Love thy best bits…

I’m quite a positive person in general and that includes my self image. Let’s not get this confused with arrogance, I’m under no illusions that I am any kind of amazing in the looks or body department, but you know what? I actually quite like myself, so I’m not going to start beating myself up about a few stray extra pounds, the odd episode of less than perfect skin or chipped nails.

I think part of that attitude stems from being busy, and sometimes quite literally not giving a passing thought to looking in the mirror from leaving the house (and sometimes not even then!) to going to bed at night. But part of it is also not dwelling on impossibilities. If you happen to be an English pear with a magnificent posterior, pour it into a pencil skirt and wiggle as you walk… then watch the heads turn! Have you been blessed with height or wish you’d been closer to the front of the queue when boobs were being allocated? Work to your strengths in outfits that would drown your smaller friends or plunging necklines that would make your bigger busted friends look like a bar maid πŸ˜‰ There’s always a silver lining!

I could go on forever about media influences, unhealthy role models, busy life styles, but at the end of the day, we’re all in control of our own thoughts and I wanted to get all of you thinking about yourselves in a fabulous Florence frame of mind.

However, frankly, I am only human, and like many of you I’m sure, negativity does sometimes get the best of me. For one reason or another I’ve been feeling less than enamoured with my appearance recently in various departments and it made me think that aside from writing this post, I should be focusing on the best bits, the bits of me that I love, instead of mentally listing my physical failings. That is most certainly not what Florence Finds is about. Here is where you find out how to be the absolute best you can be, whether that’s in the kitchen, home, garden, at work or out having fun looking fabulous.

So I thought it would be a good moral boosting exercise this morning to write a list… Not just me but all of you too. Here goes…

  • I like my eyes, almond shaped and greeny-blue, I like to think they’re my best feature.
  • My lips also do a good line in fuschia pink or racy red pouts.
  • Whether I’m thin or feeling a bit wobbly, from mid thigh down, my legs never give the game away. Β – You’ve got to love a sequinned t-shirt dress!

Geez, that felt uncomfortable!

Don’t leave me hanging here ladies… Take a second to think about the bits of you that you love, and leave a comment in the box below sharing your three best bits. I think I should start calling you all Florence’s angels πŸ™‚


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43 thoughts on “Love thy best bits…

  1. Ohhh I need this post today! I’ve been quite down on myself lately as well and it bothers me because I like to think of myself as a fairly upbeat person. Perhaps its the weather – the grey days tend to turn me inward…

    So, with that in mind, I’m going to play this game and become a Florence Angel.

    1. Ok this is harder than I thought. Hmmm. Ok, right. I’m ready now.

    1. I’m in my late 30’s but often mistaken for being 10 years younger. Thank you mum for that.

    2. I have a pretty damn nice rack and I’m not afraid to show it off when I’m feeling confident!

    3. My proportions are such that no matter what I weigh, I always have an hourglass figure.

    Goodness, this took me about 10 minutes to write. Awkward or what?! But a very good exercise.

    Thank you for the reminder πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. I’m working up to looking at myself with three more good points about you, Mrs Norris… 1. you look like Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks, 2. You have uber glossy hair (is this down to genetics or some kind of magic conditioner? I just can’t get that level of shine no matter what I try) 3. you have lovely bone structure and a gorgeous face. You most definitely do NOT need to lose weight!

  3. OK let’s do this:
    1. I like being tall.
    2. I like my hair (currently waist length and aiming to grow it long enough to sit on).
    3. I think I’ve got a good bum (and the boy is enthusiastic to confirm this).

    Rebecca – I’d add hair to yours too, every pic I’ve seen of you it’s looked fab!

  4. Great post, and just what I needed to read as I’m having a bit of a (non-looks-related) wobble today.
    ok, here goes…

    1. I look younger than I am, apparently. People are often surprised when I tell them I’m in my mid-30s
    2. I like my eyes. They’re like my daughter’s (except mine are multi-coloured – browns, hazels, yellow specks etc, nothing too exciting – and hers are greeny-grey.) She has beautiful eyes. Ergo my eyes must be pretty too.
    3. I hide my weight well. People are always shocked when I say how much weight I should lose to be healthy. Either that or they’re being kind, but for the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to believe them πŸ˜‰

    That took some thinking about, actually!

