London Fashion Week Street Style: The Cool Hunters

Edit 13.32: Apologies for the downtime readers! I’ve had some issues with my hosting and site database this morning that resulted in the site being taken down whilst the situation was addressed. As a result, I’m scheduling this afternoons post later at 14.30 and then will push back this mornings post to tomorrow. Thanks for your patience! – Rebecca.

Today’s London Fashion Week street style focuses on the cool-hunters, my way of describing the people I spotted who looked great, but I couldn’t in a million years pull off a similar outfit. If you can look beyond the full-on fashion factor however, there is inspiration to be had in dissecting the outfits and taking away single elements of the look. Anything you like here?

Something told me this girl worked for Vivienne Westwood…

Too much black here for me personally, but these girls were embracing the spikes and studs and looking fierce.

Just brilliant. The bag is Kate Spade.

I’m not a guy, hence why I can’t pull this look off, but he just looked cool…

Loved the shorts, loved the brights, loved the lipstick. All grounded with neutrals.

Click through to the gallery to see more!


PS – Spotted yourself here? Send me an email and I’ll add in a link/name.

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5 thoughts on “London Fashion Week Street Style: The Cool Hunters

  1. I love the photo of Jameela Jamil (third one down). I’m rather impressed with myself for recognising someone!!
    Some of them have IMO (and I know nothing about fashion), really ugly shoes. I’m sorry, but black socks with white platform sandals, surely that’s a no no?

  2. Ah yes! I knew she was someone famous – in fact I think I knew who she was without remembering the name…) but she was very nice. Most concerned about the prospect of rain on her bag which was covered in actual paper with some kind of treatment on it.

    Re the shoes and scariness, yup, street style is fierce right now, studs, leather, black and platforms designed-to-make-you-weep are going no-where!

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