Friday Food: Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Walnut salad

Today’s Friday food is inspired by a dish I ordered at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food restaurant in terminal 5 at Heathrow, on route back from my last holiday. After too many hours to count in the air, tons of crappy plane food and feeling sleep deprived, I wanted something light and clean and fresh but still filling enough that I didn’t need to bother with dinner later that evening.

This beautiful dish fit the bill perfectly and I snapped it to remind me to make it again!

It’s not an official recipe, but here goes…

  • Take a couple of handfuls of rocket (or other green leaves like spinach and watercress) and dress with a splash of olive oil and a sprinke of sea salt. Toss to coat the leaves.
  • Chop 4 beetroots (not the pickled kind) into quarters and throw on.
  • Roughly chop and add to the salad, half a handful of walnut halves – don’t make them too small.
  • Crumble over some goats cheese – amount to taste, and toss the whole salad again.

Consume in the sun preferably, with a chilled glass of white.

Happy weekend readers!


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6 thoughts on “Friday Food: Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Walnut salad

  1. So funny, we had a beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnut salad for tea the other night! Psychic connection…

    For ours I just bought Asda’s bistro salad which comes with shredded beetroot already in it (lazy). I also toasted the walnuts in a dry frying pan and melted the goat’s cheese under a grill slightly before adding to the salad, so it was all gooey. We also added quartered baby tomatoes, yellow pepper and spring onion to bulk it out a bit, then I made a dead simple dressing with a wee bit of crushed garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Ate it with some pitta and houmous on the side and it was YUM. Nom nom nom. Highly recommended.

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