Found: Wallpaper for Boys

I often think that when decorating a nursery or childs room the options are limited. The stylish but all-pervading Cath Kidston Cowboy paper is cute, but seems to be the only option for a Mum who doesn’t want a bright blue wall or cartoon characters, and I know when I’m a Mum that won’t be my idea of a stylish children’s bedroom.

So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Paper Boy Wallpaper and absolutely loved what I saw…

Paper Boy Wallpaper: ‘Spitfires’

How cool are these Spitfires zipping across the wall like some kind of battle scene from a  film? There’s also a particularly dramatic khaki colour way with silver foil planes.

Paper Boy Wallpaper: ‘Animal Magic‘ and ‘Hand made

What caught my eye about these designs is the way that not only are they ‘boy themed’ with dinosaurs, castles and dragons galore, but they also tap into the innate ‘little boy psyche’. You know, little boys of old who had pockets full of conkers and marbles, worms in a jar and like to get dirty outside. It’s a delightfully old fashioned concept but made so very modern with the clever designs.

Paper Boy Fabrics: ‘D’ya think-e-saurus‘ and ‘How it works

That boyish curiosity is really reflected in the ‘How it works’ paper showing anamatronics and the ‘Animal magic’ revealing skeletons that only show up when the light reflects on their glossy surface. And I dare say there’s a few little tomboys out there that might find a few of these pretty cool too.

Paper Boy Fabrics in ‘Ere be Dragons‘ and ‘Spitfires

What do you reckon? Are you all about tradition when it comes to decorating for children, or will you be looking for something that excites them but works with your personal design aesthetic too? I’d love to hear from those of you that have children and the choices you made…


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6 thoughts on “Found: Wallpaper for Boys

  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED dinosaurs and animals when I was a wee un. I bet most girls would love these too (and a lot of parents appreciate the chance to adorn their walls with something that’s not twee or gender-specific!)


  2. I flipping love this stuff!!
    I have a little girl, (8 months) and being a tomboy myself am hoping she follows in mine (and my mums!) footsteps and when she is old enough to have opinions about decor I will def be considering this range to redecorate her room.
    At the minute its a raspberry red with white furniture, I have some finishing touches to do with some pictures and some bunting (beatles lyrics “Love, Love, Love” in pale green & red)
    My fave item – an Alice In Wonderland style wardrobe that is wider at the top than the bottom, It is fabulous!

  3. I think Jacob and Freddie would love any of the above but I’m pretty sure their father would like the animal skeletons the best. Good find Rebecca xxx

  4. WOW-how cool would it be to have this wallpaper in your bedroom when you’re a little boy or girl-you would be the envy of all your friends!

    Am especially loving the colour and print on the ‘animal magic’ wallpaper-am seriously tempted to get some for myself!!

    Great find Rebecca… X

  5. Bit late to the post but fab wallpaper find, I love the aeroplanes and dinosaurs 🙂 As we didn’t want to find out what we were having before Baby K was born, rather than go for a yellow / lemon colour for the nursery, we decided to go for Laura Ashley’s Pale Eau de Nil on the walls with white nursery furniture which looks great together. If you’re looking for something different to wallpaper though, I would recommend Janey Mac in the US (she has an etsy shop too). Along the cot we bought these great wall transfers, I scoured high and low for something a bit different and loved this safari theme which thought would suit a girl or a boy, you can choose the colours of your transfers too and there is so many themes for boys and girls to choose from:


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