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Just after Easter I am going to a friends wedding and my thoughts have already turned to what I’m going to wear. Usually I love occasion wear shopping but this year I’m just not finding anything that I have fallen in love with. After a day scouring the shops and a bit of online hunting however I have come up with two options. For a bit of Friday fun I thought I’d put together two whole outfits using the dress as the key item and let you guys vote on your favourites. I’m pretty torn it has to be said.

Pleated cross over dress, MANGO // Bag and Shoes, Caroline Issa for LK Bennett // Belt, MANGO

This options gets points for versatility. It’s a slightly more casual dress style so has lots of potential for re-wearing during the summer months plus the accessories are absolutely killer. I LOVE the Caroline Issa for LK Bennett collection and think they would become wardrobe staples for many a year to come.

Lace panel dress, Warehouse // Shoes, Zara // Bag, Ted Baker // Bracelet, J.Crew

Outfit two is on-trend (monochrome), on budget (Dress + shoes = £115) and without doubt would be super flattering with that panelled lace detail. It’s a much more glamorous and elegant look with a bit of a modern twist.

So ladies, cast your votes… which is your favourite look?


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81 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Whilst number 1 is absolutely gorgeous (especially that bag and shoe combo) I think number 2 is a bit more dressy for a special occasion and definitely looks far more luxe than it costs! 🙂

  2. Number 2 is way more chic wedding – I love the way you’ve accessorised number 1 though. Takes quite an ordinary dress into something very interesting! Very excited that we’re finally getting a Mango in Leeds soon….


  3. For the wedding, I have to agree with the others and say, number 2. But, but, but, you absolutely have to get those Caroline Issa shoes. I want them so bad. And so many possibilities to wear them too…

  4. I think number 2 is lovely – and due to the clever lace panelling, very flattering, I imagine.

    Although I do have some friends (ok, that’s pushing it – acquaintances. None of my good friends would have cared) who would have thrown an absolute hissy fit if anyone had turned up to their wedding in a white frock. Is that still a thing these days? Are white/nude/cream wedding guest dresses a no-no?

  5. I would say two, too! Think those monochrome panelled ladylike shapes still have ‘legs’ to carry us through this season and poss into next. Plus at the rate the weather is going, the second dress might end up being a chic working of winter white!! Xx

  6. Have to agree with the majority that 2 is more glam and has the potential as an all year round dress. Also agree with Amanda that those Caroline Issa accessories *need* to be purchased. So many potential outfits options you’d certainly get value for money!


  7. No 2 is the nicest I think! Plus it would look gorgeous on you.

    FYI – not sure if the affiliate links won’t let you go directly to an item, but the warehouse dress is clicking through to their homepage rather than the dress.

  8. Number 1 is exactly what Im looking for for a wedding I have coming up just after Easter – but it is quite a relaxed wedding. There’s more room for dinner in that dress too! Wonder if my nearest House of Frasers Mango concession ahs that dress in…

  9. I’m going to go against the grain here and say number 1! I have to go to a wedding in April and I have looked at that Mango dress, but I still haven’t bought anything. It’s in Cyprus so I don’t want anything too fitted or formal, or anything that’ll crease badly in my suitcase, and it’s proving a nightmare to get something suitable. The accessories on option 1 are so tremendous, I might have to get that clutch bag!

  10. Number 2 is best – but aside from being white (matching the bride??) you’ll need to watch it doesn’t make you look really really pale…I know I can’t wear white even in the summer!

  11. Hands down No 1 for me. I am loving the Caroline Issa for LK Bennett collection too – I see it every day on my way to/from work and it’s even more gorgeous in real life. Plus I love the colour of the dress and it’s versatility. In fact I might have to have a quick look on the Mango website for that dress for myself….

  12. Ooooh I’m so torn! I love 1 and wonder whether, from an investment point of view, that may be better because I can see it worn in lots of different ways, both dressy and casual. That said, 2 is flipping gorgeous.

