Friday Frock O’Clock

Sometimes Friday Frock has to be a flight of fancy and whilst I’m pretty sure not many of you would be rushing out to purchase this Issa dress it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy looking at it. Doesn’t it just make you dream of tropical beaches and Caribbean glamour?

Image: Issa @

Issa, famous amongst fashionistas for many a season before The Duchess of Cambridge immortalised one of their dresses in her engagement announcement photocall, have used their classic wrap waist here in a gorgeous fresh tropical print. I’m having a real thing about orange at the moment and I love it teamed with this cornflower blue and imagine the wrap waist will be infinitely more flattering (if that’s even possible,) in the maxi length.

Do you like readers? What are you craving this Friday?

Happy Friday 🙂


PS Don’t forget to come back and take part in tomorrow’s Saturday Survey again over the weekend and thank you so much to all of you who took part last week.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’Clock

  1. oh dear. Now I need that dress, though I’m likely to get divorced if I even attempt to purchase it. Or arrested, seeing as I’d have to commit corporate credit card fraud to pay for it.

      • Ha! Thanks. To appease my burning desire for it, I’m going to cut it out and stick it on a picture of me – like those little cut-out-dress-up-dollies we had when we were little. Obvs I’ll shave a few inches off here and there (and maybe add some in some places too!), oh and use a few choice “features” from my fave girl crushes…

        It’s gone beyond the dress now hasn’t it? I’m in weekend mode already 🙂

  2. It’s obviously a trademark of Issa but I think that wrapping waistline looks so flattering, particularly in the maxi which I think I prefer to the similar shorter dresses.

    I’d like a summer black tie do, all flickering candles and balmy evenings to wear this to, preferably with Pimms on the terrace.

    Pretty please, thank you

  3. Oh my word. Absolutely amazingly beautiful. Think it would be perfect for a Far Eastern holiday to a sophisticated beach hotel… sigh.

    Would love to wear this to my brother’s wedding, but not sure I can either afford or justify the price tag. Oh well, eye candy it is then!

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