Florence’s Florals… The Seasonal Series [Autumn]

I don’t normally butt in on Becky’s posts these days – having been here from the beginning of Florence Finds, you have all gotten to know her and her inspiring floral posts at the beginning of each month. However, this is Becky’s second to last post as she is expecting a baby in October! As a result, Becky would like to go out with a bang – so please help her with her request in the comments box today. 🙂

Hopefully, this won’t be the last you hear from Becky as she has agreed to bring us some insights into her first few months of motherhood and I’m really excited to have an authentic voice to bring a little bit of what is such an important part of women’s lives and clearly on the radar of many of my readers in one form or another. I can’t wait! But for now I’ll hand you over, for this month’s instalment of Florence’s florals.

Afternoon everyone, you’re not really due this post until September but as things are going to be a little different for me very soon, I thought I’d post Part 3 of my Seasonal Series early so that my final floral post before I head off on maternity leave can be a readers request. To do this of course, I need your help in the form of feedback. Just let me know what you’d like to see/know/learn about flowers in the comments box and I will try to oblige next month.

Back to today, and Part 3 of the Seasonal Series. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Hopefully you’re all enjoying some warmer weather at last (fingers crossed) but as soon as the kids go back to school, my thoughts turn to Autumn colours and dare I say it (whispers) Christmas. Unless you’re planning a wedding, there’s no need to think about these seasons yet. Instead, I suggest that you bookmark the page to refer back to for some seasonal inspiration once you’ve finished lusting after the new berry shades in the fashion and interior magazines.

The flowers marked with an * are the ones that you should find readily available from your local florist. The others are certainly available but you’re likely to have to order them a few days in advance.

Late Autumn/ Winter (November & December)
Amaryllis* // Anemone // Chrysanthemum* // Crab Apple // Cotinus* // Cymbidium Orchid* // Euphorbia // Hellebore // Holly* // Hyacinth // Hydrangea* // Hypericum* // Ilex verticillata* // Ivy berry // Misteltoe* // Nerine // Oak leaves // Paperwhite Narcissi // Physalis // Pussy Willow* // Ranunculus // Rosehips // Snowberry* // Spruce* // Skimmia

Winter & Early Spring (January & February)
Amaryllis* // Anemone // Blossom // Contorted Hazel // Daffodils* // Forsythia* // Freesia* // Guelder Rose // Hellebore // Hyacinth* // Iris* // Lilac // Muscari // Narcissi* // Pussy Willow* // Ranunculus* // Snowdrop // Tuberose // Violet

As you can see, there are lots of beautiful flowers and foliage around for even the darkest winter days so there’s no reason not to have seasonal flowers all year round.

As always, I love hearing about your favourites and please don’t forget to let me know what you’d like to see here next month.


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10 thoughts on “Florence’s Florals… The Seasonal Series [Autumn]

  1. Becky – Congratulations! I shall miss your flower posts. No particular questions but a lovely autumnal stick & leaves collected from a walk would be lovely inspiration.

  2. Congrats Becky! I’ll miss the flower posts too BUT I am also due (no 2) in October!
    Flower wise, my brother has just got engaged and his b2b loves stargazer lillies and would love them for her bouquet but I’m coming up short on finding non pink and girly inspiration..?
    And, I’ve always done it and not sure if it helps cut flowers from the garden – I always put some sugar in the water, is it pointless?!

    • The sugar thing is a primitive version of flower food which is the result of huge companies spending huge sums of money on scientific research to create the advanced mixtures of flower food that are available these days.

      Sugar does feed the flowers and help them bloom but you should balance it out with a tiny splash of bleach to stop the bacteria breeding really rapidly in the sugary water. Personally I believe that you can’t beat pure clean vase water that is regularly changed (every couple of days) and the stem ends trimmed at the same time to help your flowers last.

  3. Congrats Becky! That’s wonderful news! I’d love to see a post about flowers for the winter months which will last indoors- and an alternative to poinsettias for Christmas would be fab!!

  4. Love hydrangea and anemone from this list but those amaryllis are also catching my eye – they are rather majestic! I try and do a Christmas flower display every year – just something simple like a mass of white chrysanthemum ( the ones that look like pom poms) Last year I used red berries stems and they looked rather Scandinavian and lovely!

    Some inspiration for autumn/winter flower arrangements would be lovely!!

    Oh and Congratulations!! Do let us know when you have the baby! xx

  5. Congratulations Becky! Not sure what to ask for regarding your last post, I love having flowers in the house but don’t really know the names etc, I just know what I like to look at. How about some inspiration for flowers / arrangements for a halloween party? x

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