    If you fancy doing more wedding outfit putting-togethering Rebecca I am in desperate need of advice on how to attend a wedding wearing flats! I’m just off crutches and will not be back in to heel territory by 6 April, but am only 5 foot 3 and really need my heels so figure I need to combat that outfit wise. You know, just if you happen to have the time 😉

  13. I love outfit no 2 but I don’t think I’d wear white to a wedding so I’d go for outfit 1! They are both lovely xx

  14. Number one, and here’s why:

    1. It’s such a lovely, bright spring palette. No 2 is a bit cheerless for a wedding (and that’s coming from someone who LOVES monochrome).

    2. Those shoes. That bag. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

    3. White to a wedding is still a no-no for me.

    3a. White to any event where you’re going to be standing around with open drinks and/or eating anything other than white food is a no-no with me. But then, I’m spectacularly clumsy.

    4. Number one looks like it has much more movement and give to it, perfect for eating and dancing (which is what weddings are all about, no?). If I wear a super form-fitting dress, I find myself dancing like a bit of a robot. Of course, if that’s your signature dance move, then by all means carry on.

    5. SHOES! BAG!

  15. Just as a side note… I’m amazed at how many people have commented on the ‘white for a wedding’ thing, not least because I count this as B&W… for example, would a white dress with big black polka dots also be ‘white’?

    Anyway, I digress. Quick poll. Lets reverse the psychology.
    How many of you would mind if someone wore white to your wedding?
    (I think this is an odd concept, because a. I wouldn’t have even noticed had someone done so at mine, and b. I think the reticence is about a fear of being judged that you want to steal the limelight from the bride, and seriously, who can possibly do that? The bride is always the main event at a wedding!)

    • I dunno, I think it’s less about what the bride thinks and more about propriety. I wouldn’t wear bright pink polka dots to a funeral (unless bright colours were requested) – it’s not like the person whose funeral it is could care less, so it’s just a matter of social convention. But then, I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart. I prefer to play around within the parameters of what’s considered socially acceptable – wearing a maxi skirt and silk blouse rather than a dress, for example (man, I’m such a REBEL).

      I probably wouldn’t have given two hoots if someone had worn white to my wedding, but I personally would feel a wee bit awkward wearing white to a wedding. But that’s just a personal thing – if it doesn’t bother *you*, then by all means go for it! You would look amazing in that dress for sure.

      • Someone wore white lace to my wedding, and although it was a short dress and she had a coloured belt with it, the way her hair was done when we stood next to each other the sleeves of her dress looked quite Kate Middleton’s wedding dress-esque. Which I didn’t have a particular problem with, but my Grandma etc certainly did! Said guest then stayed at the church for the wedding after ours (that’s a small town for you) and the second bride was ROPEABLE. White lace is different though, I think, than a netural bodycon etc.

          • I’d never have noticed if anyone wore white. For all I know they could have. My mum wore a monochrome dress and jacket.

    • Hmmm it hadn’t even occurred to me that it was black and white, but actually I have always thought it wasn’t the best idea to wear white to a wedding. Don’t know why I didn’t notice, but maybe that’s the thing, because it’s black and white and not JUST white it detracts enough from it. I have to say in response to Kirsty re the dancing/form fitting thing, that is a very good point and I’d probably be swung in the direction of 1 because of it, but then I don’t tend to feel confident in tight fitting things anyway so it may be a personal thing.

      • Like others, I wouldn’t actually mind if anyone came in white to my wedding, but I think it’s more that not everyone will necessarily feel that way – just because I wouldn’t mind doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. And of course no-one can steal the limelight from the bride, and probably no-one will even think that, but when there are so many other options available why take the risk? Not worth it in my opinion!

