Goodbye for now…

I imagine the title here says it all, but I am writing this to say goodbye and close Florence Finds for business, for a while at least.

For a long time, writing here has been something I have felt I ought to do, rather than wanted to do. Life has slowed down, so I don’t have as much to share, yet become richer and fuller. As a mum and working too, time is precious, free time even more so. In terms of priorities, FF is slipping down the list. Despite my turn of phrase above, this is not my business, my GP practice is and in the current climate that demands more and more of my time too.

I’ve always felt that blogs should be predictable and regular, so readers know when to check in. I’ve failed at that miserably lately and even though I have considered posting on an as-and-when basis, I know I would even then still feel obliged to post. For that reason I have decided to take a break until the end of the year and re-evaluate how I feel then. If I carry on here, it needs to be because I have found a way to do it for me again.

I know it will feel surreal, and I will miss the relationships I have here but if you would like to continue following me or keep in touch, you can find me on Instagram. Thank you for reading for the last 4 years, and take care readers.


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50 thoughts on “Goodbye for now…

  1. Oh gosh Rebecca, I’m so sad but completely understand your reasonings. I remember when you first launched FF and can’t quite believe it’s been 4 years! I’ll miss your posts but will absolutely follow you on Instagram. Best luck xx

  2. Although I’ve never commented on here before, I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed following your journey, so thank you for sharing. Good luck with everything!

  3. Thank you for the posts. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Quite understand your reasons for stopping. Goodbye for now… x

  4. Goodbye for now! I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts even when they’ve not been relevant to my current lifestyle I read them thinking I’m sure I’d come back to them one day. Enjoy the rest of the year! Goodbye for now! xxx

  5. I will miss you (and Bea) very much! Which is a mad thing to say about someone I’ve never met, but I’ve enjoyed your writing so much, and admired your generosity in sharing your thoughts – it has been inspiring. Thank you very much for that, I’ll keep all fingers crossed you do find a way to continue one day, even if much less frequently. Best wishes to you and all your lovely family. Camilla

  6. Hi Rebecca. Totally understand your thoughts – writing should be a joy not a chore. And you certainly have enough to keep you busy now! Personally I am really sad to hear the news as I have always enjoyed your style and your posts, and the variety. I hope the next couple of months gives you the answer you need. x

  7. So sorry to hear that you’re not going to be blogging anymore but totally understand why. I always wonder where people fit the time to blog into their lives? I’d love to have done it but with a toddler (and another on the way), house renovations and my job I go to bed exhausted every day as it is!

    I’ll miss Florence Finds and the great articles you publish! Good luck and hopefully one day I might see you pop up on my blog feed again! xx

  8. I’ve always been in awe at how you have managed to keep up the blog whilst working as a GP and a mummy- and now I’m a mum, even more so! I’ve managed one blog post in 6 weeks and have the ‘need to blog’ weight permanently on my shoulders.

    Sad to see the end of Florence Finds. I’ve been around since the RMW days so it feels like the end of an era but I completely understand your reasons. Go. Enjoy life with your husband and beautiful daughter guilt-free! And well done on achieving what you did xx

  9. Sorry to see you go. It has been a pleasure for me to read your blog, travel your “baby road” and to see your houses change as they have become your own spaces.
    Understand the pressure blogging brings – it’s hard to fill a blank space sometimes whilst at others there just isn’t enough space. But whichever life comes first. Hope you will leave the blog up so that we can check back on post that have interested/inspired your followers.
    Enjoy your family and your career.

  10. Will miss you. But I totally understand. I too feel the urge to write, but just can not find or make the time, it is just so hard when you have a little one and also work full time.
    All the best, hope to keep up with you. Thanks for this always inspiring space.

  11. Thank you for the posts you write, I don’t comment much, but often pop by. Will miss you but understand. By the way, your blog inspired an idle alcove in lounge (where cupboard, telly and books now sit). The telly used to sit in corner on a corner tv stand, and then the rest of alcove space was wasted. Your living room post made me reconsider this space.

    I don’t use instagram or twitter much, so have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


  12. Will miss you loads Rebecca but totally understand. Will be keeping up on Instagram and I do hope you’ll come back someday. Have a wonderful break!

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    As a regular reader I feel quite sad and will miss Florence Finds very much but equally I don’t like the idea that you feel you HAVE to blog, it should surely be something enjoyable and fun – much the same as the enjoyment and fun you’ve brought to your readers over the years, which I think is such an achievement. THANK YOU for all of that inspiration! Have a wonderful rest of 2015 🙂 Bye for now! x

  14. So sorry to read this but completely understand. Have never known how you’ve managed to do it! Have really enjoyed following you over the years. Best of luck for the future. G

  15. Aww you know I will miss your posts but I totally get it. Trying to combine working, motherhood, home life, friends, etc etc and blogging is exhausting and I feel the same with my blog too. It pretty much stopped when Annie turned around 9 months and needed occupying all the time!

