Friday Frock O’clock

In a slight break with tradition today, I have a Friday Frock enhanced by some what-to-wear style photos, starring my sister Francesca. She and I are very similar facially but have completely different body shapes (Francesca has a fabulous hourglass figure) and as a result we dress very differently. I often think that many of you reading may not identify with my body shape and so I seized the opportunity when I saw Francesca wearing this dress last weekend over Easter – a dress that I would never normally wear and so would be unlikely to choose for Friday Frock, but which looked beautiful on her.

Mexican Print Dress, £60

The dress is from Oasis and the china blue floral pattern looked so great with the coral belt, (which comes with the dress) and coral patterned hem, that I had to share it here.

As you can see, Francesca is wearing it dressed down with a coral cardigan (old,) loafer flats and tights, but it would just as easily work for a garden style wedding in summer as it has a very pretty v-back to complement the boat necked front. You know how I like to get multiple uses out of a dress!

Happy Weekend Readers!


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10 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I love this dress. Your sister has pretty much my exact body shape, and seeing how good it looks on her, I’m tempted to rush out and buy it!

  2. This dress is beautiful! I would totally wear it, and Gemma C-S, I had to go back and look at the nails. Also inspired to go crazy on my fingers now (I normally just wear variations of pink / peach / coral, and if I am being adventurous it’s fucsia or red).

  3. This dress is lovely, and it suits your sister so well! Would love to see more ‘real life’ pictures of the friday frocks, as it can be difficult to see how they would look in reality!

  4. Like the feature on dress for a different body shape. Can I make a request please for breastfeeding friendly dress feature?? As a breastfeeding mum clothes are so hard and most made for feeding are maternity too so very baggy etc. Its hard to find nice dresses with decent boob access! In fact breastfeeding clothes that don’t look shapeless are pretty hard to come about anyway!

    • Totally second this! I am BF and used to be such a dresses girl. Now I stick to leggings and tops which is so dull. Would love some normal dresses that could work for bf – the specifically designed ones can be a tad frumpy…

  5. Your sister looks fantastic. I’d noticed that dress in Oasis but now think I might go back and try it on. Love the real life Friday frock!

  6. I love this dress and also have an hourglass figure so often find the Friday frock choices don’t really do it for me. Love the idea of showcasing dresses for different body types. And your sister looks gorgeous! X

  7. I love this dress! A couple of my friends have already snapped this up so unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to do so as well without looking like a right little copy cat! Oasis have so many beautiful things at the moment!

    Lucy x

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