        • Also, its such a widely known concept that ‘you don’t wear white to a wedding’, that when someone deliberately goes against that it almost seems like they are making a statement. It’s all so outdated and stressful! So much easier for men…

          • I don’t think I’d have minded if someone had worn white to my wedding and obviously nobody can steal the limelight from the bride but I have been a guest at a wedding when someone did wear a cream/white dress and a few others commented. I think perhaps my view is just a bit traditional and old fashioned maybe x

    • To be honest, I think I would mind. Not necessarily that dress, with the black on it… But if someone turned up in a white dress, then yes. I wouldn’t be impressed.
      Maybe on the day I won’t really care. But it strikes me as rude (I’ve seen it happen at a friend’s wedding, she didn’t really notice but others commented on it and you could totes see her underwear…)

      • I’ve worn white to a wedding but then it was a suit (it was VB chic at the time if you remember). I would FREAK if someone wore white to my wedding but then this maybe because:
        1. I am a control freak
        2. My bridesmaids are in white and its obvious from our invitations that white and nude is the colour scheme (I would never wear blue to a wedding if the invitations were blue etc)
        3. Not all dresses are white glittery ballroom gowns anymore. Now that there is a penchant for short 1950s style dresses or tea length dresses or slinky gowns its much more likely that wearing white would be too similar to the bridesmaids or even the bride.

        I think you’d be safe with two but then its because I just tried to find it in the Warehouse around the corner from my office. I love it that much!

        • Having seen the ‘B’ dress in real life and with a friend who’s due to wear it to a wedding v soon… I can vouch that it isn’t actually white as the picture suggests… it’s more of a blush/nude in real life.

          A couple of guests wore ivory/cream to my wedding to be honest, I didn’t mind in the slightest as it’s not as if their dresses looked bridal in the slightest!!

          • Another thought to add to this… if you had told me prior to my wedding that someone was going to wear white, I think I may have had an instant reaction that it was not cool at all, but on the day someone did and I didn’t notice until afterwards and I let that guide my decisions going forwards. Plus no-one else noticed either. My MIL worse monochrome white with big black spots to our wedding and someone worse the reverse of it!

        • I think I’ve changed my mind. I went shopping today and the personal shopper in Coast bought me a white long sleeved frock and the most humongous black hat and shoes…..and I REALLY wanted it. Desperately. Bit much for SIL wedding do you think?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t wear white. That’s partly because it’s a colour that basically looks horrific on me, but more because of propriety, I guess.

      The bride might not mind (or she might) but it’s distinctly possible that you could offend her beloved, but traditional, grandma, or her favourite godmother, or some other person really important to her, and cause strife without even knowing about it. Why take the risk of upsetting someone?

    • Ok, so I actually wore a white dress to my brother’s wedding. Albeit a white, heavily patterned dress in turquoise and lilac, which were the colors we were supposed to choose from. I did ask the bride (sister in law) before getting it if she would mind / was comfortable with me wearing it, and she approved it, and actually loved it. Then again the pattern kind of stood out against the white background. This was the dress:

      On a side note, it used to be that bridesmaids wore the same color as the bride (white / creamy tones) as was done during the Royal wedding to scare away and confuse the evil spirits / gazes away from the bride, as to protect her.

  16. Why are you making me chooooooose?!

    I like one for a wedding and two for an event that doesn’t involve food or drink. I’d ruin that dress in seconds! 🙁

    Re the whole white to a wedding argument… it’s a tricky one. I wouldn’t do it, but only because I’ve seen the fall out of what happened when someone did! My mum and a certain guest haven’t spoken since my parents’ wedding (circa 36 years ago) because said guest wore a floor length, white, strapless dress to what was a very traditional Catholic wedding (half my mum’s family are clergy from southern italy and were rather scandalised from what i hear!). I suppose the arguments there are not only about the white but also about the straplessness… but, fast forward to my wedding 3.5 years ago and the same guest arrived in a white trouser suit and lots of white glitz and glitter.

    Was I bothered? No. Was my mum bothered? YES!!!!

