Friday Food: Peppermint Joy

Good Morning readers! And a very Happy Friday to you.

This morning I wanted to be a bit nostalgic and share something that I haven’t made in years, but used to make as a child (at Brownies I think?) and just love. They make perfect presents – imagine how many Domestic Goddess points you’d get on the spot for turning up at a party with a homemade thank you gift of these wrapped up beautifully, or a refreshing sweet mouthful on Christmas Day while watching the Downton Christmas special.

What am I waffling on about? Peppermint creams!

250g icing sugar
30ml double cream
½ an egg white
peppermint essence
green food colouring (optional)
200g dark chocolate, melted (optional – or you could decorate with tinted white chocolate like in the picture above .)

  • Mix all the ingredients except the chocolate, to a stiff paste, adding the essence and colour in drips until you have a flavour and colour you like. Roll the paste into a sausage about 4cm across and cut it into thick slices. Neaten into smooth, even discs and dry on a sheet of baking parchment, or roll into a sheet, cut neat fingers and dry.
  • Dip half of each cream into the chocolate and leave to set on the paper. Double dip if you have time. Decorate if you like.

Now when I was researching this post and looking for a good recipe (which, but the way, I’ll be trying out for my Christmas drinks party this weekend) I couldn’t help but fall in love with an array of other peppermint goodies. Some of them look delicious and some of them just look too outright festive to ignore, but either way, here’s a little round up.

So, have I whetted your appetite for a bit of refreshing peppermint amongst the Christmas excess or are you one of the people (my best friend included) who actually don’t like mint flavours?

Happy Friday folks,

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17 thoughts on “Friday Food: Peppermint Joy

  1. and presumably if you didn’t like mint flavours you could use strawberry (to go with the pink tinted choc) and/or vanilla instead of peppermint essence…

  2. See, the mince pie I’m currently eating (it’s nearly Christmas which means mince pies at 10am are totally acceptable 😉 ) just isn’t good enough now… I want something with peppermint in!

    Rebecca you probably did make these at Brownies, it’s a bit of a statuatory receipe in Guiding, I’ve made it with my former Brownie unit and my Rainbows – couldn’t have imagined the mess that small girls +icing sugar makes!

  3. We used to make peppermint creams too – and then I think the whole salmonella scare put an end to that! But I’ve been feeling very nostalgic this year, so I’ve been planning on having a cooking day on the 23rd to make peppermint creams and also try out Jamie Oliver’s mince pie cookies. YUM. So this is perfect timing, really!

  4. I’m torn – I love creamy minty things like Peppermint Creams, but can’t stomach humbugs or candy canes!

    I am always afraid of making anything sweet at this time of year – my sister-in-law is a professional baker, so nothing I can make could possibly compare!

  5. Hello!

    Geez – it’s snowing here in Bolton! Anyone else?

    Perfect weather for making peppermint creams tho, and just how good do the meringues and cupcakes look? Mmmmm.

    Anna – that recipe looks gorgeous. I love Joy.


  6. Bah-it snowed here for all of 10 minutes this morning and now the SUN IS SHINING. Pfft.

    That said, it does make it easier for me to wander to the shops to get the bits and pieces I need to make these gorgeous treats-and I’ll be eating them all myself, just so we’re clear…


  7. Havent made these in YEARS! My whole family used to love them apart from me who is also not a fan of the minty taste! They would be great as pressies though!

    Rachie xo

  8. I am so making the peppermint crisps! They sound YUM. And Emma, what are these Jamie Oliver mince pie cookies of which you speak? I need that recipe asap!

  9. I’d forgotten all about peppermint creams! We always used to make them when I was younger too! We also used to make coconut ice but I dont know who used to eat it all because my sister and I never did, but we used to love making it!

  10. Just catching up on blogs and I am so making these today!
    Got some double cream left over from last night’s Mulled Wine and mince pie party so will cook up a storm in the kitchen with these.
    Great timing, thanks Rebecca

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