    I’m sure you will come back someday! Florence finds has been fab and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Rachie xo

  16. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments readers. It’s making me miss blogging already 🙁 I will certainly miss all of you. I hope I can find a way to make it work in future and will hopefully see you all in 2016!

  17. We will miss you Rebecca, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much and find you very inspiring. Your posts have helped me a lot through the years and I’ll miss logging on each week. Hope it’s not the end, but good luck for everything you do. xxx

  18. Oh! You will most certainly be missed! Enjoy your precious time with your family and if an when ever you decide to return we will be waiting 🙂

    First Unfancy and now you! What shall I do on the internet now?! 😉
    x x x

  19. Sorry to hear this, but it sounds like it’s for the best reasons. Not a frequent commenter, but I’m a regular reader and I’ve always been a bit in awe of how you’ve managed to find the time for everything! Thank you for all of your inspiration over the years. Enjoy spending time with your family for the rest of this year, and I do hope you’ll be back at some point.

  20. All the best Rebecca, I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts.

    As the lovely ladies above have said, I don’t know how you have managed to fit everything in! I will continue to follow you on Instagram, best wishes for 2016.

  21. As all the others have said Rebecca, Florence Finds will be missed. However it’s so hard fitting everything in with motherhood and a job – I know from experience! As they say, sometimes a change is as good as a rest and I hope you find that some me time helps you reassess things. I will certainly be following you on Instagram and completely understand your reasons for stopping. Much love xxx

  22. I will really miss your blog but I have no idea how you’ve fit it in to your life! The baby years are so short so enjoy them while you can!

  23. Totally understand. I have loved reading your blog from the beginning. Hopefully we can still catch a glimpse of your world on Instagram. Thank you for all your hard work and time. Katie x

  24. Aww, sad to see your blog go but I totally understand. Living life rather than worrying about blogging it is more important. Enjoy your precious free time xx

  25. Goodbye for now Rebecca. I have really enjoyed reading your fantastic articles here on Florence Finds and have taken lots of inspiration from them. Wishing you luck for the future.

  26. So sorry to see you go Rebecca but completely understandible. I’ve loved reading about your adventures over the last four years. Will look forward to seeing many more on Instagram. Enjoy your time with your family, they are much more important. All the best. Xx

  27. Totally understand leaving the blog at the point Rebecca. How you have managed to keep up with it, along with the rest of your life has always amazed me, so hopefully now leaving the blog with give you more time for life and your baby (and maybe a second..? 🙂

    Good luck with everything and do let us know if you decide to come back, x

  28. Ah, I am so sad to hear this as I will miss your blog and have also followed you since the RMW days! I totally understand your reasons though and you have to prioritise yourself, your family and what really matters.
    I’ve loved your writing and features. So much of what you say and post has resonated. As a fellow mummy who works full time I take my hat off to you for giving us so much via your blog for as long as you have. Thank you. See you on Instagram! Xxx

  29. Whhhat???
    Oh Rebecca, I am really sad to read your Florence Finds news. I understand why you want to/need to call it a day and although I totally-definitely-absolutely want to be as cool and supportive about it as the others are on here…the selfish reader in me is just so sad that your blog won’t be there any more. I have loved your writing over the years and although our lives are very different, I have always found your posts interesting- especially the house and style ones and of course the family bits (I could really relate to these as I had my little girl a month after you had Bea). Good luck Rebecca and a big thank you for your lovely blog, it has been a joy!

  30. Oh no! I completely understand and appreciate why you’ve come to the decision, this whole thing shouldn’t be a chore. Life is already busy enough! However, I have loved reading your blog posts particularly on FF but I’ve been a fan of your writing since the YAYW and RMW days. You’ve a wonderful style of writing and the posts were always varied, relevant, interesting and thought provoking (but never in a twee or condescending way some blogs can come across).

    Good luck with whatever the future holds and have a wonderful Christmas & New Year x

  31. As you can see, your readers will miss you very much! I have been reading FF since it very first started and have always much enjoyed the mixture of fashion, travel, discussion, interiors and – particularly over the last 15 months – reflections on motherhood and work.
    All the best with your future endeavours and especially with Bea. I’ll be watching with interest if you ever want to return to writing publicly.

