Florence’s Gift Guide #6: Newborns and New Mums

This morning, Becky is back with a gift guide that although it’s timely, will remain useful to you guys 365 days of the year. When my friends have babies I’m always unsure what to buy. I want to buy them something practical and I usually want to spoil mum too. I was pleased to see many of my favourite purchases on this list that Becky has complied with the aid of her new mum friends. I hope it also gives you confidence to give the ultimate gift, that of time, whether it’s helping out at home as Becky suggests or spending time cooking something lovely for them.

Before I had a baby, I never knew what would be the most useful and appreciated gift to buy friends with newborns. Now I know, and as it’s the season for gift giving, I thought I’d share some present ideas with you.

To assist me with this post, I asked my trusted group of new mum friends for their suggestions. Everything comes with a personal recommendation.

For Baby

  • Clothes are always much appreciated but it seems most people give 3-6 month sizes. It’s nice to receive newborn basics too. Vests and sleepsuits with built in scratch mits are very useful and difficult to have too many of. If you’re going to buy for when the baby is a little older, make sure you consider the seasons. Cardigans are essential for a winter baby but not a summer one. And ‘Sock Ons‘ are an essential accompaniment to any pair of socks
  • Baby Bundler – Great for quick, popper free night time nappy changes
  • A bouncy chair or musical cot mobile – essential for Mum to grab a shower. The mobile also helps to calm during nappy changes.
  • A fleece wrap or footmuff for a car seat – saves having to wake a sleeping baby to put a coat on
  • Ewan the sheep lullaby soother
  • Grobag 
  • A music box – can act as a distraction for nappy changes
  • Extra large muslin wraps – indispensable for spillages, swaddling, and great for your modesty if you’re breastfeeding in public
  • A Cuddledry bath towel can help to make bath time a little easier
  • Most Jellycat toys are suitable from birth and have been very popular
  • Sophie the giraffe – for when they start teething
  • Beautifully illustrated classic books make great lasting gifts for children as well as providing pleasure for parents.
  • Baby hand and footprint ink set
  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Healthcare And Grooming Kit 

For Mum

  • A homemade dinner in a disposable container (pies, casseroles, and pasta bakes are great options) or a homemade cake
  • A good book or magazine accompanied by a clip on book light – great for those lonely night time feeds
  • A scented candle
  • A luxurious bath or shower treat that can be enjoyed in 5 minutes off
  • A pedicure – it doesn’t have to be professional, a home pedicure from a friend would be equally appreciated
  • The offer of help with the housework

So readers, I’d love to hear what your favourite newborn/ new mum gifts are for giving and receiving.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and the happiest and healthiest of New Years.

Love Becky

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7 thoughts on “Florence’s Gift Guide #6: Newborns and New Mums

  1. For mum I nearly always give a box of all the cheese that’s been illegal for the past nine months. And maybe some really good coffee. I rarely buy for baby, always think how fed up mums must get of being inundated by stuff that is essentially for someone else (this is probably my own selfish brain imagining how I would feel though, for shame!)


    • Couldn’t agree more penny! My only 2 mummy friends got me gorgeous slippers, huge box of choccies and an m&s ready meal feast – Was awesome I tells you!
      I’m looking forward to mould filled cheese and pate especially after surviving my anniversary meal at the hand and flower sans the really amazing stuff in the menu.
      As for baby essentials hats are always a goodie as are little booties / slippers for winter babies as sock ons don’t work for me, and is say rather than clothes a lovely keep sake – both my girls have been bought snowglobes (not Christmassy ones so they can stay out all year) and its started a nice tradition as we hope to get them both one on their birthdays each year.

  2. Not just for Christmas, but I’ve had fun customising Jellycat toys. I should say that these customisations aren’t suitable for baby to get their mitts on, but kind of make a fun addition to the gift. Just recently we got a dinosaur version and I made some boxing gloves out of felt to put on its paws(?). We posted it to our friends – who we met whilst we were working in Japan – with a little note in Japanese from ‘Godric Gozilla’. Our friend comes from a long line of boxers and we thought it was nice to put a little extra thought into what’s a fairly run-of-the-mill (and frankly overbought) gift. They loved it 🙂

  3. Great post – love that you’ve included Mums too. I was so grateful of meals from friends…and the visitors who went ahead and put the kettle on without even asking me. Penny’s cheese idea above is fabulous too…I’d have also been happy to have been given of a platter of pate! x

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the cheese! Thanks Penny for the reminder. My In Laws live in a village that has an award winning Stilton cheese creamery. They brought me a quarter of a whole cheese. It was amazing. That plus a salami platter and I was sorted!

    As Gemma said, tiny shoes & boots make gorgeous keepsakes too. I’ve just discovered this company and I’d have loved to have been given a pair of these…..
    Everything on the site is adorable!

  5. Great gift ideas Becky! It’s funny how whilst pregnant I thought I would never pay £10 plus for a squeaky giraffe but ended up having to hunt one down when our daughter started teething. Sophie Giraffe was one of Grace’s fabvourite toys, easy to squeak, easy for baby to find (they smell of rubber) and made from natural stuff too. Best put your babies name on yours whilst socialising with other Mums and tots – everyone seems armed with one!
    Another cheeky idea… a mum and baby photoshoot? 😉

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