photos of tequila and friends and Mexican food on my weekly adventures!

  130. Would be perfect to capture the photos of my daughter’s second birthday 🙂

  131. I’ve just started making my own homeware – I would use moonfruit to set up a site showing (or even selling!) my creations. The camera would be the perfect thing to snap pictures for the site as I currently use a very unprofessional iPhone camera.

  132. I’d love a new site to help promote the cattery business that I am a partner in – people need to trust that their pet is going to a safe place and one of the first things they look for online is lots of photos. The camera would certainly help me get lots of detailed pictures to upload to the site

  133. What a great prize! I’m in the process of starting a blog and would love to use Moonfruit to enhance the design and improve the quality of my imagery. I would use the camera to capture fantastic images for my blog, from DIY projects to documenting my travels. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  134. I would love to win this shiny new camera as my old one broke and I miss being able to take photographs of my son which I would do if I won a new camera

  135. Also liked on FB… I’d really love to win this great camera. Fingers crossed

  136. I would love to win to finally get round to setting up my vintage clothing blog and store, i’ve been planning it for too long now. The camera would come in very handy to post pics of all my lovely vintage finds x

  137. This would be the ideal package to get self hosted now we’re getting established and to get a gorgeous new blog design! Plus the lovely little camera would be ideal for stepping my blog photos up a notch from taking snaps with my current camera! Make up and beauty is hard to photograph with just my phone or a little snappy camera!

    Thankyou for the lovely little competition Florence!
    Becky, xxxx

  138. Would love to win the camera – I’ve got a really special holiday coming up next April and it would be amazing to be able to take great pictures! My camera is quite old now!

  139. ohhh my goodness…. what a gorgeous camera.. Itd be perfect for me to take with me on my travels to Asia in September..Already been in June and saw some stunning sights that i was unable to capture due to my camera breaking 🙁 This would give me some fab memories to bring home with me. And it would then capture all my lifes little events, my daughters disco’s, xmas, birthdays, partys and other events which i would love to remember! 🙂

  140. I have been using Moonfruit for 2 years as I LOVE to write poetry and use them for my page of reads! I also LOVE to travel for inspiration to fuel my writes and on my last wee escapade my little camera broke… This would be but a dream!

  141. Wow! Fabulous camera! I live in Cornwall so there are so many views just crying out to be taken! Also I’m off to Rome next month for a few days and on a little jolly to London before Christmas – the photo opportunities are endless! (if only I had a fab camera – not hinting **much**)

  142. I would use the camera to take more pics of my son and then compile a photo book for him . I,m not sure I wpould understand this moon fruit site.

  143. A hassle free website and a camera to take photos of my vintage pattern sewing projects …yes please!

  144. I would love to win this. The website would be perfect for the business i wish to start up printing tshirts. I would use the camera for pictures for the website as well as my first home i am just getting with my partner

  145. I’ll use it to take on my holiday and capture the changing seasons as I’m moving home and will be living next to a wood, so plenty of interesting things to photograph.

  146. I took a photography course last year, with my very basic camera and was delighted at how well I did as a beginner. I’d like to take the follow-on course which is more advanced – but I would need a DSLR camera. I am lucky enough to live surrounded by mountains, sea and fields filled with so much wildlife to photograph. I’d like to eventually put my photos on a blog to share with anyone who would be interested. But most of all, since we moved into this house in 1999, Ive taken an annual photo of my kids sitting on the hay bales next to my house so I have the same photo one year apart. The fields are due to be harvested in the next couple of weeks.

  147. Ooops forgot to say above…..followed, tweeted @sonseyface C Stanley

  148. Creating a blog would be fun as our young son starts school and to capture all those special moments with the camera 🙂

  149. I co-ordinate an annual charity variety show and I desperately need a website but it must be free or cheap and easy to update. I would take photos of the show and put them on the website.

  150. I have followed on twitter and tweeted the message


  151. I love photography and dream of having a nice camera so i can really enjoy my hobby more, with a webiste I could have somewhere to display my photos 🙂

  152. liked, following as @carolg01 and tweeted. Would love this camera as Im getting in to photography and would love a bridge camera and my hubby so needs his own website as starting up his own business, will pass the details on to him.