  32. Hi Rebecca, so sad to hear you won’t be writing for now, although I can completely understand, I don’t know how you look after Bea, work and blog!! I’m trying to start up my photography business and am not even working at the moment and I barely find time to do anything photography related on top of housework / school run & chasing after the munchkins!! I’ve been an avid reader (although was more of a reader than a commenter) since your RMW days & when you first set up FF and have loved the content and style of your blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading all about your house renovations and journey through motherhood but something has to give at the end of the day if it’s becoming a chore rather than a something you enjoy. I hope these next few months give you time to spend with your family and maybe we will see you back in 2016!! I follow you on instagram so hope to see more house updates on there 🙂 All the best for the rest of the year xx

  33. I’m sad to hear this news, I’ve followed you from RMW and loved your style of writing, interesting posts and fashion tips! I completely understand though, my daughter is around the same age as Bea and I work part time and I honestly can’t understand how you found the time to squeeze it all in! Very impressive. Good luck to you. X

  34. Really sorry to hear this Rebecca but, as the others have said, it’s pretty understandable! I’ve also followed since RMW days (although this is my 1st comment!) and I have enjoyed the diversity of posts. I love your flair with interiors and have been inspired by your garden posts too, as well as the fact you always seem to have a new project on the go. I had a little girl 2 years ago and work full time. It’s tough! Enjoy your beautiful Bea and your gorgeous home and garden for a while, and hopefully we’ll hear more from you next year. Abi x

  35. I too have been reading your posts since YAYW and RMW. You have filled many a boring lunch hour and inspired many purchases and holidays! thank you
    I wish you all the best, whatever you decide xxx

  36. Oh no I am sad to see this! I love your blog and read it weekly going back to your pregnancy updates and now baby, as a new mummy. You also inspir d me to buy rose gold converse back in March! Good luck and hope to see your return in 2016 with house, style and baby news 🙂

  37. Oh no really sorry about this! I always check in everyday to se if there’s a new blog! It’s been helpful for me as I always seem to be one step behind you….marriage, house renovation and now babies! I will still follow on Instagram and will be coming to the next sling social to try them out! Big thanks!!!!!!! Sending love Elena x (mrseggsbenedict on Instagram!)

  38. I’ll miss the blog but I’m not surprised time is precious, you’ve got a very busy life! With my baby now 4 months old I’m still using all your posts about how you managed things with Bea, I was rereading the one about moving them into their own room just the other night! Wishing you all the best.

    Ruth x

  39. Hi,

    I followed you here from RMW. You were honest in your writing, there was never any spin or gloss and that’s what has been missing since you left RMW.

    Other blogs can leave me feeling queasy at how perfect they try to pretend life is and you just always made me feel like a friend. It is funny to know so much about a stranger and know that they are a decent, warm and intelligent human being.

    I will miss checking in, you have a blog to be proud of but I understand your reasons and I admire you greatly.

    Take care! Xx

  40. Gutted, but totally understand. Workng and being amum is HARD work. I often wonder how you find time to blog as well. Enjoy the rest and remember we will love to have you back if you deside you can carry on with the blog in the new year. Big Hugs xxxxxx

  41. Ah so sorry to read this – I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years and loved your authentic content, your home renovation posts are great and your posts on parenting have been so honest. Completely understand why you would stop though – have a good break x

  42. Well done on making such a tough decision. I’ve loved your blog and will certainly miss checking in; I’ve really enjoyed seeing you transform your beautiful home and embark on a wonderful journey with your daughter. I’m not a regular blog user but yours has always felt intelligent and real. As a busy teacher, new mum and in the midst of house renovations I have learnt so much and been inspired countless times. The new baby checklist and baby wearing posts were particularly great…. Now if I could only find a woven wings sling in stock!

  43. I’m so sorry that you that you are having to stop blogging!!! Life is so busy! You have made the right decision.

    I started to read your blog when I was pregnant with my little man. He was born in July and your posts about Bea have been so useful! (Our pram decision and many others were inspired by your blog!)

    I am also a GP so know the pressures this involves! Would you ever consider having more guest bloggers to lighten your load? It seems that you have a lot of like minded people following you! I would love to contribute if you did!

    Hopefully see you back soon!! X x

  44. Awww feels a bit like an old friend is moving away. Will miss your refreshing, informed and honest writing and following the progress of beautiful little Bea. I often look back on the archives for your posts as I watch my own little girl growing up a year behind. Good luck xxx

  45. Have fun on your time off and discover lots of new things with your little one.
    Only been able to read a few of your posts. And even though I don’t have a little person the posts I have read I have enjoyed.

    Maybe read you soon

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