Instagram Month

It’s time for my Instagram round up again with only one more day left until December and the full on festivities that it brings. You can expect A-LOT of Christmas cheer over the coming month here so get ready!

In the meantime, here’s the best of my November via Instagram, do share your highlights and anything good you’re looking forward to in December!

  • Beach wear that already feels like a distant memory in Sanibel Island, Florida.
  • Neon Nails with Bling it On ring finger
  • Travel in style with Globe Trotter and stripes
  • A new J.Crew necklace
  • Violet nails by Orly (Rio)
  • Thinking pink when it comes to make up – tutorial coming soon…
  • Packing up Pimp it Pretty Lanyards forĀ Dream. Find. Do.
  • Essie’s ‘Lapis of Luxury’ with H&M Gold sparkle polish layered over.

  • Clearwater beach and American dognuts
  • My favourite bookstore in America – Barnes and Noble
  • Probably the most important thing to happen to America all year, Obama got elected back in.
  • Amazing American Salads and stunning sunsets over downtown Miami
  • Retro cars on Ocean Drive and returning to the England’s ‘green and pleasant land’.
  • Getting back to healthy breakfasts – porridge with berries accompanied by a happy cat, back from the cattery.
  • Michelle teaching at Dream. Find. Do. this weekend.
  • Giant sprouting parsnips being harvested at the allotment and winter walks as the last of the leaves fall.
  • Amazing chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream at Malmaison London.
  • Students in class at Dream. Find Do. London.

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