  153. I’d love a shiny new site design from Moonfruit for my food blog–I use wordpress at the moment and would love for the layout to be a bit more personal and unique. I’d use the camera to improve my food photography as well! x

  154. I REALLY want to start a business, just need a great design and a name 🙁

    For Photos I would take Landscape and pics on the baby which should be born ANY day soon 🙂

  155. I need a camera to keep up with my boyfriend’s new Nikon. We are saving for an epic holiday next year and I have no camera to take pictures with 🙁

  156. I would like a shiny new website because I have lots of great ideas, but don’t have the skills to create my vision online (but sadly don’t have the money either !)

    I would love the camera to take high quality images for my new shop 🙂

  157. I would use the camera to take snaps of all sorts of occasions and break when possible. While my partner would use the web site to highlight issues with regards to the disabled in conjunction with his roles as a union disability officer and a member of preston trades council

  158. If i won i would Do a Fashion blog like ive always wanted!!! with amazing pics

  159. I would like to take photos of Machu Picchu, and my fifteen days in Peru.
    Because: Hooray!, I’ve just won a trip there.

  160. I would love to win this, this is the push that I need to get my nutrition website and business up and running. The camera would help me to take the perfect pictures to enhance the website and show to prospective clients.

  161. I’d love this camera because Lumix make the best bridges, and it would perfect for me as I’m on a limited budget and would love to take my photography to the next level!

  162. i would use it for taking photos of wildlife so i could print them off then draw them

  163. I’m excited by Moonfruit and what they have to offer. I would use it for my blog that I plan to start.
    I would love the camera to capture family moments, creative moments and exciting beautiful pictures which could be used on my (planned) blog.

  164. I’d like to get my art site back up , after my last webhosts went bust !!
    Have followed & retweeted @ravenmoon3

  165. I’m so lucky to live so near so many gorgeous beaches, if I won this camera I would be able to capture this beautiful scenery and share on my blog! I have two beagles and whilst out working it would be so to take pictures of them running around and get some great action shot xx @kimiandme

  166. I’d love to win! I went to America last year and visited Red Rocks which was absolutely stunning – but my pictures were not! I’m lucky I have the memories in my head but I’d have loved some clear pictures too. So I’d take this camera on all my holidays and snap some beautiful shots!

  167. My friend is getting married soon, so I would love to snap some keepsake memories of the day.

  168. Amazing giveaway! I have an art shop but still no proper website, this will be perfect and would love to take pictures of my art on walls etc to show it off!

  169. I would love this. I have no clue where to start with my website and want to do so much. Plus I am fed up with my camera not being good enough to do the images I want to do

  170. I am currently in the process of reviving all of my websites and trying to bring them into today’s web standards. A new shiny site from Moonfruit would help me meet this goal and help me have a professional looking site for the book I am almost finished with.

    And Lord the things I would be able to accomplish with that camera! Four years ago I learned about Photo Safari’s. A Photo Safari is where a group of people get together and go through a place and take pictures. Throughout the Safari, the group teaches one another about how to take better pictures from different angles or lighting. I’ve done 5 of them in the past four years, and I feel so dumb with my little Point and Shoot Camera while everyone else around me has these amazing DSLR cameras. I would love to be able to take this camera on many years of Photo Safaris in the future. The next one will be in Orlando in January then Atlanta in June. Of course I would learn everything about how to use it before I go! My favorite thing to photograph is really cool architecture. I love really amazing design in buildings!

  171. I love fantastic shiny new websites like this!
    Like to take great landscape photos

  172. I’d really enjoy this win. I enjoy technology and was looking recently at getting a new camera. I’d use it at home and in my business but mostly towards social media probably. Wish me luck!

  173. Wow what a great prize, I’d use the website to put my husbands business online for his customers to use.
    I’d use the camera to take pictures all the time, I am always taking snaps of everyday life/hols/pets, and given my old lumix has a smashed lcd screen held together with sellotape – I would dearly love a new one 😀

  174. Thinking of starting an online business so the website would come in handy and would love the camera to take pictures of great memories in the future

    Followed and tweeted


  175. Wow this really is an amazing giveaway!
    I have really been thinking and wanting to start a blog/website a lot lately and the timing of this is encouraging even more (what can I say I’m a sucker for signs).
    I’d love to start a travel blog, but as I’m not really travelling much at the moment anymore, I’d like to write a blog about my interests including photography, cooking, creative projects, news & thoughts, advice and much more.
    I’ve recently been experimenting with photo editing online some of my old photos and it’s inspired me to start some new photography projects – and get back in touch with my local area and the beauty that is hidden around. So if I won this camera that’s where I’d start 🙂

  176. If I won this camera I would use it to take photographs of my dogs, my mum, 2 of my daughters and myself all show them so would love to create a website recording our ventures and how we get on – win or lose.