  5. orrright, (I hate doing this) I like my legs which are quite skinny and long. I like my hands (I know that sounds weird) and I especially like matching my nail polish to the dark sapphires in my engagement ring. And… I like my eyes, which are also greeny-blue, although more the shape of grapes rather than almonds. Now I am going to tell Amy that I’m jealous of her waist length hair and her height and stop thinking about myself.

  6. Your blog makes me smile every time you post something and with something of a “minging monday” this has cheered me up!

    So here goes….
    1. I have insanely green eyes and get lots of compliments about them
    2. I have a small waist compared to the rest of me – so I can rock the 40’s style and have a beautiful collection of wrap dresses to show it off
    3. I have very shiny hair all the time no matter what colour or style.

    Based on this list tomorrow is gonna be “Totty Tuesday” I am going to glam up my eyes, throw on a wrap dress and go for all out glamour hair.

    Thanks Florence
    E x

  7. Just want to say 2 things:

    – you DO have gorgeous eyes (I should know, roomie!)
    – I LOVE that poster, saw a wedding with it once and just love it!! x

  8. I saw Rebecca’s bossy tweet and just had to come on over and see what the fuss was about – and boy am I glad I did! Here we go….

    You’re right this is so painful…now if we were American this would be so easy…

    1. I really really like my legs. They look good in any outfit – to the point where I dislike wearing trousers.

    2. My face. It’s not too shabby. And it likes a camera lens. ANd a camera lens likes it.

    3. I like my…derriΓ¨re. It’s there, unobtrusive, it’s not overwhelming and it’s relatively pert.

    Now that was liberating!

    • honestly Anna if I was as photogenic as you I would cover my walls with ‘selfie’ arms length shots. And you’re another of the dastardly shiny hair brigade too.

  9. My blue blue eyes, even though I need contact lenses to see, so technically they don’t truly work.
    My toes – thank you mum for all those years of sensible shoes. It was worth it for summer manicures & open toes.
    My legs. I’m hoping they’re truly my grandmothers & will still be shapely at 90.

  10. Hmm, ok. Here goes…:

    1. I like my hands and nails. I always get compliments about them, which is nice
    2. My boobs are pretty good – good size for my shape and can look fab in a low-cut top
    3. I’ve got full lips that are a nice shade of pink.

    That was hard! xx

  11. Hmm….this is not an easy exercise!

    1. I have big juicy lips that apparently “people would pay for” or so I’m told

    2. I have nice white straight teeth (although I would like them a wee bit straighter)

    3. I too have a nice bottom! I think…that’s what hubby says anyway so I’ll just agree on that!

    It’s taken me ages to type this! Good Fun though!


  12. Yay! You’re getting into it girls – you’re so right btw Anna – this is such an ‘American’ exercise, but I think it’s worth spending 2 minutes on πŸ™‚

    It’s telling how difficult we all found it though isn’t it. Why can’t we be proud to just say 3 small things that we like about our physical appearence?


  13. Okay – deep breath:

    1. My eyes – big and a particularly nice shade of brown.
    2. My small waist (though I have to admit to a love-hate relationship with my hourglass figure)
    3. My legs – have loved being complemented on having “long legs” since I was a teenager.

    Okay, that wasn’t so bad…

  14. I love my feet! My feet are amazing, they are the best feet I have ever seen. I’ve never had a pedi in my life, they just keep fairly well despite being shoved in trainers all day and are a pleasing shape. Whenever I get fed up about how I look, I just think about my feet.


  15. AGH Why is this so hard?!

    Okay here goes – please dont laugh…

    LIke the colour of my hair – it was full on ginger when i was little and its faded to a strawberry blonde – Often people cant believe its my natural colour.

    Like my lips – quite full so I can rock a nice bright lippy.

    Like my eyes which are quite big…

    There we go! Deep breath!! xxx

  16. Thought i would give this a go, but it is really tricky. I’m very jealous of all the lovely ladies with their fabulous legs!

