#JanuaryJoy: Treat Yourself…

Givenchy Antigona bag at Net-A-Porter// Valentino Rockstuds // De La Espada Lounge chair by Matthew Hilton for Heals

So, pay day has either been, or is coming (and can’t come quick enough!) and after a long, dark, grim month I think it’s time to treat yourself. However, I know from reading your comments here, talking about budgets and houses, that the majority of people reading really aren’t in a position to treat themselves. When I was turning over the concept of a treat in my mind, I first of all thought of the age old bag v shoes dilemma every woman is supposed to have. And then I thought, I wonder how many of use would choose to splurge on something for the house instead if you unexpectedly had some money left over, or wanted to mark a big achievement. I know a year or two ago I’d have been straight to the front of the handbag department queue, but give me a bit of spare cash now and I’ll be looking for something for the house without a doubt.

But then when I really think of a treat, I don’t necessarily think of expensive things, it’s the little things and the money can’t buy experience that I really long for. Time to myself with Pete, uninterrupted time in each others company. A long bath with a large glass of ice cold wine and a stack of magazines. A long luxurious lie in followed by breakfast in bed and those magazines again. Blue skies and sunshine warming my skin. Freshly painted nails. A spa facial with a friend…

So, today I have 2 questions for you…

1. For a monetary treat… Shoes, bag or home stuff?
2. For your actual treat as January comes to an end, what do you really want most?


PS. I very almost wrote a fashion post today… Lots of that to come in February 🙂

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10 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy: Treat Yourself…

  1. My monetary treat, something for the house. We have just moved too and I’m loving putting our own stamp on the place.

    For my actual treat, getting my shellac nails redone and my eyebrows waxed. Booked in for this tomorrow. Cant wait!

  2. If I had to pick from one of those three I’d probably choose shoes, but cheat and buy new boots. Had my eye on some in Kurt Geiger that I can’t really justify buying. But I’d really like a night away somewhere, or a spa day, or just a nice meal/day out. I’ve stopped treating myself with ‘things’ so much and prefer to do something instead.

  3. My treat is not to buy anything and keep money in the bank at the end of the month! Instead of splurging on the monthly magazines, I’m reading last months as Christmas was to busy.

  4. I would like TIME. Life and work is so insanely busy at the moment that I never seem to find time to do anything for myself. I would be happy to just have time to relax, but time to actually go and have a facial would be a real luxury. I’ve totally lost interest in ‘things’ like bags/shoes/clothes -have too much clutter around anyway!

  5. For a monetary treat I’d definitely buy something for the house, I’d like some nice new sheets at the moment since we’ve just used the last of our wedding vouchers for pillows & a new duvet. That’s probably then most boring ‘treat’ ever!

  6. I’m with Anita, I’d love some time. Ideally some just me time, as much as I love the husband his brain is working over time at the moment and he wants to talk about the house constantly! Work is super, super busy and I’m still travelling all over the place, so life at the moment is work, house diy, sleep, repeat.

    As for a treat, I’m much the same as you, I would have been at the front of the handbag queue historically but after over a year of not buying anything remotely splurge like, I’d also get something for the house. Like a super cosy faux fur throw to snuggle under on the couch xx

  7. I would probably choose shoes, because at the moment I am on the lookout for some bright but practical trainers to encourage me to get out and embrace the mud when I take my toddler for walks. Usually though home stuff takes priority and I am keen to give my living room a revamp as we approach Spring.
    My actual January treat…I’m going to have a lovely relaxing bath on Saturday morning using the gorgeous Molton Brown bath essence I got for my birthday (with a toddler these things have to be booked in advance!).

  8. I just a spent my money on booking flights for our wedding photographers to come over from Belfast and even if I hadn’t a monetary treat for me would be paying something for the wedding like you ladies are buying for the house.

    I would love a manicure but can’t wear nail polish at work thanks to me health and safety. I would LOVE facial but can’t afford it. I still have my eye on Eve Lom discovery pack since the first week on #januaryjoy though. Waiting for Liz Earle to run out to justify it… 🙂

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