    Having a 11 month old I would also use the camera to take lovely photos of my daughter’s first birthday 🙂

  177. I would love to win as my daughter has asked for a camera for her 18th Birthday

  178. I would love a shiny new site to introduce me to the world of blogging. I would use the fabulous camera initially to take pictures of my holidays and family reunions. the camera would never leave my side and would hopefully give me a new hobby.

  179. I would hand the camera to my friend to take photos of my wedding later this year

  180. I would love to win this so we can take some amazing pics at our Civil ceremony in October x

  181. I love how the site is so easy to use and gives a template for everything. I would take photos of my trip to Iceland….eeek….cant wait!

  182. I’d love the new camera to take photos of my growing family and our days out I love making family memories where we have photos too look back on

  183. I would love the website to use as a blog. Friends are constantly telling me to make a blog as a way of recording all the hilarious things my soon to be 3 year old does! I would use the camera to help document those moments to treasure forever. A phone camera just doesn’t cut it. x

  184. I’ve not long started a blog covering all sorts, including life with a child with additional needs. I’d take loads of pictures of her with the camera.

  185. I would love the site to share my photos without the drawback of social media!

  186. I would design a website for my fashion/technology blog and would take photos of all the perfect family moments that will happen over the next year 🙂

  187. I would love to win this to catch all my kids specially moments ar rhe moment I take most of my photos on my phone my photos are good but would be a lot better with camera I would use the web site to take up bogging again

  188. I’d probably use the camera to take pictures of my florida holiday in February and blog about it so the image centre would come in very handy – great giveaway thanks

  189. I’ve always loved taking abstract and architectural images – so I’m sure I’d take some pics of a whole host of inanimate objects!!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of selling some of my photos as prints after completing a City & Guilds course in Digital Photography.. my tutor was pleased with my portfolio of architectural work, so the camera would be a great boon and the chance to showcase some of my work on a brand spanking new website would be fab!

  190. I would love a shiny new site to maybe start a site for people under going DBT therapy in the UK. i would take inspiring pics of the countryside/sea to go on the site, and lots of my children to remind me of the good times

  191. I would love a shiny new site to blog about all my craft makes (my most recent make is a giant robot). What I would love to photograph is my friends, family and all the things I love (particularly my crafty makes.) Fingers crossed!

  192. Moonfruit is just the final push I need to start the blog I’ve planned for years (I’ve even paid for my domain name already). I’d love a new camera to take photos of my upcoming dream trip to Japan. Photos I could feature on my new blog! 🙂

  193. I’m looking to run an e-commerce website to accompany my market stall selling my stock, I currently sell niche baby products and I’ve been looking into setting up a website to display my products for a while. This would be the perfect platform for me to do so!

  194. I’d take photographs of the landscapes and animals when I’m out walking and then create a website to display them.

  195. I would love to win this camera as I’m saving up for one at the moment, I’ve been borrowing my Dad’s to do a photography night class and would love one of my own. I would take lots of pictures of the Northumberland countryside which I explore with my dog.

  196. Wow – I’d love to win the camera for my husband – he loves taking photos of our two little boys and we only have a basic camera – this would be amazing! I don;t have my own site but would be interested in starting a blog on juggling everyday family life and throw in a little bit of comping 🙂

  197. Well as I’m currently using my camera phone to take pics the quality is not great and I’m missing a lot of milestones in my kids lives. I’d have no excuses not to start a blog about my family if I had such an amazing camera to use.

  198. Would love to win this camera so I can take pictures of my gorgeous little Granddaughter who was born a month ago!

  199. I would love to win this simply because I adore taking photos. I find that photography is a way of expressing myself and that you can capture beauty on camera even in the most unlikely places. There is always something special to capture wherever you are. I would love to use the camera for when I am out walking in the countryside for wildlife etc but I would also like to take some photos of my parents as last year it was their ruby wedding anniversary but sadly we couldnt take any photos of their party because we didnt have a camera so I would like to make it up to them by taking them somewhere nice and taking some quality shots of them for them to frame.

  200. I’d like a shiny new website to support the shiny new project I’m currently working on with a friend. While being deliberately vague, the camera would be invaluable for the work we’ll be doing too!

