Friday Frock O’clock

Spring Bloom Flared Shirt Dress, French Connection

Last week when Friday Frock was a little late in making an appearance, I asked for you guys to step in on twitter and share your Friday finds and lust-have’s. Two of you recommended this dress, which is a bit more retro fabulous that I would usually wear but the print is absolutely gorgeous and I like the different colour ways. (For those of you, like me, who prefer a little less of a retro look, there is a Spring Bloom Flared Dress version, without the shirt front – also a little more formal for occasions.)

Ever a fan of dressing up however, I can totally see this with flat plimsols, a wicker mini cross body bag, cat eye sunglasses and a bicycle, on an english country lane.

Wat do you think ladies – hit or miss for you? Have a great weekend,


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9 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I was one of the two I think- it arrived last Saturday and I love it so much- it feels very last-golden-days-of-the-30s chic. It’s so flattering too, it makes me look really tall and slender as the skirt puffs out just the right amount. Wearing it to a wedding with nude peep toes and to the cricket with sandals and just can’t wait! I went for the light blue with lily of the valley but both prints are gorgeous and the cotton fabric is so light and soft. xxx

  2. Oh I love it. Both versions, as the bateau-ish neck of the one without the shirt-front is also super pretty.
    Oh dresses come to me, and with them, dress-friendly weather please!

  3. I LOVE this… although it niggles me slightly – £90 for a cotton shirt dress? maybe when we’re not buying a house 😉 Happy Bday Rebecca, btw! xx

  4. Oh this is lovely, I would very much like to buy the lighter coloured one but alas I cannot afford it so I shall content myself with looking at it. A lot.


  5. ooooh catching up on all my fave blogs this evening – wowsers really love the pale blue one – think I may need this for some up and coming wedding fairs I have – need to make a good impression 😉 xx

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