Friday Frock O’clock

I’ve always thought that people who go for a tough look in their fashion tastes are trying to cover something up… some insecurity or self doubt that studs and biker boots might cure. That said, there’s always a day when we need a little extra armoury against the world, like fashionable cotton wool to protect ourselves against life’s daily stresses.

One of those items that everybody needs in their armoury is a little black dress and whether you’ve got a bit of a cold and have to attend an event, or you’re feeling mentally under the weather this is the dress that will have you looking fierce and fabulous, whatever is on the inside.

Taka Darwin Dress, Tresori Matinee necklace, Tain heel and Indra bracelet,all at AllSaints

Being black of course it will be flattering (and I even suspect this is a transitional dress that would work equally well in pregnancy or in the months following having a baby,) being knee length and suitably covered up across an expanding chest area. Ok, it’s not the most summery of dresses but you could make it more seasonal with a nude jacket and shoes or work a monochrome look for an event. More importantly, it gave me a good excuse to highlight the AllSaints sale which has now started and to whip up a bit of a kick-ass outfit, in case you should be requiring one. I have totally got my eye on that necklace.

There’s a few other sales that have started late, notably Monsoon, Accessorize, Zara, MANGO and The White Company.

Happy shopping this weekend readers and do share what you have bought on the Florence Finds facebook page, Tweet me @FlorenceFinds, or pop on here and leave a comment.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I don’t often wear black, but when I do, like you say it’s in times of distress when I feel like I have to project an aura of calm/tough/professional (delete as appropriate) and I’m not feeling it inside (see my comment on Anna’s body image post!!!). This morning I felt like I was going to have to “fight the world” to get anything done… so I wore a fitted black shift, statement necklace, statement hair, statement heels… No f**ker is going to take me on today! Ha!

    In fact one of my partners visibly shrank away from me when I strode in to his office this morning for a meeting he was trying to get out of – he knew not to mess around! Bless him!

    That dress is brilliant. The perfect LBD (you know… that one I’m *always* looking for and will require me to shop no more)… I know I shouldn’t… but I might just have to…..

  2. “I’ve always thought that people who go for a tough look in their fashion tastes are trying to cover something up… some insecurity or self doubt that studs and biker boots might cure.”

    Oh. Wow. I’m shocked and disappointed – I think this may be the moment where I hit Unfollow on Florence Finds.

    Some people choose a look – whether that’s biker boots or Mac lipgloss or whatever – because they like the aesthetic. Some people choose it because they want to project a specific image or cover something up. And the above is a sweeping generalisation which, frankly, has annoyed the heck out of me.

    See, I’ve always worn what I wanted. And I always figured that the girls who followed fashion slavishly and obsessed over their lipgloss were trying to cover something up. Like insecurity and self-doubt, for example. Then I grew up, and stopped making assumptions about people based on the clothes they liked. I suggest you do the same.

    ALL clothes and accessories are ultimately there to cover something up and project a specific image. I thought Florence Finds was for everyone, not just the fash pack but, nope, it’s like being back in school and being made to feel weird because I dressed like a rock chick and didn’t wear pink lipgloss.

    • Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      I think you have misunderstood my meaning by this comment, although in retrospect I don’t think I have phrased it very well. Indeed as I wrote it, I thought about how my own fashion aesthetic leans towards a tougher look, particularly in winter, and I certainly don’t do it to hide anything. My mind naturally wanders to teenage girls hiding behind a mask of black eye liner, baggy black t’shirts and trousers with chains on them as they navigate their way through the awkward process of growing up.

      As you quite rightly said above, all clothes are there to project an image outwardly and if you read the next line after your chosen quotation then you will see that this post was in fact advocating dressing specifically to do that, and cover up a multitude of insecurities from the fleeting to the deeply troubling.

      Florence Finds is here for everybody to read who enjoys it and I work hard to create a very inclusive environment. It is not only for the ‘fash pack’ as the interiors, food, travel books and beauty posts attest. Unfortunately your comment sounds very much like you are still making assumptions about people who enjoy fashion, I think we all do in one way or another, but as I am a grown up, rather than jumping to conclusions and taking your comment personally (as I do all comments on the blog,) I will instead accept that you are entitled to your opinion and give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t just judge the whole of FF’s 8 months of blog posts on one off hand sentence.

      Best Wishes,

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