  201. I don’t own a camera but would love to take photos when we go on holiday to France next month.

  202. Id love to start up a blog and fill it with photos I’ve taken with my new camera! Photos of my babies and all the fun things we do and great places we go to.

  203. My partner has just opened a new business so this prize package would be amazing and the answer to all our problems!!!

  204. I would use the camera to capture pictures of my little girl’s first milestones and to create memories. I would then create a blog so that all of our families and friends can see her growing too!!

  205. This wonderful prize would further my hobby of photogaphy and certainly improve my shots! liked on Facebook and twitter (@redberries5)
    many thanks

  206. What a great idea Moonfruit is. Been thinking of starting a blog for a little while (been throwing ideas around as to what it would be on, though still haven’t any ideas exactly as i’m too indecisive at the mo) but have been put off a bit due to the work involved just to get it looking how I have it set in my head, so Moonfruit would be a huge help.
    This camera is the exact one I’ve had my eyes on but can’t afford, I love taking photos, but I dont have a decent camera so have missed capturing some stunning sunsets and scenery in certain light. Would be so great to have such a good quality camera in which to take loads of pics on,

  207. I would love to win this camera to take some fab pics of my kids as they grow far too quick

  208. I have an interest in old crumbling buildings but have never had a camera that would do these scenes justice. If I won, I’d take photos of abandoned sites.

  209. Travelling to Africa in December including visiting a primary school in Sierra Leone that I have helped raise funds for and would love this camera to capture people and places on my journey.

  210. I’d love to kickstart my blog with a new look, and with some new direction too
    The camera would be great for getting decent photos on the site, and hopefully getting me back into photography

  211. I’d love to win the camera to photograph items from the little business I’m going to start soon, take before and after shots ..which would go perfectly on the site I’ll need to produce …guess where? I can design and build sites myself and have done for over a decade, but I’d not have time to spend on anything other than the bricks and mortar side of business so a Moonfruit site would be ideal.

  212. As I’m coming to my final year as a mature student I’m realising that my own children are growing up so fast and the time is just flying by with little time to stop and take i all in, so to have this camera to capture pictures of my beautiful children will help me to keep hold of those precious memories forever 🙂

  213. I would love to win this to take photographs of the amazing art my friends produce (saw some beautiful paintings yesterday afternoon!) and to build a website to promote and sell their work.

  214. Id love to make a training blog of mine and my partners adventures and training for triathlon events. The camera would be great for getting some action shots to put on the blog!

  215. I would like to win this prize so that I can have a professional website for my startup company. The camera would be brilliant for taking photos of the local wildlife with my kids.

  216. I would love to win this as im off to Blackpool later this year and really want to take a good picture from the top of the tower

  217. photography is a hobby of mine, so i’d love to win a brand new camera. it’d make my year

  218. I have also liked on FB

    Fabulous giveaway, thank you very much! got everything crossed now!

  219. I’d love to win this! I’d use it to take lovely photos on holiday!

  220. I’ve recently opened up a blog and my first entry will be my holiday,this would be a lovely help for my first post

  221. What a fab giveaway!

    I’d use moonfruit to develop and share a shiny new website for my hubby who is a gardener. We desperately need to increase business and a fab new website (populated with amazing before and after photos taken using the new camera) would hopefully make a difference!

  222. I’d like a website from Moonfruit as I’m new to all this and don’t have one yet. I’d love to take pictures of my travels as well as my family & friends of course!

  223. I would love this camera as I’d like to improve my food photography for my blog. It would also be fantastic for our family days out.

    • Should have added that I’d love a Moonfruit site for my blog, a lovely fresh start.

  224. In order to further my passion/hobby of making bespoke furniture, I have recently given up a fairly lucrative job to start my own business. I am anxious to promote my products by having my own website but cannot afford to do so at present. The idea of using Moonfruit to create my own is becoming more and more of a possibility.

    Should I win the prize camera, I would use it to photograph my wares to hopefully increase sales via the internet.

  225. Quite simply, I am a small time ebay seller and a website would help me take the next step. The camera would be a massive help too as I sell alot of second hand wargames models where condition/paint job can make the difference between selling or not. The camera I have at the minute is ok for everyday work but hardly good enough to show minute details on a well painted 28mm model.

    Eitherway, best of luck to everyone who enters. I am sure they all have equally valid reasons and thank you for giving me the chance.