    1. The colour of my eyes, they are quite small eyes but the colour is hazel, brown around the pupil and then a nice green.
    2. I Love my recently coloured red hair – thanks to Aveda
    3. wow third one is tricky……
    uh…. I guess my bottom, more because the hubby seems a fan and its the part that’s always been a wee bit too big for my liking but like you say Rebecca, it’s all about working the pencil skirt!

  17. Loving this post!!

    Erm, OK….

    1. Eyes -big, dark, sparkly πŸ˜‰
    2. I think my legs are OK
    3. Erm…I have a great smile πŸ˜‰


  18. I’m loving FF! What a fab post! Just what we all need on a dreary Monday!
    I also totally agree about your gorgeous eyes/super shiny hair/amazing figure Rebecca!

    Ok…. Here goes….


    1. I like my smile. My lips are a bit thin so don’t really rock a painted lip like some of you gorgeous ladies, but I get lots of compliments on my smile πŸ™‚

    2. Errrrmmmm (this really is hard isn’t it!) ok….errrmm… I like my blue/grey eyes & their almond-like shape.

    3. (even longer errrrrrmmmmm..) I think like Emma & Emma-Louise said I like that my waist is quite small (compared with my English pear thighs/hips!) & I generally wear a belt to accentuate it…. But now thanks to Emma-Louise’s tip I’m going to have to dig out/buy some wrap dresses to make the most of it & rock the 40s look!

    Now that feels better, thanks Florence!

  19. I honestly couldnt do this list so I had to ask my husband! I do have a massive problem in that I can’t help being hyper critical of myself so this is really really hard.
    This is what my husband said and in this exact order:

    1. My boobs they are rather large (a bit too large I would prefer them a bit smaller it would be nice not to have to wear a supportive bra all the time!)
    2. My eyes they are a green/blue (my favourite colour)
    3. My hair it is currenlty red it has been every colour and I must say I do like being a red head (he did say he doesnt like it when I scrunch it up in a messy pony tail he prefers it with loose curls)
    The what I hate about my body wouldnt even fit on this page and I need to learn to stop being so negative

  20. Love this. I’ve become more and more positive about my body since falling pregnant. My son is four months old now and I still can’t get over the awesomeness (in the traditional sense of the word) of growing him inside my body.

    Things I love –

    My boobs. I saw a PostSecret recently that said “I look at my cleavage as I walk downstairs” and thought “wow, me too!”

    My eyes and eyebrows. They’re really expressive and a shape that is really easy to add fun make up to.

    My waist. It makes me feel womanly, which I like.

  21. There are things I like about my body when covered up which I’m not so keen on seeing unclothed.

    1. My legs. They’re slim all the way up to my bottom and I love wearing skinny trousers. (unclothed they resemble corned beef and wobble a bit too much for my liking.)

    2. My bum. It’s little and a nice shape. (undressed it seems to have lost some of its tone since having two children.)

    3. My eyes. They’re big, hazel and yet to have crows feet. (without concealer they have dark shadows underneath something I started to get two years ago, ageing sucks)

  22. What a great idea for a post, here goes for my list.

    1. My curly hair – even though I spend most of my time trying to stop the frizz, I love that it goes into natural ringlets.

    2. My ankles- strange I know, but they are quite dainty and I feel sexy when I show them off in heels!

    3. My grey eyes, they are the exact same shade and shape as my grandad’s and as he passed away a few years ago, I find it comforting that he lives on through me and my family.

  23. If you’d asked me to do this 10 years ago I would have crawled up and died, but I find life really does begin at 40 and certainly for me confidence grows too! I am now nearly 49….where does the time go?!

    So here goes!

    1. Eyes……used to be brown, but as I’ve got older have turned hazel and are made up of lots of different golden colours (especially if I’ve had a cry!)

    2. Have always been naturally tanned… to paint my toe nails to contrast

    3. I will never have a well toned body but I go to the gym a fair amount and I know my body is strong and I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been (and this is someone who didn’t do PE for the last 4 yrs of school as my biology teacher used to write me notes and I’d help him instead watering the plants and cleaning out the fish!!!)

    I also think if you have more confidence you do become more attractive….I’m sure I get more attention as I get older….I’d never admit this to anyone I know though!!!

