Have you seen the new ‘Mom Jeans’? When I was looking for boyfriend (or more aptly named by Warehouse Girlfriend‘) jeans recently, it was suggested I ‘take a look at the Mom jeans which are really similar’. They weren’t similar at all – they were high waisted and reminded me of the eighties – a look a flat-stomached teen could perhaps pull off in Shoreditch, but not for me. It got me thinking about how we stereotype mothers in the fashion stakes, whether it’s imagining a frazzled woman with spit-up on her shoulders or a Boden wearing middle class mummy. As I’m giving so much thought to my own capsule wardrobe right now I got pretty put out at the thought fashion is no longer aimed at me and can be seriously impractical at times. Β (Who am I kidding? I’m a good 10 years above Topshop’s target customer profile!). Luckily for me there are loads of fashion trends right now that fit perfectly with my requirements of pram-pushing, baby carrying, new-body style and I thought I’d share some of the key pieces that I love from both a fashion and everyday reality perspective…

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Yes, the humble sweatpant (re-named ‘joggers’ to avoid the mental image of sofa lounging and baggy bums,) is bigger then ever. Re-imagined in drapey fabrics and new prints for work wear or going out, the good old jersey type is also a winner for every day. Wear with flats by day and pointed heels or sandals by night and unexpected tops like a buttoned up blouse for serious style credentials.

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Fashion Trainers
Massive at the last fashion week in Spring and not going anywhere as a trend, this look is steadily filtering through to the mainstream. Perfect for pram pushing, keep it out of slummy mummy territory by choosing statement finishes like reflective metallic silver, neons or brights, and old school classic styles like New Balance, Adidas or Nike.

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Boyfriend Jeans
I did end up finding a pair during the search I mentioned above and have lived in them since. Once you’ve got the right fit for you, they’re super comfortable with an air of off-duty cool. Boyfriend jeans just like joggers can be dressed up or down and are much more forgiving than skinnies if your legs aren’t as ‘skinny’ as they used to be. πŸ˜‰

If you’re interested, I’m always collecting images of looks I love on my Pinterest Street Style board for outfit inspiration, take a look!

So what are your go-to wardrobe items that you turn to day after day and make life easy? I’d love to hear…


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11 thoughts on “#MomStyle

  1. Ah yes, good old Mummy fashion, yet another way to stereotype women… don’t get me started! If there’s such a thing as Dad fashion I’ve yet to hear anyone speak of it within mainstream culture.

    Skinny jeans and a white fitted shirt with an all-over print of tiny neon pink triangles for me today, plus ballet flats. Pretty much my go-to daytime look. I’m looking for a new pair of boyfriend jeans though, so do share πŸ™‚

    I’d be interested to hear if you have any thoughts on solving the ‘need to keep feet warm while pushing buggy/collecting kids from school in snow and rain and still look stylish’ conundrum. I’ve just found a pair of tall leather tan riding boots from Ugg which are fleece-lined and look like they may cope with most conditions. Warm, waterproof and stylish coats are also a problem!

    • I’m going to buy some UGGs this year too – probably the waterproof variety as I will be needing some pram pushing boots for all weather and after last years mild winter I’m expecting the worst. Downside of having everything on your doorstep is that I will rarely drive, so need to be weatherproof as you say!

  2. I think I’m a few weeks behind you as Max is now 5 weeks old, and I’m still in my maternity trousers as my previous trousers are too tight over my Caesarean section scar! I’ve only tried looking in the shops once since he was born but felt that I was too old for a lot of the clothes I saw!

    Where did you get your jeans from? I like the idea of joggers but I think I would just look scruffy in them! I like the idea of getting some new trainers though, as my usual ballet flats for work are not going to be ideal for autumn/winter mat leave walks!

  3. Please share where you found your boyfriend jeans!

    Completely agree with everything you have said! I lived in printed joggers after the birth and then boyfriend jeans for a while!. Shoe wise I’m constantly in havianas and need something for winter. Maybe a flat boot?

    I’m also recycling my fur gilet from monsoon which dresses up even the plainest outfit!

    However struggling with tops! Crops are not for me!!!

    Rachie xo

  4. I’ve struggled with “mum” style in the past year and to be honest one of the things I was most looking forward to about going back to work was wearing all my lovely work clothes again, having lived in slobby clothes during my maternity leave! I am still breastfeeding (argh hate saying “still”, as if it’s weird, when it totally isn’t….) and up until Evelyn started nursery I would feed her in the day as well, so had to think about boob access at all times!

    I wasn’t really bothered about looking “nice” when I was on mat leave, but when I wanted to feel half-decent I did love my legging jeans from Gap (sooo soft & stretchy) and a pair of black “hareem” trousers from Next which I thought I would hate but are actually super flattering and comfy. these combined with a chambray shirt, a few long vests & a selection of bright T-shirts & long cardigans got me through the last 12 months of baby sensory classes & mummy cake-eating sessions!

    Nowadays, it is nice to feel vaguely smart in the mornings, and wear all my lovely jewellery again – although this morning’s chunky necklace came back to me rather soggy & covered in yoghurt after it had been chewed at breakfast!


  5. I’ve noticed a few comments about jewellery, especially necklaces, and thought I’d share the best present I was given as a new mum. They were a god send! I was given 2 necklaces from a website called mama jewels, they are strength tested, you can put them in a steriliser and you can give them to your baby to play with when they need entertaining. It’s my toddlers’ favourite toy when we are out and about. Just thought I’d share… X

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