It’s all Gravy…

The last couple of weeks have seen something really exciting but also pretty stressful happening in the Norris household. I’ll share more when I can but while it has all been going on I’ve found my anxiety levels rising about things that are really beyond my control. Things that I just don’t need to worry about.

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When things are going well in my life, I have a tendency towards thinking about the things that could happen to balance out the luck. Potential disasters and tragedies. If everything is going right, when will it all go wrong? It’s a waste of energy of course and could be a negative thought spiral but over the years I’ve learned to just put it to the back of my mind.

On Sunday morning when we were driving back from a night in Glasgow, we were listening to Richard Madeley on R2 interviewing Kat Edmonson. He asked her how heartbreaking it was waiting to be ‘discovered’, and waiting tables in the meantime. Her reply was typically tactful as required of an aspiring superstar but appeared genuine, saying that simply being given her talent was what made her happy and that whilst she could get a little down if her aspirations weren’t being fulfilled, all the rest was gravy. The recognition, the success and the money I suppose. The magical sauce that made everything else she already had on her plate even better.

That and hearing about some people who have been less fortunate recently (with health related problems that life threw at them,) made me think. Really, all the things I now aspire towards are just gravy. Whilst they are important and I’ll always be a goal orientated person, striving to make life that bit better, in many ways it can’t get better. Strip it back and I have a supportive loving husband, amazing friends, a close family, lovely house and job that I love doing. I’m sure many of you could go through that list and tick off most if not all of them too. How often do we count all our blessings and remember how lucky we are? Instead of striving forwards (or worrying about the future,) be grateful for the present. And remember that all the rest is just gravy.

What do you think readers? I hope I have inspired you to count your blessings today 🙂


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9 thoughts on “It’s all Gravy…

  1. Very true words spoken there Rebecca, I too have to count my blessings!
    I had my son through IVF, First attempt, and although I am ever so happy and grateful that I am blessed to have such a gorgeous happy and healthy little boy. Sometimes I do wish I could give him a brother or sister? But then I think of all those childless couples and it reminds me of how lucky my husband and I are, I have changed the way I think now…Instead of thinking about what I have not got I think of how lucky I am and embrace all that I have, ( If that makes sense?) Being a mummy is such a wonderful job and I would not change my life for anything either! 😉 I have a wonderful loving hubby and love both my boys (hubby + son) so much I could burst hehe

    You too will have the same feeling one day soon ;-))
    Amanda xxx

  2. Aww – what a nice post Rebecca!

    Sometimes I feel I need to step back and count my blessings because, I guess like many others, I can get carried away with all the things I want or I wish for. Recently in our household we have had a taste of bitter-sweet because on one hand, my dad is very unwell and we are all trying to come to terms with the fact that life will never be the same for him again. I spend much of my time, wishing it wasn’t happening to him and feeling resentful towards those who have health. Then on the other hand, the family is brimming with joy because my husband and I will be having a baby in November. We have been truly blessed and a baby will help bring happy faces and distraction to the hard times we face at the moment and in the future.

    C’est la vie!


  3. Oh yes – I know this feeling all too well. I often find myself tending towards the negative (as a defence mechanism) and at the very best, a pragmatic view. I do know however that I have these tendancies and so I regularly give myself a “mental slap” to remind me to count my blessings and brighten up! It’s why I’m so busy – when I’m busy I have less time for worry and reflection!

    I’m going through a little bit of life change right now, particularly in relation to the people that surround me. I’ve recently been feeling devastated and upset I’ve been about certain people, that I counted to be my nearest and dearest, have let me down badly.

    However, what’s keeping me positive is that, from this drama have arisen a few shining stars, a few people, who I always knew I could count on, but in recent months have really and truly (and indeed selflessly) come through for me.

    Those people are my blessings.

    And things WILL get better…

    … and when it does all sort itself out, I have made a promise to myself not to start posting those hazy quote images about “who you can and can’t count on” on my facebook page as a “sticky outy tongue” gesture.

    Anyway – therapy session over – Rebecca I am TOTES MEGA WAY excited about whatever your news is! 🙂

    • Victoria, I don’t know what is going on but I’ve recently been there with my (now former) best friend who decided not only that she didn’t want to be a bridesmaid but that she also didn’t want to come to our wedding. She didn’t even text the week before or after my wedding. It was like I was wiped from her life.

      I can’t explain how crappy that was – but as my husband said, I’d got plenty of other friends and family that wished us well – I shouldn’t be hung up on the people that don’t matter. New Motto.

      As an aside, I’m such a want-er in the bad sense of the word. I get really jealous that I want other peoples’ lives. Actually, rephrase that, I want ASPECTS of other people’s lives. I want one friend’s cute baby, another friend’s amazing holiday, another’s ability to eat whatever she wants and be a size 8, another friend’s house. Its so easy to think that you could have a little bit of everyone’s that would make the most perfect life. But actually, when you look at it, the friend with the amazing holidays doesn’t have the baby or the house. Or the friend with the baby doesn’t have a career or the holidays.


  4. Lovely post.

    I started my meds for our first round of IVF only yesterday! It took at least half an hour to do the first injection, trying to get my head around injecting myself and I couldn’t do it – hubby had to do it in the end.

    I feel quite grumpy today at work and seem to have a very short fuse!

    Such an exciting time for us though cant wait for the end result 🙂

    I don’t know what your news is but am sending love, hugs and positivity your way x

  5. Ooh, I am also v v excited by what your news could be!

    I’ve found myself recently comparing my life to a friend’s and wishing I had their house/money/job security etc etc but you’ve made me stop & think. Looking at things now, I have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks Rebecca xxx

  6. Really great post Rebecca.

    My husband and I have had a pretty awful few months with him being diagnosed with an illness, his mum being very unwell, me being unwell and in the midst of this we did our 1st round of IVF which is incredibly stressful on it’s own! It seems to have all happened at once and sometimes you can focus on the negative without stopping, taking a step back and realising how lucky we actually are, we have wonderful family and friends, good jobs etc and of course each other so this was a very timely post, thank you!

    Sending you lots of luck with whatever you news is x

  7. Beautiful post as always, Rebecca 🙂 It’s a bittersweet subject for me… when I stop and think, I realise that I have it good compared to many others – I have a supportive husband and a healthy family, we have a nice house, we get to travel (albeit on the cheap side), we are both in employment… Really, nothing’s missing.

    The things that matter the most in life to me are love and friendship (and God, but fortunately God is always just a prayer away from me). I am loved. And I’m lucky enough to wake up next to the love of my life every day. For many years I convinced myself that that’s all I needed. And yes, the bottom line is, I am happy as long as I’m with my husband! But a few months ago something happened in my life that made me realise how essential to my happiness my friends are… But my friends, those who feel like real brothers and sisters, are all far from me, so half of my daily thoughts are dedicated to how much I miss them and how desperately I want to see them. Money, career, wealth… these are all things I would happily trade in exchange for being with the people I love. At 31 and after 11 years living as an expat, I’m still trying to figure out how to live without the people I love and not being consumed by distance. So every day I try to take stock of the situation and focus on immediate projects, because ‘the gravy’ is the only thing that distracts me from the reality of missing one of the two most important things in my life. It’s a sand castle. Nothing more. Nothing less. The gravy is a palliative for me, but without it I would feel lost.

    I guess the day I will become a parent life will take on a completely new meaning – my child will become number 1 and perhaps distance from friends will become a non-problem 🙂 xxx

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