Merry Twixmas…

First and foremost readers… I really hope you all had a very merry few days over Christmas. I feel bad that I didn’t get chance to post those wishes before Christmas but things were manic around here. The good news is that after working until 1am on christmas eve eve, πŸ˜‰ we got the lounge looking presentable and ready to celebrate with our families. As you all listened to my woes in the run up to Christmas while one thing after another went wrong, I thought I’d post a few pictures of how it’s looking now. I’ll do another full post on the whole renovation process and suppliers/tradesmen in the new year but here’s what the room looks like today, mid Christmas obviously!

We were quite lucky in that we had chosen and bought lots of the ‘finishing touches’ like the mirror and light fitting, while the room was in progress, and the sofas were all ordered in time for Christmas delivery, so the room was relatively ready to go, but the decorations have helped make it look a lot more ‘done’ too. I’m looking forward to choosing the rest in the New Year. πŸ™‚

Lastly, to those of you who are regulars here and surprised I’m blogging between Christmas and New Year, so am I(!) but I missed it after a sketchy couple of weeks and have quite a few posts in mind that lend themselves to the end of the year, so make sure you pop back over the next few days! πŸ™‚


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34 thoughts on “Merry Twixmas…

  1. Looks gorgeous Rebecca. Can you tell me, is your sofa comfy? I’m trying to convince Husband that we need one of these (moving in Jan, sofa shopping on Tues) but he thinks they will be uncomfortable, I’m trying to convince him otherwise! I have seen one very similar to yours in M&S.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas. X

    • Hi Carly, thank you πŸ™‚

      This is the M&S Babbington large sofa in westin grey wool (the display/marketing sofa is in Iona silver wool.) We purposefully bought a more structured and upright sofa as our old one (you can see it in our old house here) was very squashy and needed plumping and re plumping all the time – even in the middle of an evening sitting on it! I also couldn’t sit upright on it to blog (as I’m sitting cross legged on the new one writing this…) and it was a nightmare in late pregnancy and after having a c-section. The Babbington is perfect for that and I don’t think any less ‘comfy’ πŸ™‚

      If you do like it look out for ex-display – M&S sells lots of ex-display furniture from in their stores and I know there was a Babbington in Manchester city centre at 45% off if you wanted to save some money! (Although you can nearly always get 30% off in M&S anyway… we did as we bought the Grove armchair too.) My favourite however is the loveseat we bought (the blue one here,) the quality is amazing. Good luck sofa shopping!

  2. wawoo it looks great…. i can not wait for the detailed post regarding the tradesman specially the talented one who made the TV stand and shelving unit. wishing you a very happy new year

  3. This looks simply divine!! I was so excited to see it all finished. So pleased you’re finally all sorted – I hope you enjoyed your first Christmas in there with all the family!?!

  4. It looks gorgeous! I’d love to see a nursery tour, currently planning our nursery and I love to have a good look at what other people have for their children.

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    The room is gorgeous! A huge fan of Bluebellgray.
    I’ve been looking for a light like yours for a while now but haven’t seen one quite this nice! Where is it from, desperate to know!



  6. I have just used Stiffkey blue in my living room. I love the look of the curtains you have, where are they from?


  7. Hi,

    Please can you tell me the colour of your walls? i have bought Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue but i am struggling which colour to out with it.

    Thank you x

  8. Hi Rebecca

    Such a beautiful room.

    We’re about to start decorating our front room which has a picture rail too, out of interest what colour have you painted above the picture rail? and is the ceiling the same colour, i can’t quite tell from the photos.

    Many Thanks

  9. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pics. I am thinking of painting my lounge stiffkey blue and seeing pictures of finished rooms really comforts me in my choice, it’s a great colour πŸ™‚
    Can I ask what the other color (off-white) is? Thanks a lot

  10. hi Rebecca, such a gorgeous room! can yu tell me where the carpet is from please as i’m struggling to find a really good shade of grey for my livingroom. thanks joyx

  11. Hi Rebecca

    I love the colours in your room, I have the same in my living room. I especially LOVE your mirror and I am looking for something to go over my mantle and this would be perfect if only it was brass. At first (before checking M&S) I thought it was but now I realise it is gold, so I was wondering if you think it would be out of place next to bronze/antique brass ?


    Lynn x

  12. Wow, such a gorgeous colour scheme. May I ask what you have on the back wall, any paintings? basically the colour scheme you used. Thanks

    • THANK YOU!
      We have actually updated the space in parts, this is quite an old post, but now we have a large artwork by Yvonne Coomber behind the sofa,and a gallery wall of sorts on the wall opposite the bay window. There are plans afoot to paint the whole room again, hopefully before Christmas, so fingers crossed we can share it again properly in some weeks!

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