Get your glow on: Part 1 [Skincare]

A little while back, Gemma asked me if I had any tips for getting her skin glowing for spring and it reminded me that whilst we’re thinking about spring cleaning our homes and gardens, our skin usually needs some TLC too. Whether you need to increase moisture after the harsh winter weather, or have problem skin that needs a kick up the backside before you look radiant in the new longer daylight, I thought I’d share my favourite skin brighteners.

Obviously, (given my background) I don’t believe in quick fixes or that a pot of cream or a face mask is going to light your skin up from within and completely solve a problem, but these are the items I turn to when my skin is in crisis and I’d love to hear yours…

Chanel Precision Hydramax Active Moisture Mask.
In the past, despite skin that is prone to breakouts, I’ve always been told that my skin is of the dry type so I bought this after seeing it recommended in a magazine. Now I use Eve Lom, I don’t need it as much but when my skin is a bit lack-lustre, or overly dry, I slather it on and it does make an instant difference to the level of hydration. You can rinse it off, (although I’d always recommend avoid water when trying to hydrate your skin as it’s a drying agent after all,) or wipe it, or leave it on over night when you’re really desperate and just massage it in.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask.
Unquestionably my favourite and the only mask I have ever used that makes a difference to a breakout. If my skin is playing up and I have an event looming I plaster this on and let it dry then rub it off and finally wipe the remains away. It has a medicinal smell with skin clearing herbs and calming ingredients and I find that 24-48 hours later my skin that was previously on a roll with breakout after breakout is mysteriously calm. This mask beats the fight out of it and I love it.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.
First off, I really don’t rate the Dermalogica range. I know many of you will disagree but it just doesn’t suit my skin and I find it overly stripping and drying. That said, this exfoliator is great. It really smooths and brightens my skin and I use it once or twice a week in the shower as a little boost.

Origins Modern Friction.
Another exfoliator that I really rate is this thick gritty paste from Origins. Massaged into dry skin and then removed with a wet cloth it really does the job of refreshing the skin and brightening it up. I know my sister is a fan and if you’re ok with wash off cleansers then this is a great choice. It also comes in a body version.

So, those are my favourite pick-me-ups, perfect for revealing spring fresh skin. They won’t change your life (perhaps with the exception of the Eve Lom rescue mask!) but they might help you choose your next skin care treat. Next week I’m going to share my favourite make-up picks to give the illusion of instant radiance and healthy looking clear skin.

If you’ve used any of the items I’m recommending then please let me know, or if you have a product to share that gives skin a boost at this lack-lustre time of year.

Lots of Glowing Love,

14 thoughts on “Get your glow on: Part 1 [Skincare]

  1. I’m in love with REN Glycolic Peel Mask. It’s light, gentle, but leaves your skin glowing and baby soft. Friends always comment on my skin when I’ve used it x

  2. I am an utter devotee of the Eve Lom Cleanser. Nothing makes my skin feel so clean and smooth. Feels like a mini mask every day.

    I have discovered the most amazing foundation/balm this year so look forward to see if you mention it in your make up post! x

  3. My skin remains the worst it’s been since my teens…sigh. Thank god for good foundation…but I don’t want to be wearing foundation in the coming summer months!

    I have tried and tried to love Modern Friction. I love the rest of the Origins range, and I know so many MF devotees, but it just doesn’t work for me – I hate the paste consistency and it doesn’t seem to brighten my skin. I do, however, love their Never A Dull Moment face polisher. It smells like heaven and never fails to perk me up in the shower.

    A brilliant moisture boost is Origins “Drink Up” mask. It applies like a thick cream and you can wipe it off after ten minutes, or if you prefer as I do you can let it soak in. It feels like rain on your face.

    • my skin is as bad as it was when I was a teen, too… what is WITH that? something to do with the water in London? I have just bought a natural japanese exfoliating sponge thing which I’m using instead of a cloth, it’ve very fine and seems to be working well, but I can’t remember what it’s called as I bought it in Spain… I second the love of Eve Lon but will have to give nevera dull moment a go!

  4. Another vote for the Origins Never A Dull Moment here! Smells a bit like apricot jam, but if you massage it in and then leave it for a few minutes it really softens and smooths skin. To the extent my husband notices, which I think is the acid test on these things. I also don’t get on woth Modern Friction – drys my skin out :(

    I would also recommend the Sanctary masks/scrubs you can get in Boots. Any of their heating masks or scrubs I find great for my skin. Slightly up the price scale the Bliss Oxygen mask is pretty good too!

  5. My skin is having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, you wouldn’t know from a distance but up close it’s not the best.

    Some areas feel tight and then my nose is oily and dry at the same time (which I didn’t think was possible!!) and to be honest, I just don’t know which products/brands would be suitable.

    If anyone has any advice, then it would be much appreciated :-)


  6. I agree about Dermalogica, it doesn’t suit my skin either.

    I love the whole Hydramax Range by Chanel, especially the cream moisturiser ans serum, they are expensive and don’t really last long but they work!

    I recently tried the Avene Clearance K cleanser which is available at boots and it really helped with breakouts and didn’t leave my skin tight or dry at all. If fact their whole range is very gentle and kind to skin.

    My best advice to anyone with skin problems is to keep your routine simple and use products that are plant or naturally derived with as little chemicals as possible in them.

  7. Morning girls!

    Ok, that’s done it, I’ve been meaning to write a post on medical skin care and I’m going to have to get on with it. The products I’ve talked about here are lovely, but they’re to enhance you skin and none of them, nor any other on the shelf beauty product will deal with adult acne like a prescription drug.

    I’m on it!


      • Excellent. I’ll look forward to it. My skin’s been so bad the past year (I’m 29, not 15 for god sake!) and my doctor referred me to the dermatologist. It’s slow going and my skin’s still not brilliant but it’s improving and they’re very understanding and sympathetic to stupid adult spots.

    • That would be great. I used to go to the GP for skin care help when I was about 14, and to be honest I don’t think my skin is any better than it was back then. I have been thinking about returning to the GP but wondered if it was bad enough (secretly because Adult acne is so embarressing!)

  8. I think I’m alone with my skin woes, mine is oily and I have yet to find a product that helps to tame it. I have never tried any of the bigger name brands, liek those you mentioned because I am worried they are going to be a waste of money, I mean I can handle chucking something away that doesnt work if its under a tenner, but anything over that I would insist on using it til the end! So anyone else with oily skincare wonder products – Fess up!

    • Like you Gemma I suffer from very oily skin especially my forehead. I get spots too but these tend to me on my chin and jawline. I have tried liz earle which was lovely but didnt help the oiliness, and also clinique 3 steps but find them to have quite a drying effect on the rest of my face without actually helping the shiny forehead issues! Would also welcome oily skin recommendations!

    • Gemma try using some products through QVC, everything comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can literally use a product for two weeks or so and if it isn’t working for you send it back for a full refund. You have only paid the postage. I ordered the Eve Lom cleanser on Saturday (they had it on special with free P&P cost and a free mini rescue mask!) I have never used it before and always wanted to but was worried about the price. This way I get to give it a go and see if it works with a full money back guarantee :D

      ps you still doing the 30 day shred dvd??

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