  24. Hmmm…this is not an easy task.
    1) I too think my eyes are quite pretty, they are big and a nice browny greeny colour.
    2) Even after a million operations and a skin graft my legs also have a good shape and I have skinny ankles.
    3) I have nice shaped feet and toes….they are well propotioned, toes not too long! πŸ™‚

  25. Late to the party on this one… Does it just have to be about looks? I like lots of things about ‘me’ but not so much about my looks… wonky nose and teeth for starters….
    oh ok then…..
    1. I go in at the middle, so I have an hourglass figure even when I am a bit heavier
    2. I like my eyes, they are ‘smiling eyes’ and they have a bit of brown, green, tinge of blue and even flecks of amber sometimes…. they look different in different light
    3. I love my girls… they are rounded, and look pretty pert still

    ok that was hard

  26. Love this post Rebecca! You are such a beauty with dreamy eyes & a very wise lady too.

    I’ve been focusing far too much on my negatives lately when really, there is so much to feel positive about! Although not blessed with model good looks, I have my health, all my limbs and a husband who loves me as I am. Here are my 3 best bits:

    1. My eyes are a pretty pale blue shade and remind me of my gran
    3. My bottom, it’s big but shapely!
    2. My smile ~ it’s kind of goofy and I’ve got an overbite but having spent years hiding my teeth with a pursed lipped pouty smile, I now embrace the full on cheesy grin and think I look far better for it!

    I feel all empowered now πŸ™‚ xx

  27. Good timing…I’m having a fat day after breaking my golden rule of never weighing myself.

    1. My hair, it’s a mess, not straight, not curly, not shiny, but there’s a lot of it so it’s impossible for me to have a flat hair day

    2. My back, I have a mantra of “if it’s not all about the cleavage it’s all about the backage” and I will jump into a backless dress/top at Amy opportunity, can’t wait to wear my sheer back wedding dress next year!

    3. My eyelashes are pretty long so I don’t have to wear mascara every day

  28. Thought I’d give it a go as this post really helped me with that confidence boost we all need once in a while. This was hard to do…

    1. I have good skin – apart from the odd spot now and again and eczema on my hands my skin is clear and generally ‘glowy’… I like that because I hate wearing foundation.

    2. I like my eye area- my eyes are very blue and quite cat-like yet large in shape and I have dark thick eyebrows; both of which other people tend to be jealous of… so I can’t complain about those.

    3. I’m hourglass shaped. My rear end is… large… and while I might have had comments about my ‘fat ass’ in the past people now tend to compliment it and I have learned to love it myself haha

    All of that is balanced out, however, by uncontrollable eye bags, a larger silhouette than desired, freakishly large hands, leg and arm muscle when it is not wanted, big unruly hair and a truly awful nose. I am slowly learning to accept those things like I have the rest… and thank you for this post!!!

  29. Talk about being late to the party I actually looked up this post today having remembered it from the first time around. Have been feeling particularly negative about myself lately, I’ve put on a few pounds, not been to the gym in over a year and really indulged with eating and drinking. My motto is always to live in the moment as who knows what’s around the corner, I hate depriving myself or avoiding social circumstances just because of a diet. But this attitude has caught up with me and I feel a little rubbish for it in the way I look. So YES I really need this right now, the post and all your comments have encouraged me no end and started to lift that little black cloud hanging over me. Lets see if I can dissolve it completely. Here goes:

    1. My eyes. They change colour depending on how I feel sometimes blue sometimes green but I’ve always lived them, had lots if compliments about them and can always make myself feel better with a slick if eyeliner and mascara to accentuate them. Oh and my eyelashes are pretty long too.

    2. My legs. Like Rebecca it’s the one part of my body that never gives the game away if I gain a few lbs, they are quite slim and shapely I’m definitely a skirt/dress girl just wish our British weather would play ball more to allow me to wear them more often as I’m not a huge fan of tights.

    3. Um. Yep this ones the hardest. I’d like to say smile but this is something I’ve only learnt these past few years. A smile totally changes how your face looks, it makes you look younger and it just feels good. I used to be a proper frowner, now I try to smile as often as possible, not just for how it looks in the outside but how it makes you feel on the inside.

    So there you have it. Cloud….what cloud? Xx

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