Friday Frock O’clock

After featuring this dress, 2 weeks ago, I have seen striped dresses everywhere and ended up picking one up in Marks and Spencers, but unfortunately can’t find it online to share today. Always a spring time staple, it also happens to be bang on the monochrome trend right now, so if you’re looking to invest in something that will go the fashion mile this season but stay in your wardrobe much longer, it’s a no-brainer. Here are 6 striped monochrome dresses (I deliberately left out spring time navy and white combos to stay within the monochrome trend,) for different body shapes and wearability, all of which are under £50.

  1. Skater stripe dress, Next £50
  2. Monochrome Midi dress £14.99 New Look
  3. H&M £19.99
  4. Wide stripe £39.99
  5. Combination stripe dress £35.99
  6. Block bottom black dress £35.99, all Zara.

Now all you guys have to do is pick a favourite. Answers in the comments box please!


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25 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Absolutely love a bit of monochrome and I actually have that H&M dress (no3 but its labeled as New Look)… It’s so nice to wear! There’s nothing more striking and actually Zara has some great takes on tips too if a dress is a bit much. I say the more the better so would do anything to be able to wear the Oscar de la Renta gown I’ve talked about in my blog above. Absolutely gorgeous! Might have to check out M&S this weekend 😉 xx

  2. My mother would totally call no.4 a top 😉 I love all of these Rebecca, I’m such a stripes nut! I actually poured myself into a stripey H&M number hoping to look chic and pregnant but disappointingly the effect was more dumpy zebra. Stripes still work on tops for me just about though, with darker bottoms. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the Next dress in a few months, it’s the FIT (and I normally hate Next)


  3. I think 1 and 6 are my favorite. I really like skater dresses but I do have hips so I am not sure how these dresses would look on me , I’d have to try. Number 6 would look good on me, I know because I have other dresses in that form, and I like how it is structured and classy and fun all at the same time.

  4. Oh how I love being unintentionally trendy! I bought a stripey dress from (sshh) Primark as it made me imagine being on a yacht and being all nautical (as you do) and now I see Florence is saying its all trendy-like. Huzzah!


  5. I really like number one. But I’ve got my eye on a black and white tulip skirt in Banana Republic for my monochrome stripe fix. I think I could wear it with black or white for the full monochrome look or a bright light sweater like the ones in Gap at the moment. Sripes are my favourite though. Always.

  6. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! Arrrrrrrrgh! I would like ot own/wear/accessorize all of the above please.

    I just bought a midi-length, long sleeved, illusion, body con stripy dress from New Look for a bargainous £20

    I’m so obsessed with stripes right now. I need to calm it down a bit…

  7. He he! My mum just bought No.4, we both thought it was a jumper! When I got home I looked for it on the website as I wanted one myself, but couldn’t find it under knitwear, this would explain it!!

  8. Ok advice needed from the florence community please.
    I tried the next one on and quite like the newlook aswell…here is my question do you think either is suitable as a wedding guest or for me to wear when i get my babies christened in a month?!
    (have been preggers / post baby forever so trying to get back into stylish clothes and I feel clueless, my body shape has changed so much as has the way i look at clothes!)

    • Christening definitely! – Yummy Mummy!
      Wedding would be fine too, but style it up with fascinator etc. New Look possibly a bit casual for either… depending on how formal the Christening is? Look in M&S for the cheaper version of the Next one too!

      • Thanks! That was my only concern with the next one…overpriced as per usual!
        I have given up on finding a stylish breastfeeding & wallet friendly dress that wasn’t black! Will be hoping lil one will take a bottle instead 😉

  9. My favourite is number 2, which I’m loving as it’s the cheapest one! 😀 But I’m not sure it would be so flattering on my hips. I think for that reason I’d end up going with number 1. However I’m being super strict with the budget at the moment and haven’t bought any clothes since my London shopping trip which was the second weekend in December!! The H&M dress would certainly be a more wallet friendly treat x

  10. My favourite is number 2 as well, but I’ve just brought a navy and white striped jersey dress. Can I justify another????

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