    I think it’s an old school thing, but a lot of guests at weddings are old school, so to avoid issues I just steer clear! Also I’d ruin a white dress in seconds, so that’s my main reason for avoiding it at events that involve foodstuffs…

    • Ha the bride to be sitting next to me just said ‘I don’t mind if someone wears white to my wedding, I’ll just say to the photographer ‘don’t take any photos of that person please!!’ ha ha ha

  17. I Have to say I prefer outfit 2. I love outfit 1 too, but just think number 2 is a bit more glamorous. I think your choice should probably come down to what type of wedding it is though. Is it big Church with grand reception (outfit two) or a more relaxed Garden affair (outfit one)?
    With regards to wearing white at a wedding, I would never do it. I would just feel like people were judging me. But I’m with you Rebecca I don’t see your outfit choice as being ‘white’. It is definitely Monochrome, especially with your accessories.
    I have 2 wedding outfit dilemmas. The first is a May Bank Hol Wedding in a church, with Marquee reception. The problem is they don’t have a reception venue yet. I could be in a field! So heels or no heels? Maxi or knee-length?
    Then wedding two in July is a Cathedral Wedding with Garden Party reception! The service will be really formal and reception super casual.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated! 🙂
    Good luck choosing Rebecca, you will look super stylish whichever you pick!

  18. I love number 1. It’s fun and floaty, elegant and feminine. It can also be dressed up or down, which I think is a key quality in a dress these days. The accessories are stunning and would set you apart (but not steal the limelight) 🙂

    I think black and white is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding. You have the figure for the second dress but the coral would suit you more. Besides I bet you already own black shoes similar. Invest in the shoes! x

  19. Without a doubt No.1, the perfect spring outfit and the accessories are to die for!
    Whilst 2 is certainly very classic it’s not unique and you run the risk of other guests being in similar outfits.

  20. I vote 1 also – because it looks comfortable and can go through all of the occasions of a wedding. I like the colour.
    And also if it is a more formal wedding then you could do what Amy says and dress it up with a hat/fascinator…

  21. I prefer outfit 1, though that’s mainly because of the accessories! I can’t wait to get my wedding over with so I can have disposable income once again 😉 x

  22. Has to be number one. The amazing colour of the dress and the fun accessories are perfect for spring and I cant believe you would have anything other than a good time wearing it.

  23. Ok, I defo think two would suit YOU the most, ie it’s the most “rebeccarish”. I have always been in envy og your pins ladyee and I think this will highlight your best features. I do however love the bag and shoe combo in outfit one – so I think you should by these and wear them when we have a rather lovely meal at the DFD workshop

  24. Wow, I’m late to the party on this one aren’t I?! And do you know what, I think it’s really hard to decide!! I personally do not look good in uber-fitted dresses like no 2 (way too much of a flabby belly, even though I have slim limbs) so I would never buy that for myself (plus I agree with the others who’ve commented on how quickly a white dress would get mucky!) but I think it would look stunning on you Rebecca. No 1, although I love the colour of the dress, I think is possibly a slightly odd length (is it midi rather than knee length?) and I think would be less flattering than no 2 on your lovely long legs. No question though, the Caroline Issa shoes are AMAZING!!

    And Gemma, I love the way I always learn something new from you -the word ‘ropeable’?!! I too had to Google 😉 Brilliant!!

    • Oh and please don’t hate me for saying this but I love your Zara floral printed bodycon racer back dress more than both of these 2 put together! Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t buy a new dress, but, you know…. I’m sorry, I’m not a proper girl am I?!

  25. I prefer to as it looks more fun and better for dancing in.

    On the whole white to a wedding a good friend of mine got upset in the week running up to her wedding when she found out another friend had a white beaded outfit planned. But didn’t actually notice on the day. I was then a bit shocked to be at a wedding last year with 5 people in white. One was long and floaty and an other a body con which left nothing to the imagination. But nobody there seemed to care. I have worn black and white but not full on all white.

    Not sure what I would think if someone wore white to mine. In principle i would care because it’s not the done thing but on the day i can’t see it really mattering.

  26. It has to be number 1- Spring is here!!! Summer is on its way! If the wedding was a very glam city do in late Autumn/Winter I would be supporting number 2, but number 1 is just beautiful. I actually want to go and buy the whole outfit! xxxx

  27. Both are gorgeous, I would go for outfit 1, simply on the basis I am a red wine drinker therefore outfit 2 is crying out to be spilt on!

  28. Number one gets my vote. Nods towards the neon trend without doing it fully. Love the accessories and could see that dress being worn again and again x

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